Dear All, Send me warning letter samples for not cooperative with superior, poor attitude, and surf internet during working hours. Thanks Tulasi
18th October 2010 From Malaysia, Kajang

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Dear thulasi, hereby atatched as per your request. Regards, shalu
18th October 2010 From Malaysia, Klang

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Hi Shalu,
Thanks a lot for the attached sample warning letter..but where and how shall i start to point out the staff's poor attitude, not cooperative with superior and surf internet during working hours.
Thank you so much for your help...appreciate it
19th October 2010 From Malaysia, Kajang
This s juz a suggestion you can alter this as per your requirement:
This is to inform that you have failed to perform your duties properly by not performing the task assigned to you but also mislead the project lead when you claimed that you had completed the set of tasks that were assigned to you.
Also, you were found using your personal e-mail Id to chat with outsiders. This is against the regulations of our organization.
From this date forward, you are expected to be more responsible and comply with the rules and regulations of the organization. Further incidents of this nature will invite strict disciplinary actions against you.
19th October 2010 From India, Madras
Dear thulasi
This following is a format. Make suitable changes accordingly.

It is observed / noticed that in recent past your performance is very poor and not up to the Mark; that you are not reaching your targets and completing the work within the stipulated time and schedule; that you are not adhering to the instructions of your superiors, issued to you from time to time. It is also further noticed that you are misusing the work facilities like computer etc. that were provided to you for Official use, during the working hours. Your above acts causes dislocation to the day-today work. You are aware that ours is a time bound organisation and the given task shall completed as scheduled.

It clearly shows your indifferent attitude towards your work as well as your superiors, which amounts to misconduct and liable for disciplinary proceedings.

However, you are here by severely warned and advised, in your own interest, to be more attentive in your work and complete the given task in the given schedule duly following the instructions of your superiors and also mend yourself.

In case of any repetition of above acts, in future, the management has no option except to initiate necessary disciplinary proceedings against you.

Hope this will serve the purpose.
In case of any doubt, you are at liberty to contact.
19th October 2010 From India, Hyderabad
The Warning Letter or MEMO - as usually known, is a first step towards initiating a reform or disciplinary action against a delinquent employee. Such a communication, initially, be polite and must convey a message strongly to him that he is being found nagging on such and such count and he should give a special attention to those points. Remind him/her that company has great hopes from him and company wants him to grow with it.

Still found lacking, a second Memo should follow with a little bit of concern conveying your displeasure and asking him to be careful. Tell him that his moments will be watched and he will be under critical scanner.

The Third one could be real Disciplinary one. Tell him that despite the opportunities afforded to him to improve, he is still not come up to the mark and if this continuous, company will have no option but to proceed with the disciplinary proceedings against him.

Lastly issue him a show cause notice as to why his services may not be parted with as per law, and ask for his explanation his position within a stipulated time frame. On receipt (or non receipt) of reply, proceed as per T&C of appointment under the law to penalize him, which may be a simple warning to termination or dismissal (a wide range of options are available under this) from the services.

In the meanwhile, punctuate your actions with meetings, trainings, problem solving and other managerial devices to mend the situation and keep a record of the same.
19th October 2010 From India, Chandigarh
There is a ton of stuff on warning letters and other letter samples here on CiteHR already. Use the Download Search Box at the top of the page. Search FIRST Ask SECOND
20th October 2010 From Australia, Melbourne
Hii all, Please help me to prepare a warning letter. one worker sign the another worker’s timesheet (Who was absent).
5th October 2013 From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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