Dear Sir,
In general who will prepare KRA for the employee in the company
I wanted to know whether HOD sets KRA to team or HR prepares to the team.
Or an individual has to prepare?
Kindly answer
Madhu Sudan

From India, Bangalore

Dear Mr.Sudan,
The KRA prepared by HOD and individual(Deptt. wise.) in mutual discussion & agreed with the help of HR.In this connection HR play a major role like, How they set a target, How, they set a measurement criteria, what they achived in last time(last year) etc. It's a responsibility of HR to run the KRA system properly in the company.

From India, New Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Madhu Sudan,
HOD should prepare KRA for his/her staff. GM/VP should prepare KRA for the HODs. Director or MD should prepare KRAs for GMs and above. Individual can initiate few of the KRAs also.
Dinesh V Divekar

From India, Bangalore
In our company i prepared the KRA on basis of interaction with the immediate superior /HOD , my observation about the indivisuals work and then getting it authenticated by respective Director heading the particular function.
You suggest any alternate way if any???
Sr Executive HR
Sanspareils Greenlands

From India, Delhi

As we all know that KRA stands for Key Result Area.

Actually in the true sense KRA is a concept which is usually very difficult to implement. How it works I will try to explain.

At first the BOD(Board of Directors) decides upon the Objectives of the company and set a period specific target.

This Target becomes the KRA of the CEO. Then it get divided till it reaches the bottom most rung.

KRA of each person is linked and fulfillment of KRA will lead to fulfillment of objective set by BOD. Hence, if one person fail it will hamper the attainment of the desired result.

Let me give you an example:

The Company sells PCs

Suppose the objective decided by the Board is to make a profit of 500 crores in 3 years. The KRA of CEO is to attain 500 crore profit in 3 years. The CEO decides to attain this by making 400 crores by selling PCs, 50 Crores by Investing in Stocks and 50 Crores by improving productive cycle.

Now the KRA of Cheif Marketing Officer will be to sell PCs that will give the company 400 crore profit in 3 years. He will then set the KRAs for his subordinate in such a way that this target is achieved.

The Chief Operating Officer has KRA of improving the productivity cycle and producing PCs by which 400 crores can be achieved.

The Chief Finance Officer will as KRA have to look after investing in Stock and providing finance for purchase of raw materials, machinaries and others so that both Operation and Marketing can achieve their KRAs.

Chief People Officer (HR)[ Generally KRA are difficult or not done for HR since they are essentially support function, but in some cases it is done]

CPO as his KRA will have the following to provide for manpower and maintain harmonious industrial relationship so that there is no disruption in production or marketing. To provide for training for improving the skills to attain better productivity cycle, and to frame a compensation benefit structure by which the efficient employees can be retained.

The Chiefs than divide the KRA further to their subordinates. For Example the KRA of the Manager (Training) under CPO will have a KRA which will be to provide adequate training to the workforce. Hence, if Manager (Training) fails that will get reflected in the KRA of both CPO and COO and CEO. Simlarly, if the KRA of Asst. Manager (Training) is to locate the Training institutes which can impart quality training and he is not been able to achieve it. This will reflect in the KRA of Manager (Training), CPO, COO and CEO.

Suppose, if the Dy Manager (Training) is suppose to conduct the Training Programs, which could not be carried since funds for training which were supposed to be arranged by Dy. Manager(Finance) could not be arranged. Now, you can see this failure will reflect in the KRA of Dy. Manager (Fianace), Manager (Finance), CFO, Dy. Manager (Training), Manager (Training), and CPO, COO, and CEO.

Key Result areas- The measure of employees main result positives. hope you can get the motive of my this thread

From India, Gurgaon

Dear Madhu,
Setting KRA is always work of line Manager because he/she is the person who knows what exactly his/her requirement and what output required . HR will help in understanding the process but setting KRA is always work of line manager .
for any help feel free to call.

From India, Delhi
shefali Nanda
Dear Madhu,
Generally From the JD KRAs are derived. Basically The HR, the individual employee & the HOD will seat together.The HR will discuss the KRA with the HOD & accordingly weightages are given as per the priority of the work.
Sah petroleums Ltd

From India, Mumbai

Re: Who Will Prepare KRA (HOD or Manager or HR or an individual)
It is responsibility of HR Head and he is only one person for take decision but, in absent of senior person one executive HR can also prepare KRA with our M.D. or another senior person which handeled all HR issues.
Madan Mohan Verma
HR Executive
Acreative Management Consultant Pvt. Ltd.

From India, New Delhi
Dear Madhu, It is responsibility of HR and HOD of Department to set the KRA for their employee. Regards, Pkm
From India, Bangalore
HOD with the HR person to prepare KRA's and fix the targets to complete.
At the time of Quarterly / Half-Yearly / Annually appraisal, the HOD & HR should assess the performance of appraisee.
K Sudhir
Volta Fashions Private Limited

From India, Visakhapatnam
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