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Please can you give reasons why some companies treat employees as "Animal" resources? Thank you.
From Nigeria, Lagos
With an ambition to make huge profits by the emlpoyer, sometimes employees are treated badly.
Not all the companies treat like this.
I guess you are talking about a small/ medium size company.
Usually these type of companies run with the stake holder's vision. If the stake holder's are not good, then such kind of situiation arises - not following any policy, no proper work environment etc.
Here the HR dep't should take a step forward & resolve the situation.
Munmun Bhoir.
From India, Pune
The primary stakeholders in some such companies are the absolute owners and the organization is generally hypothecated. The internal policy is to keep the employees ( animals according to you) hungry and wanting. There are very few though these days and those disappear as soon as the economy takes a trend change. Such organizations are not scalable and have there fate sealed for shorter stint.

Another more important reason is that the employees behave like "Animals" by choice. This syndrome is more rampant across industries. Chaotic attitude,Lack of planning, Insecure reactions, Always nodding heads to the bosses without analyzing and questioning, Focussed on temporary benefits and not on growth, Not worried about the organization, Self focussed, Afraid to speak before the senior management assuming job threat, Complacent on acquiring new skills, Risk averse and trying to be risk proofed, Self blinded to the changes in the world and industry trends, Permanent Job more important than skills / capabilities are some of the symptoms in general.

Many organizations have policies to manage and control such resources who find it a bit difficult to be Human. For all the confident "Human" resources who can differentiate, there are separate policies or exceptions which are mutually beneficial, to both the organization as well as the "Human" Resource.

Hope this helps.

Praveen Kumar Kambhampati
From United States, Ogden
Re: True Meaning of HR
You may feel bad that some companies treat employees as "Animal" resources. But here HR role comes. As we are the mediator between Management & Employee so may their is worst working condition but that is challenge for us.
We can use our best to make working condition better. Though we are not social worker but our role is more or less is same in organization. So try your best as employees develop organization will develop.
In conclusion it's our responsibility.
From India, Mumbai
It is true that some middle level organizations treat their human resource as animals, but it is not the case with every organization. The basic role of HR is to eliminate such discrimination.
From Pakistan, Lahore
Dear Arizonas,
With organizations who treat employees as Animals, u can't do much. It's their bad luck that despite being in business, they still dont know tricks of tricks of the trade, even if they do; its only theoritical.
Well, each experience in life makes us learn new things, some of my past employers did the same with me; as a consequence I ended up doing my Degree in Labor Law... :) and now no organiztion can mess ...lolz
P.S. - Be aware of your rights as an employee.
Rahul Chhabra
From India, Delhi
As observed in your comments it is very wrong that few organizations treat employees as Animal Resources. But my observations says that many many organizations treat Human not as Resource but as consumable just Use & Throw.
From India, Ludhiana
I would consider this very subjective to specific companies. I agree, there are companies who do not bother about their employees. However, my thinking is, in any organization, employees are their greatest asset.

Lets take few scenarios -

Large Company: Although there would be top quality employee relations team, not all employees would be happy. Only top 10% performers become cream of the company. They are taken care very well. Non-performers will always be at the axes end. Well, larger companies, will put them in training and try to make them better resources, else they are out. Companies who successfully manage this, become great companies.

Mid Sized Company: They may have a matured HR processes, however their priority would be to grow to a large company. However, some of the top management team, may become all powerful, and may take unwise decisions. Again, top performers will be taken care off, however they may or may not re-train non-performers. Well, its a mid sized company. Companies who manage this become good companies.

Small Sized Company: They may not have matured HR processes. In case you are part of such company, be ready to put your heart and soul to do the job, whatever position you are in, without even considering if you are treated like an animal. Well, if you put your heart and soul, you will never worry about how you are being treated. Non-performers will constantly be pressurized and will perish. Companies who manage this, become successful. Employees who manage this, become super successful/ heros.

Not all companies are the same. Not all employees are great performers.

These are just my thoughts. I may be wrong...!!!
From India, Bangalore
Thank you for sharing your wealth of experiences and knowledge with me. Am interested in developing a career in HR. I want to do it right and do it now. Cheers.
From Nigeria, Lagos

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