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Hello all
I am srilakshmi
Recently I have joined in a chemical factory as a Executive -HR.
till now no HR was here. I am the first HR here. As a fresher I am not aware of pracical work needs to be done as a HR.
So can u just plz suggest me what type of activities I should do and What type of records I should maintain....
Plz suggest me in this regard
till now I am doing the MIS documentation work here.ow also I am continuing the same...
But it is not my original work. so I am not at all satisfied with my job.
Plz help me inthis regard....
24th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Sri Lakshmi,
I am Mrs. Arti Singh designated as Sr. Executive- HR & Admin in corporate office of chemical manufacturing unit. I aam handling entire unit solely. Kindly mention what are you handling exactly.
25th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Tell your management to recruit a senior experienced boss for you, else you may mess up the HR function.
25th May 2010 From India
i have also an offer of hr executive in a small company where previously no hr was there .I have to formulate hr policy for the company even i have to register PF,ESIC etc for the company. As a fresher i dont know how to do properly
Can any one help me?
And srilakshmi i wants to know to impliment the mis
Thank you& regards
25th May 2010 From India, Bhubaneswar
Annual Serve industries hi Iam sandip Ekhande in Nashik I Have Annual Serve Industries Retturn Document Please Help Urgently thanking You, Sandip Ekhande
25th May 2010 From India, Pune
hi srilakshmi & zakim
how r u? i read ur message. Please don't mistake me.
In my point of u,pls read some hr related book & Hr magazine also available in india.
This is the time for ur achievement and goal.
All the best.
25th May 2010 From India, Madras
Hi srilakshmi,
I am also working in chemical factory as a Sr. Executive -HR.
Initiatives taken by me are:
Awards for giving the best ideas, birthdays celebrations, Initiated 5s one by one. Besides that we are conducting review meeting on monthly basis.
If you need more help, kindly mail me at
25th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear srilakshmi,

Please see the bellow HR Function Details in a Factory.......
Conducting job analyses (determining the nature of each
employee's job)
Selecting job candidates
Orienting and training new employees
Managing Wages and Salaries (how to compensate employees)
Providing incentives and benefits
Appraising performance and Communicating (interviewing,
Counseling, disciplining
Organizational, work, and job design
Recruitment and Selection
Training and Development
Performance Management
Occupational health and safety
Employee and labour relations

With Best Regards
Rajender Thakur

26th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
First & formost requirement is maintenance records / documents as required by vartious statutory provisions and ensuring to compliances of various Labor laws.
If had o past exposure to HR, it is advisable to take consultaion from any local HR Consultants. Rest of functions of HR may be implimented / scope expanded step by step.
26th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Hi Srilakshmi,
I am a Sr.Exe HR, working in an automobile company.
Over & above the general HR functions you also need to maintain some mandatory records, like factory license (its timely renewal), PF records, ESIC, etc.
I suggest if you are less aware of such activities, you may appoint a consultant initially and gradually you can learn.
Also, as you are the only HR you may have to concentrate more on other activities, building up employee relations.
All the best,
26th May 2010 From India, Pune
Dear Shri,,,
As you tell that u r a fresher and also your company have no HR person before you,,, so that it is very hard to face & handle all the process & work & all the thing related it,,
but don't worry ,,
i think it is nice if your management recruit a senior person in the dept. but if it is not possible then you start your work from time office normally & handle P.F. & ESI process. then you for statury records,,, & also keep touch in experience person,,
first you tell me what records you have,,,,,
Shivander Kumar
26th May 2010 From India, Delhi
Hi Arti,
till now I am doing MIS entry i.e Dept. wise daily reports I am Updating in the system, I have prepared the list of employee and workers with their details, now I wanted to maintain diff types of records should be in the factory. I have prepared a list of records to be maintained. but my boss is saying that, some more needs to be added... what to add i am not getting.
Only few record have been maintaining here, so some more needs to be added to that,
So along with all these what more can I do
And plz let me know what you are handling exactly in detail
thats it....

26th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Srilakshmi

Apart from thakur's points, you are also supposed to maintain following records as per statute:-

Factories Act Records

Payment of Bonus Records

Contract Labour (Regulation & Abolition) Act Registers (If Applicable)

Payment of Wages Records

MInimum Wages Act Records

Apart from that you have to go for a Model Standing Order to ensure disciplinary proceedings.

Local and Police Station Activities.

I think me and thakur narrated the whole history to you, rest is yours and also practice makes the human perfect.

Thanks & Regards

Labour Law Professional.

Dear srilakshmi,

Please see the bellow HR Function Details in a Factory.......
Conducting job analyses (determining the nature of each
employee's job)
Selecting job candidates
Orienting and training new employees
Managing Wages and Salaries (how to compensate employees)
Providing incentives and benefits
Appraising performance and Communicating (interviewing,
Counseling, disciplining
Organizational, work, and job design
Recruitment and Selection
Training and Development
Performance Management
Occupational health and safety
Employee and labour relations

With Best Regards
Rajender Thakur
26th May 2010
Hi Shivander,

First of all thanks for your responce.

Yes, I too had the idea that it is better to have a senior HR, But in this one advantage n one disadvantage is there

advantage is I will have support n help

Disadvantage is , I may not have freedom to do anything, I may loose my visibility to others in the factory.

Till now I have prepared the only list is, List of staff n workers with their details.
As no HR was here, So the pay rooll records are maintained by accounts dept. they are still continuing, other in n out time & attendance records are maintained by security.

And accidents, fire fighting, vehicles inward n out ward records also maintained by security it self

My problem is they are asking me to do some thing as a HR, you are an MBA student do some thin..... LIke this...

But they are not understanding that i am fresher.....
first of all what ever the decisions, regarding benefits to employees and every thing top mgt only will see. I dont have any authority to provide any facilities to employees,

mgt is always in a view of cost reduction, If I say anything regarding this like benefits and facilities to employees they are not listing

So what should I do

26th May 2010 From India, Hyderabad
hi srilakshmi,

I am also working as Asst Mngr-HR in an architectural product manufacturing company in goa. To share with you my experiences:

1. I was in Pune where I joined a service industry company as Sr. Executive - HR which was not having HR at all. The employee strength was 200+. Even I was quiet inexperienced. Then I tried to cope up with it and created a full fledged HR system their single handedly which took me 7 months for that purpose. also got promoted as asst Mngr- HR within 1year.

2. for some reason I shifted to Goa and joined this co. as Sr. Executive- HR. Within 4 months got a promotion of asst Mngr - HR. Here also the same situation, no previous HR at all and I am the sole person handling HR for 3 units of our company. though experienced in service industry, atmosphere in manufacturing industry is different. Core HR, 5 S, Kaizen, suggestion schemes and employee welfare plus event management is the vast role i am performing now. I joined on 1st Dec 2009 and till date 70% HR Dept. is ready now.

Now with this background just certain tips how to handle this situation v.v. practically:

1. understand that though there was no previous HR, someone must be there who was taking care of employee salaries, recruitment, appraisals, attendance etc. right? contact that person/s and try to get his/her max. help to understand the existing procedures & policies. statutory compliances etc.

2. Simultaneously, start preparing Employee database. For that purpose you can distribute Employee forms striving all the details related with him.

3. at the same time you have to get friendly with all right from peons, kacharawali, watchman, maintenance person, workers, supervisors etc. throw a message that "you are well experienced, you can guide me how system works here?" "who is the controller?" "If i am doing any mistake or facing any problem, I know you people will help me" etc.

4. they all should be convinced that you are one of them and like them only. Generally HR people try to keep a distance between workers, lower level staff and themselves.

5. Understand 1 thing, you will take min. 6-7 months to systematize all the HR functions. And don't expect anyone to help you or have another helping hand. first 7 months take pains and even right from xeroxing, printing, filing, typing, displaying notices etc. you do all the job. Once you do all the groundlevel job at your own, you really become an all rounder and then when your juniors come, you can really manage them well.

6. Accounts person plays a very important role in this. You need to be very close to them. coz they know almost all the statutory requirements and keep a record of the same. So you have to take their assistance undoubtedly.

also in short:

a. you should accept the fact that everyone will treat you as an alien first

b. you have to create your own space in the organization by your own behavior and friendly nature with everyone

c. you can start with your basics. keep your HR notes with you and take up one topic at a time to convert it into practicality.

d. have a habit of noting down everything

e. employee database having their emergency contact no.s and birth dates is very important tool. Don't forget to wish even a very small person on his birthday in the factory.

f. take recruitments seriously.

g. If you don't know anything, don't be afraid of saying so and taking help of your seniors. Coz one fine day you are going to be expert in it.

h. rest from time to time if you really require any particular help, you can mail me at

Remember: Treat this opportunity as a golden opportunity as not everyone gets it. Since no HR there, you are going to be the ultimate boss and within a short span of life, you can really climb the ladder with the high speed.

All the best


Ashwini Patwardhan
26th May 2010 From India, Pune
Hi srilakshmichintamalla,

HR Functions are very vast and deversified in itself depending on the industry and sector. You are currently working in the manufacturing setup and has lots of scope in area of labor laws, salary administration, people management and employee development. you can develop your profile by initiating for the formulation of standard policy suiting for your company and further by auditing the documentation of employee records and compliances. This will help you to understand the current status and develop the new HR strategies and workplace policy in favor of your companies growth and yours as well.

Hope my effort is successful in answering your query and give u a sense of direction for next step. You can get in touch with me for the same or any query through my official email id:

I have total 4 years of experience in HR and Administration and after getting 3 years of exposure in the industry as Manager - HR for one of the financial company, successfully running my own firm in field of HR outsourcing where we are helping the professionals like you to get over with such problems by providing HR solutions for Small Medium Enterprises. You can easily opt for such services and set the complete processess for the company.


Pooja Verma
26th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear Srilakshmi,
Congratulations! You are a fresher in HR but you have initiative and talent to do a proper setting up of the department.
First, study the present set us. Make personal files for each employee and ensure that all the documents/certificates are collected. Go step by step then it will not difficult for you. Find out what are the present systems, policies whether oral or written. Prepare an Employee Handbook covering all the points. Then start preparing Policies, consultation with MD/Head. If you need any help you can anytime contact me
Best of Luck.
Govind Desai

26th May 2010 From India, Mumbai
hi srilakshmi,
when u take up a role of HR in a new company, u can do an audit to check in what stage of IR and HR is ur company.
Pl ensure according to the nature of the business, number of employees and such other details what r the different acts that r applicable,
what has to be done as per the act
c if its done.
if not start taking steps towards compliance.
compliance with statutory requirements is most important.
Once that done, concentrate on improving HR practices, by setting policies and procedures, internal processes and SOPs.
In this site itself u get lots of ideas to do ur job well.
good luck
hema Rao
27th May 2010 From India, Mangaluru
Hi Srilakshmi,
First of all, let me Congratulate you on your joining as Executive in HR department. Your initiative and confidence will definitely give you success in your setting up the department.
Try to note down the points of setting up the department, then please read Factory Act (other Acts will follow) and note down the points, start to prepare systematic documentation and first make policies which are initially most important for the factory. If you need any help my mailID:
Govind Desai

4th October 2010 From India, Mumbai
i am dhasarathy.r. pls following the details to be follow for factory HR.
1. Safety of Employee.
2. to be registar employee PF, ESI, Main thing for Factory Employee should apply Medical Claim.
3. keep direct link with each employee, then only u know abt the employee problems and other things.
4. in factory, some company provide lunch for over time employee. it is must to factory company under the factory act.
5. in each factory company should appoint safety officer.
6. in my point off u. pls gothrough and read factory law books.
tke care, all the best for ur current careers.
Thanks & Regards,
Dhasarathy. R
5th October 2010 From India, Madras
Dear Srilakshmi,

As you stated you are the first HR in the factory and your factory i guess not very old so initially you have lot of things to do. First you must check whether you have all required permission and licence needed to run a factory. You initially need to take Factory Licence, permission from electricity board, fire licence, consent to operate from pollution control board; trade licence, Contract labour registration certificate ( if you engage any contractor), ESI and PF code ( if you engage more than 20 employee). It may incur some cost but it's your duty to make your management understand that running a factory without these, can pull even your director behind the bars.

Secondly i advise you to follow the Acts and Rules like Factories Act, Contract labour (R&A) Act, EPF & MP Act, ESI Act, Minimum Wages Act, Payment of Wages Act, Bonus Act, Gratuity Act, Standing Order Act, Industrial Dispute Act, Employment Exchange Act, Apprentice Act, Trade Union Act (If there is any union). displays the abstract of the acts on the notice board and try to maintain the required registers under various act. preferably you may create a checklist of the registers and returns to track those things.

Accident, gate entry and fire fighting might looked after by security but don't forget you are the ultimate responsible person for these things. So make a system to track them and supervise all the activities of security. Imply a proper first aid facility in your factory.

As it is a chemical factory and it's a hazardous process it would be better to not allow any child labour within premises.

Apart from these you must maintain a employee database, may make a training schedule, do something for employee engagement, implement a proper performance appraisal system, look after the housekeeping part and all other HR related activity.

Lastly Payroll is a HR dont depend on accounts. If you can you may do it in excell sheet or buy any good payroll software.

Thanks and Regards,

Saumya Basu
24th November 2013 From India, Calcutta
Maintain Employee database, Personnel file for all employees, issue id cards,offer letters, implement some hr welfare activities... these are the things you can start
26th November 2014 From India, Hyderabad
I subscribe to the opinion that it is good to hire a local free lancer consultant for meeting with statutory requirements.
28th November 2014 From India, Kakinada
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