Empower your employees by having them make their own decisions and allowing them to think out of the box. It'll help them, the business, and you as an HR person. Create an open environment where people can share things.
And what others said, I just thought I'd add that because I didn't see "empowerment" anywhere.
Yu Yu

From India, Delhi
as it is an it sector...i would possibly say tat u conduct sme activities tat would relax them from the stress work like organizing sme games and sme other fun prgms that would entertain the employees.this could develop a state of fun and happiness in their minds which may lead them...
From India, Kochi

Dear All

At the outset, I extend my gratitude for those who had posted precious information about MOTIVATING EMPLOYEES. Please keep up the good work.

Dear Ms. Kavita

Since you said your company is small, definitely you'll be having BUDGET CONSTRAINTS. Please allow me present my views for your query.

1) To motivate employees Best way is to experience the POWER OF APPRECIATION which will bring MASSIVE RESULTS.

2) POLITE/HUMBLE/KIND/SOFT COMMUNICATION STYLE will boost your employees MORALE and will help them to develop POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

3) You will find plenty MOTIVATIONAL information online which you can SHARE with your EMPLOYEES everyday.

4) Please ensure that, the AGENDA OF MOTIVATION IS DEFINED which can solve the purpose rather just carrying the activity without SPECIFIC GOAL. Please be focused in your Motivational Activities

Sharing knowledge is not about give and take policy. Sharing knowledge occurs when people are genuinely interested in helping one another to develop new capabilities for better performance which creates TOTAL LEARNING PROCESS. Help your employees to enhance their skills at various verticals and improve their READING SKILLS that enhances PATIENCE LEVELS, besides it also improves WRITING/LETTER DRAFTING SKILLS.

Hope this will do the needful.

From India, Chennai

Dear Ms. Kavita
STAR is always considered to be the best LOGO ever used by many orgainsations. I suggest SHINING START which you can prepare by yourself or search sites like photosearch.com and more.
Hope this will do needful for you.

From India, Chennai
kavita garg

ohk... thats really good idea... n tell me one thing if employee will not achieve their targets then what should i do ? i need to prepare a logo for them?
From India, Ambala

Dear Ms. Kavita
On a positive note you can say "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME BUT DON'T MISS YOUR TRAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN" rather talking NEGATIVE which DEMOTIVATES employees faster than anything else in this world.

We need to find out THE REASON from those who missed their targets. Study your employee well about their INTEREST and HOW PASSIONATE they are towards their job.

a) I don't suggest any LOGO for NON-ACHIEVEMENT but you can present something that reminds about NON-ACHIEVEMENT and MOTIVATES to ACHIEVE SET TARGET.
b) Once TARGET is achieved you can take it back and present to another who did achieve the same.

This way you can carry out this activity and make sure that employee hates to receive that GIFT which reminds him/her about his NON-ACHIEVEMENT.

I do have experience in MARKETING DOMAIN and my strategy was quite different from others as i believe in BEING CREATIVE & UNIQUE from the REST. The same i had trained to my team members as well. Train your employees to

a) "ADD 100% ADDITIONAL TARGET TO THE TARGET SET BY THE COMPANY" This strategy will drive your employees crazy to achieve their targets but ensure that employee doesn't get frustrated because its all about NUMBER GAME and LOOSING ENERGY
b) MOTIVATE them to achieve BEYOND THEIR LIMITS for which they shall be COMPENSATED for their HARD WORK/ACHIEVEMENT.

Please apply CREATIVITY at all levels which is nothing but THINKING OUT OF THE BOX and DARE TO ACHIEVE BIG or DARE TO DREAM BIG & REALIZE IT.

Please be POSITIVE all the time and don't react/act NEGATIVELY even if your circumstances are not favoring you. Learn to MOTIVATE your employees and this will produce BEST RESULTS.

Implement the greatness of this proverb "The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible" – Arthur C. Clarke

If there is anything else i can do for you and other members of CITEHR, kindly do feel free to contact me. I wish to learn more out of less.

Good luck in all your endeavors

With profound regards

From India, Chennai
Dear Kavita,
a) You can introduce "Spot awards" scheme. You can give spot awards to the employees using best practices.
b) You can start "Best Suggestion Scheme". The employee giving the best suggestion in the field of the Safety, Production, Maintenance etc shall be awarded.
c) You can start " Achievers Award scheme". The employees which performs extraordinarily well shall be awarded.
Manav Sharma
Deputy Manager - Safety

From India, Mumbai
kavita garg

Dear Manav Thanx for ur contribution... as per suggestions from all of you... so we huv planned to start achievers award scheme in our organisation..
From India, Ambala
Conduct some sessions away from work and work location to know themselves and to build togetherness:
1. Motivational Sessions
2. Skills improvement (Related to work or on personality development)
3. Conduct sessions like Book Reading of famous books
4. Social Services (It builds the branding of the company)
5. Every one is curious to know their strength if not weakness. I conduct workshop on Handwriting Analysis. It relaxes every one and brings an individual to travel into themselves
6. Fun Games
7. There may be unique skill set in an employee if not from work related. Give them a chance for public demo
8. Conducting seminars (could be work related) once in a year to exhibit an individual research and writing skills for paper presenting and awarding them in front of other groups by inviting them as chief guests. It motivates an individual and feels recognized

From India, Hyderabad
Swetank Sinha

Start the following:
1. Employee of Month
2. Performance Incentive
3. Attendance Allowance
4. Distribute Movie Ticket
5. Celebrate employee birthday - department wise
6. Refreshment - Tour/Picnic

From India, Delhi
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