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I was once asked in the interview: Why do HR need in a company?? is it required that HR dept should be there?
The intervier also asked why cant a person who is working in other dept can handle eacg one function of HR and so that they can run the show???? What is the requirement of keeping a HR dept in a Company???
and if there is only 30emp's in a company is HR required there??? or if there is 50emp's in a company is HR requred there? He says, i dont want HR but i can run the organisation. Please post answer on it. How this can be handled?? He adds, Iam going to purchase a software where most of the funchtions can be done through the software itself.
Please suggest.

From India, Bangalore
Dear Ms. Binu,

Before answering these questions, I would like to ask -

Why we normally keep our cash in the bank, when we can keep it at home.

Why you require a Driving license issued by government authority, when you are sure that you are a good driver.

The question can be many, but answer remains same i.e. it is the value we attach to an individual.

Similarly, when the human being considered as resource instead of personnel, two points emerges

1. Resource need to be used effectively and economically. Require a system i.e. HR department to synergise resource utilisation with availability and requirement

2. Need to be developed continuously at par with the process requirement.


Under utilisation not only results into lower employee engagement for also effect business deliverables.

This is one reason, why HR is required. There are infinite reason, such as IR, Admn, facility management, Hospitality, welfare, Safety and so on.

Hence, next time, you attend interview answer the questions by usnig these details.

With regards,

Dadan Raj Tiwari

From India, Mumbai
Dear Binu, There are nuts around us and he was one of them. Why do you take these nuts seriously? DVD
From India, Bangalore

The Business Units are run by leaders . the talents work closely with them . Hence they are the ones who manage them through every crest and ebb . But then , they would require the custodians and think tanks with specialised knowledge who can give them a solution as a third party view at the time , when decision making for Talent.

Suppose a Business Unit is closing down. The BU Head would call upon HR to conduct an assessment and request for recommendation on the talents. It is true that the BU Head is clear about whom he would be let go . But for rational decision making which is free from Biases, he would need to run a standard assessment based on the set parameters. If it is a very small organization, and all the assessment centre is computerised the BU Head might not need anyone. But then would the productive time spent by a BU Head justify the time spent by him in assessing the talents.

Moral of the story is, HR is a support function. It acts a custodian championing different areas such as Employee Champion, Strategic Business Partner and etc. When a company allows HR to handle these function rather than letting the business/ operation leadership manage it , It saves on valuable productive hours of these executives. Incase an organization doesn’t bother that cost, it will lead to micromanaging by the leaders, which would increase their accountability exponentially.

Software are an enabler not the core of HR Functions. Even if the company have spent heavily on the softwares they would still need some to run it! Mindlessly entering data and drawing results will lead to a calamity! Even to understand if the software is running fine, one would need to understand the HR Functions! That itself defeat the process to an extent. On the top, process improvement are a must , given the changing need of every business. Hence not just one needs to know the HR functions, but needs to be an expert as well!!

Hence it is wiser to hire specialised people to manage the function rather than letting everyone do everything!

Your answer to the question might differ as you may have experienced it differently. But just an eg, think about it , the firms that produce cars don’t make the mechanical experts sell them to the customers.

Getting back to division of labour, Specialised talents perform duties within their area much effectively than the non-specialised ones. In terms of individual learning, getting exposure of different areas in management adds value . But that should be focussed on how that experience will strengthen the core ! There are companies who practise job rotation where a leader can understand different functions within the company and then return to their core function. This helps them make a balanced decision, and not to start working on and running every function !

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From India, Mumbai
Dear (Cite Contribution),
Your reply is very good and you deserve kudos also. However, always tell something who is ready to listen. Person with prejudice or self-serving bias will never listen. What is the use of telling them? We should not cast pearls before swine!

From India, Bangalore
With due respect to responders, the question raised by the interviewer clearly indicates that (s)he was testing the interviewee by probing. May be the probe was to find out if the interviewee had any knowledge of the law of the land and also about the various activities of an HR function.
Whether the company/organisation sets up an HR Dept or outsources the functions will depend upon its size and stage in its life cycle. However, to succeed and grow various HR functions need to be carried out. Please see http://www.entrepreneur.com/tradejou...1899270_1.html
A brief look at http://www.bized.co.uk/educators/16-...esson/hrm1.htm shows that an interviewee with a sound knowledge of the area of HR could impress the interviwer by drawing a mind map.... However, like many students do, if the interviewee had forgotten what was taught (and hopefully learnt), will not be able to answer the questions and only flounder.
Have a nice day.

From United Kingdom
Hi Binu
I would suggest, to just let such nuts as Dinesh calls them, be....
There are 2 categories of people... One who dont understand and the other who dont want to understand and therefore ask such questions.....
This person falls in the 2nd category.... There are times when you cant do anything about a situation but yes you must put your best foot forward and answer the question explaining the PROS and CONS...
WRT to Softwares ... ""even to run a machine you need a Man"....

From India, Mumbai
With all due respects to people who think that the interviewer was odd, I would suggest that they read my post above and also see How big should your HR department be? - Management - Express Computer India <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google )
In small organisations it should be possible to allocate some of the HR functions to different individuals and the CEO oversee the HR operations, as it may not be viable efficient to employ a full-tme HR person.
(I am no HR Expert).

From United Kingdom
HR is the important element in an organisation. It is one of the important department in the organisation. Its purpose is to provide Motivation among workers, Training and Development among workers and Performance Appraisal to evaluate workers in the organisation whether they deserve to be promoted.
From Malaysia, Kuching
Dear Binu,
You had given instance of weird questions by interviewer. In reply to your query (Cite Contribution) gave befitting reply why do you require HR in organisation. Her answer was to the questions raised by interviewer.
Obviously my answer points to the interviewer.

From India, Bangalore

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