Dear All, What happened we all know, All have seen this issue on TV, I am not concerned in this topic "The barbarism of Authorities towards Labourers" I am thinking about what was lacking in Honda Case? Was this, the mistake of 2000+ Labourers who demonstrated after the non resolution of their issue, these people who were expecting solution of thier issues from management from last many months. What went wrong in today's senario when Labourers are educated, know their rights and Management is also well educated (MBA's, Knowledge of Labour Laws and Labour Welfare Policies), Are these limited to their MBA education? After Labour Unrest: Honda Lost 120 -150 Cr. Rupees Daily. and most important is their public image got stained. What should have been done in Honda Case? and What should Management do to prevent such cases? Manu Sharma, MHRM
1st August 2005 From India, New Delhi

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hey manu, i believe after seeing the pictures on tv...govt should have been scrapped bigtime...it could have led to civil war.. u know regards scare_crow
1st August 2005 From India, Mumbai
Actually the whole episode needs an impartial view. Its like having two sides of the coin. The Labour shuld have been more logical and worked on the principle of ahinsa of Mahatma Gandhi. When there is an interference of external unions in the internal matters of the Company, nobody gains except the external Union. At the same time police counter attack was not called for. They were agitated becoz some of their senior Police officers were bashed up. THis kind of behavior from the ploice was totally uncalled for. There was no feeling of service from their side. Both the Labor and police actually were over reactive about the whole issue. Anyways whatever hapens, happens for the best. Some lessons have definitely been learnt by the admin as well as the Corporates. After all its the Nation's economy that suffers from such kind of labor unrest. Forum open to discussion/ debate but please stay cool while reacting . Best Regards. Alpana
1st August 2005 From India, Indore
Hi Manu It is no doubt the act of government forces towards employees of an organization were real brutal, We watched this news clippings at Kuwait along with some kuwaiti friends , really speaking the scenes were shocked our kuwaity friends and they asked me who was the hitler of your place, These actions not only stains Honda but whole India Now let us examine who is the culprit Employees might have given their memorandum and after hectic discussions when employees felt that they will go for agitation to press their demands the demonstrations taken place (It is usual with all industrial areas). The management also geared up to face the agitation mentally. It is pertinent to mention that none of them either employs or employer never intend for a conflict at any stage , both of them were well aware that the maximum punishment for this agitation will be either a lockout or suspension of employees or difficult working culture , usually after such demos both party will again go for discussion with a senior political party leader as moderator, hence the outcome of the agitation was well known to the both teams then what went wrong? Watch the clippings again ,one of the police man was attacked by an outsider of the demo party which provoked the police to go full ahead against of employees, it is therefore a vengeance action of the police against public, At no point the management or employee responsible for this issue, In fact this incident was given wrong dimensional story by the media, I strongly express my opininon that no employer wishes his employee to get hurt since human resource is costlier than material resources How to seggerate oil and water Police who suppose to be the law keeper went out of control ,these police force incharge should be severely punished to form a lesson to other police personnel and make them aware of industrial relation and its important in countries eccnomy None of the police officers were given any kind of HR training and they never realise the source's value Damage Control The IR rules must be strictly adhered by police force They should never interfere any of the troubles of an industry until unless demanded Lets hope we will learn from mistakes karunadas.P
5th August 2005 From Oman, Muscat
Hi All, There is lot to be rethought about the working style of the Honda Management, the Gurgaon Government & Police. Hero Honda Management Some of the issues the Hero Honda management didn't take into consideration before the Lock-out 1. Didn't Adhere to the Labour Laws: As per indian labour laws, the lock-out is not allowed until cleared by the government. This was an illegal lockout. The management should always adhere to the law of the land, which somehow, Honda management failed to do. 2. Were not diplomatic Enough: The main issue revolved around the suspension / dismissal of some mischievous employees. Before dismissal, the management should have done the analysis of the possible outcomes and should have dealt with it in more diplomatic way. Maybe a counselling session, transfer, VRS or some other action would have been a better solution, as these were labour union leaders. 3. Failure of Public Relations Department: The Hero Honda Management has not handled the PR well. Almost all the press and televisions were projecting the Honda Management as culprit. With the Budget, Hero Honda has for PR, they should have clarified their stand in front of all the national televisions and Newspapers before the actual dismissal of the first 8 employees took place. It has been Failure of PR department of Hero Honda as well. This are some of the points, which if taken into consideration before the dismissal of the said 8 employees, the event would not have taken place in first place. Haryana Government / Police The Government and Police failed on following fronts 1. Failed to administer the Law : The Hero Honda company didn't adhere to the Labour laws and had illegal lock-out. The Chief Minister / Industry Minister / Labour Minister should have immediately intervened and should have resolved the matter as it is one of the biggest firms of the state and the country. Further as this lock-out being illegal, the management should have been dragged to the court by the government, even before the employees took to the street. 2. Failure to Handle the Employees Agitation: The violence which erupted during the agitation can be attributed to the failure of the government / police to handle the rally situation. They were quite aware of the dimensions the rally could take, still instead of water guns and tear gas to disperse the crowd, they used lathis. The major problem with lathis is that, it may and did actually injure people. The purpose was to disperse the crowd and not cause injury to them. 3. No Proper training to the Police Force: Only the IPS officers get proper training to handle difficult situations and are trained to understand the psychology of crowd. But it is the ground units which actually require it. The police constables should have understood that the agitating employees are agitating against their employers and are as much a citizen as anybody else in India. They are not terrorist or criminals. If the ground police personnel would have understood this and would have taken this into consideration while dispersing the crowd, lot of unnecessary injury to the Hero Honda Employees could have been avoided.
5th August 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Mizra Nicely analyzed. But all these incidents are emotion driven. I could call this whole case as failure in managing emotions. The root casue for the event is mainly attributable to this. If HMIL would have properly analyzed this situation at the shopfloor, this would have not faced. Police, Government had come in later stages. I feel personally , it was a definite failure at HR or PR at Honda Motors also. If they would have been properly addressed the issue at the shopfloor. this situation would have not araised. regards Srinivasu
22nd August 2005 From India, Hyderabad
Well ... I would like to add another perspective to it .... Is it the Organisation that is to be blamed OR Is it individuals (with their own prejudices and ego tussles) who are to be blamed for such events !! I am referring to the Ego tussle between individuals from both sides of the 'fight' !! No organisation wants to trouble employees NOR Any employee or group of Employees want to create trouble for Emplyer... More often it has been observed that it is individuals (with or without vested intrests) who are the actual cause behind such incidents. The situation is often aggravated by un-trained individuals or comany officials who have no idea of industrial relations or HR / PR / Chnage management etc .... ANOTHER point is .... The Police faces such mob hostility every now and then in different cases. Is there a scientific and well organised training of the Police Force in Mob handling and Mob Psychology (or is it that they are only trained to 'control' the mob using the arms and ammunitions .... ) Things to ponder on !!
23rd August 2005 From Switzerland, Geneva
Hi all... I agree with Shoonya, that the case could be the tussles of individual egos... I was going through some studies on why such situations arise when i came across this theory by Gurr & Runciman It states that the main cause of social unrest is a person or group of people believing that they deserve better than their current situation allows them. This could better explain if we see that the workers at HHML percieved that some unjust actions where taken against them... At the same time the HHML management thought that their actions were justified... Now it is difficult to judge who was right as both of the groups have their own perception... But personally I feel that HHML employees should not have taken to streets, and should have discussed with management or should have fought out in the labour court...
5th September 2005 From India, Ahmadabad
I think you are right! , This could be a main reason, I think it is 90% in Honda Case. Personal Issues, Becuase Honda is well know Brand and thus cannot simply lack ethics of Business Management. But in any case Honda is stained! and now they are doing Advertising campain to overcome this "How much We touch your life"!
22nd September 2005 From India, New Delhi
13th October 2008 From India, Vadodara

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