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Thread Started by #divya_gopakumar

Hello every one.I am a software developer who is new to software field.I have a bond of 3 years and my salary is very low.The HR person while recruiting told us that we will have salary hike after 6 months.I have completed 6 months here but now they are saying that we will give hike after 1 year only.My college seniors are asking me to switch the job.Please help me
26th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Have you got full time training there or has company spent on you for training? If not ...then resign and go....legally they cant do anything. They may create problems in giving you experience letter etc. But 7sSuch type of bonds will not stand the legal scrutiny.
26th May 2011 From India, Pune
I have completed my training.I have a certificate bond.I have submitted my certificates while joining.If i want them back then i have to pay 90 thousand rupees.
26th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Sonam,
I would suggest you that you should continue ith your bond period. nce your bond period expires, the i would suggest you to change your job. This step / action will avoid further disciplinary actions / lgal actions against you...
If you leave your organization before your bond period finishes, there are chances that the company might take action against you. Also you will have to pay the liquidity damage mentioned in your bond....
The best way to avoid it is to stay back, wait for your bond period to get over and then change....till then you will have to compromise with the culture and processes of your company.....
26th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
weigh the pros & cons. Bond amt of 90k is huge. Your original certificates are with them. Suppose you are getting new offer with considerable pay hike which you can cover within a year equivalent to 90k over and above your current CTC, you can take a risk of paying back bond amt. Otherwise follow as said by Ankit.
26th May 2011 From India, Lucknow
I have heard that if you go for another job then the interviewer will first look into your current CTC and then decide your package.If so then I have a very package and if I produce it during interview then I will not get that much package to compensate my 90k.Also I dont think 6 months or 1 year is considered as experience in IT field
26th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Don't scare of the bond. First Be cool. Go through your bond in detail of each and every condition in it. Then you shall get some idea about it. if possible kindly, share all the terms and conditions of the bond so that any one in this forum can suggest something. If your bond is really unbreakable, then you can see how your seniors left the company who already was on the same bond.
Make sure, you are not leaving the company just because your seniors suggested or because you signed on a bond. See dear, there is saying "What happens, happens for the best". Try to understand why you want leave rather how to leave. Finally, answer if you hadn't signed on the bond and kept the certificates, would have you left the company?
If you still think to leave the company is right, share your bond terms & conditions, possible, shall see how best I can help.
Good Luck...!!
26th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
I saw what others are saying. I am sure you have tried your ways.
The solution lies with you, how you do it. There are always ways to get out of trouble and well its a good procedure too ... SAMA, DAMA, DAND, BHED. (Its in Hindi).
Try new way and you will get through it. Saying it with experience.
Best of luck.
26th May 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Hello divya_gopakumar,

First of all, I suggest this: don't give undue importance to 'peer pressure'--your friends. It's very easy to say--switch the job', but would your friends do it IN YOUR POSITION? And if something goes wrong, will these same friends come to your rescue? Not one I bet. Like the saying goes: there's nothing that's ABSOLUTELY FREE of cost, except advice.

Coming to your Bond problem. I think you have your focus on the WRONG aspects AT THIS POINT OF TIME in your career.

You have ONLY 6 months exp. In IT industry, as you yourself realize, any exp under 20-24 months isn't counted very highly. For all you know, you might get another Offer as a Fresher, with your current level of exp. This is time for you to GATHER exp.

You also haven't mentioned if you like the job & it's contents--how technically challenging is it? IF YOU ARE SATISFIED with these aspects, JUST STAY PUT--learn & grow within the available situation. Take my word: Money will follow, once you enrich yourself technically--whether it's from this company or another. No one will like to loose a technically competent person.

All the Best.


27th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Thank you all.I have some financial problem and it is difficult for me to survive with this low salary.So I was thinking to switch the job.As far as concern with my job,I am totally satisfied.My team members are very supportive.My PL and PM both are very nice persons.I have got a good working environment over here.No dirty IT politics in my project team.But I am talking about my project only.Other projects are not like that.Any way I am looking for some alternate solution to my problem rather than switching job.I just wanted to have advice from you all.Once again Thank you all.
27th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
THAT'S THE SPIRIT divya_gopakumar.
Just keep up this will go a long way--take it from me.
No problem has just a single solution---THERE ARE ALWAYS MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS. We only need to change our focus/head into the other directions to find them.
I remember a Quote by Alexander Graham Bell [the inventor of telephone] that has stood by me in the most trying circumstances in life, some of them related to life-threats: When one door closes, HE always opens other doors for you; but most often, we keep staring at the closed door that we miss out on those that were opened for us.
All the Best.
27th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
In India employment bonds are nothing but private agreement between two parties which are governed by Indian Contract Act. There is nothing called Employment Bond Act etc.

Such bonds are applicable only if the company has spent money on the personal grooving and enhancement of the employees, but not just a training that helps employees perform better.

As per the Indian Contract Act contracts entered between two parties if is one sided then such contract would be null and void. Most of the Bonds are one sided.

Again as per the Indian Contract Act no contract can be enforced on any person if the contract which is being so enforced causes any harm to the person on whom it is enforced and if performed would violate principles of natural justices.

In India Bond is illegal w.r.t employment since as per the Indian Statute, bonded labor system was long abolished and no bond can force any person to work against the employees wishes.

As per Sec 368 of Indian Penal Code if any person or institute holds back any document or any use any legal document or threatens any legal suits or actions and thus forces a person to perform any act against his wishes or which is illegal or wrong as per the statute of Law of the land.

Sec 368 of Indian Penal Code talks about extortion by the threatening to file a legal suit. The minimum punishment under this act is 2 two years.

The Supreme Court of India has clearly stated that no employee can be forcefully employed against his will, just because he has signed a contract with the employer and that the employer can not hold back any personal document of the employees as they are earned by the employees and the company has no claim on the same.
27th May 2011 From India, Pune
Hi Divya,
From the above message of yours I understand that you are looking for an alternate solution. Though I don't have much idea about your company, one thing I can suggest is you talk about your financial problem to either the HR head or your boss. If they are cooperative, it is fine, if not, then you have nothing to lose.
Hopefully this suggestion will be of help.
Ishita Kotak
27th May 2011 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Divya,

If you got bond and Certificates from you that is company doing illegal.So dont worry. As per your date of joining company has committed to you 6 months once increment. You will doing the following steps in proper way.

1) You meet with PM and HR for what reason not get imcrement? If performance problem, you will improve that with in month again ask to increment through mail. (Please take one copy (prt out or send to your personal mail) ). If get increment for your level satisfied, you will continue your job.

2) Company is not giving increment, Please submit resignation letter, please mention notice period. Please take one prt out or send to personal mail.

3) Once completed your notice period, again forward that mail to mgmt for your resignation letter and complete notice period and duties and resp. completed.

4) Directly ask to mgmt to your certificates. If not giving, Please dont go to job. After one week please send register letter to mgmt for your resignation and ask certificates. Please take one copy for your ref purpose.

5) Still now not get it certificates, please go to police station and complaint to company. Within 1 day police get certificates and return to you.

Dont worry. Bond is not valid. Company is doing Illegal from employees to get certificates.

Please, Fear is first enemy of growth.

27th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Divya,
Another way to get certificates.
Company is doing illegal to get certifictes from you. Son dont worry.
Simply dont go to job. Get one medical certificates from doctor and send to mgmt with resignation letter. After 15 days you ask your certificates to mgmt. If not give it,
Update to HR that will go to police station and complaint to mgmt
within week they will give your certificates.
with love
27th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hello Kamal Prasoon Sinha & Shen,
I think both of you are missing the MAIN point here--it's to solve Divya's financial problem & NOT whether Employee Bonds or taking Certificates are legal or illegal, which is only consequential & not Primary.
No doubt, what both of you are saying is RIGHT--THAT BONDS ARE ILLEGAL.....
But let's assume for a moment that she listens to what you suggest AND RESIGNS with all the documentation in her hands. NEXT WHAT?
1] Will this solve her financial problems? Actually it will increase them--you will know 'how' as you read below.
2] IF the Company goes legal, are you suggesting that she too responds the same way? And who pays for her lawyer & who spends the time & effort for whatever time the case drags [remember in India, this can stretch to years]?
3] With just about 6 months exp--of which how much can be called 'actual exp' & how much of it can be termed as 'training', is anybody's guess--who will give her another job immediately, that's BETTER PAID at a short notice? And all thru, she & we have been assuming that there MAY NOT be a Bond situation if she changes--what if this ISN'T true? What if she has to face the same Bond issue in the next job too, does it make sense to change at all?
4] And even assuming she gets another job WITHOUT BOND & WITH HIGHER SALARY, with the mental tension of this issue [whether thru a legal process or any other means by the present company], do you think she can concentrate on her next job?
5] Further, given the amount of 90 K as Bond money, there is every chance that the present company may spoil her reference with the next company, IF she moves WITHOUT resolving it. IF this worst-case-scenario occurs, can she handle it--First of all, does she NEED TO GO THRU IT AT ALL, if & when she can find other options to solve her ACTUAL problem?

I suggest you think/look @ the larger picture--NOT just as a Bond-is-legal-illegal issue. I am sure you will come up with totally different practical/realistic ideas to suggest. This is where Alexander Graham Bell's Quote becomes relevant.
27th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Legally, if they have committed to salary hike (in writing), then their failure to honour it negates and invalidates the bond. If you don't have that I. Writing, then you are out of luck.
In Any case, since they have your original certificates, you are stuck here. Getting it back by action of court is too time consuming and expensive. The other option is tom get fresh copies of all your certificates. Again very tedious process.
I do not know why you accepted a bond where you were required tomgive over original certificates. That is a bad idea. It allows them to hold you to ransom to their whims and fancy
27th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Divya
As rightly suggested by Tajsatheesh, there are several solutions for every problem. And you as a fresher in the industry has a long way to go. For cetain things in life its only THE TIME which can find a solution. So please be patient and work with dedication, surely things will work good for you.
U also said that in other aspects u are very HAPPY with U'r Job. Thats important here. Good luck.

28th May 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Divya
Can you please confirm in which domain you are working. Also your current job Location. We have requirement for software developers in our organisation may be i could be of some help.
Sakshi Gupta
28th May 2011 From India, Meerut
listen all you do is stick to the same because switching company is not a solution so stay and prove your ability because if u learn the a-z of the company u might be offered higher post but stick colleagues can sway you away u will get hike and will slowly and gradual process.
28th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
Hi Divya,
Is that mention in your bond that there would be a salary hiked,once you've completed 6 months in there?if yes then show it to them,and ask for the same,if they do not hike,then go ahead with legal actions against them
28th May 2011 From India, Pune
Dear Divya
Being as a fresher My kind suggestion follows
1) you should not bother about the Pay. Only thing you should bother is peer support, Learning opprotunities and work pressure.
2)Try to learn things as much as possible
3) Think otherwise even the company has invested huge amount as well as time and infrastructure for your training
4) Switching jobs in short term will affect you in long term for further position growth.
Consider the above and try to be there for a couple of years. You should even thing ethically.
Salary/finance is not only prime part in our life. I hope you will be best decision maker
28th May 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hi Divya,
when i joined this present job of mine i was said i would get increment, company mobile, company car and even company laptop after I complete 1 year. But now today I completed 1 year and 4 months and none of the above listed things I have received. I don’t have any eager to get any mobile, car or laptop ….but salary . for getting salary people mostly work. Only 10% will be working just for experience. But me I was that category when I joined. When I saw no change in my case even after 1 year I myself changed the category . now I working to get salary. That is important for me . for what I work I need that benefit.
After 1 year I took off my degree certificate from the PRO. If once I get a chance I would like to leave this company . life has become expensive . year by year expense will increase.
so i would suggest you also move off from that company . if you deserve more than what you are getting then move off to some other job.
29th May 2011 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
Do not leave the job right now. Respect the first job, which will create the foundation of your career.
29th May 2011 From India, Mumbai
hi Divya,
if you want to switch the job you can do.
only 3 impact
1) you do not get exp. letter from the company side but you can show your offer letter and last salary slip for the exp..
2)your current company send you 3recovery letter for that and one legal letter but there is only letter nothing else.
3)your verification (company do verification for your F&F & you have to tell truth to new company for your bond problem.)
30th May 2011 From India, Gurgaon
Dear Sonam, Greeting of the day!! Kindly read your bond terms and condition,you will definitely find out the solution if possible then share with us also. With regards, Sameer K Ghosh
31st May 2011 From India, Daman
Dear Sonam, This is for you "Winner don’t do different thinks,but they do the thinks differently." Witegards, Sameer K Ghosh
31st May 2011 From India, Daman
dear divya,
Taj sateesh is right.
Take this job as your experience. And develop yourself as sound skilled. Involve yourself with your work. 1 year will ran out.
Go with the job, think before act.
One more think,
Where you selected ask the management to mention the fixed salary and terms of hike in your offer letter.
Best of luck for your carrier growth.
Telecom manager
MIOT Hospital
31st May 2011 From India, Madras
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