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Try this oneOnly 2 Players at a time2 A4 papersStop watchone player will be the runner & one player will be the person who will move the A4 paperRules1) Every step the runner takes has to be on the A4 Paper2) If he fall out of the A4 paper the team looses3) If the Paper tears the team loses4) The runner has to complete a specific distance within a specific time5) You can have 6 -7 teams competing & the team that takes the least time to conver the specific distance wins. One one team finishes the other startsDisadvantage : the player changing the paper ends up with a backakeBut this game brings in high entu & motivation to complete the task in a short spanof time.
From India, Mumbai
Hi All,
Really interesting thread...
Recently we played some very simple games but the response was really good. Here are few...
1. Connecting Straws
2. Building Bridge with Cards
3. making a paper hat

From India, Bangalore
very useful sharing,we can send our emplyees the message or stories related to mothers and encourage them to surprise their motherr with gifts and thanks on mother’s day Neetu
From India, Bangalore
Here are few more ideas:

1. Celebrate Twin's Day...Ask the employees to chose their partner and try to match as many things as possible. The best Twin would be rewarded.

2. Give some pictures to the employees and ask them to make a story out of those story will win.

3. Best Workstation contest (Let the employees demonstrate their innovation)

4. Celebrate Teddy Bear Day/Mickey Mouse Day or a Soft Toy Day......Ask the employees to bring a Teddy, Mickey or a Soft Toy....the employee having the cutest of toy wins a prize.

5. Celebrate Appreciation Day/Week

Ask employees to appreciate their colleagues/Managers/HR/Admin whosoever they want to .....the employee/department having maximum number of appreciations wins a prize.

6. Mark a day in a week as a Tricky Day......try to do the things in a tricky way....Post a tricky question on the Bulletin Bord...the first correct answer wins a prize

Hope you will like the ideas......Feedback/Comments are welcome :)

Happy working !

From India, Delhi
Hi Guys,

Would like to share an activity that we have done multiple times with different teams - and has unfailingly provided lot of fun and learning for participants. We call it FOOTZA :-). Will try and give as much details, so that you can run it the right way.... here goes - this is straight from our internal activity manual. Hope you find it useful.....

This activity demands for the team to design and build the tallest tower made of only humans. To make things challenging enough, the highest point must be a human foot or feet plus a time limit. With a doubt, the members must put together their heads in coming out with methods that will give them the tallest human tower. Some desired outcomes are,
1. Creativity
2. Execute according to plan

Prepare sufficient according to the number of activity required for each run. The guide is below,
· Props not absolutely necessary
Select a piece of open area that is free from potential hazards. Knowing its size, prepare enough props and position them strategically to maximize the activity learning value. Ensure all participants are aware of the potential hazard around them. Generally, the facilitator should take note of common environmental hazards like, steep drop-off, exposed drains, present of dangerous insects and animals, ambient temperature, etc. Always stay alert to the general readiness of the participants like proper attire, having sufficient rest after any physically demanding activities, etc.
Instructions To Participants

· Each team is required to build the tallest human tower
· The highest point of the tower must be a foot or feet
· Purely human powered, no external aids are allowed
· The team has 10 minutes to design and build
· The official execution will commence after the given 5 minutes
· One attempt is granted for each team to execute their method
· On safety,
o If any lifting of personnel is required, the lifted person must be supported at three points, i.e. head/neck, lumbar and legs
o The rest of the members must be alert and offer spotting (hands up) when anyone is lifted
Conduct Of Activity

By structuring the Footza into stages, the participants will likely learn at a deeper level. The general readiness of the participants should be taken note of by the facilitators. Success breeds confidence and progression will allow it to happen. Physical safety, emotional safety and skill competency are just some aspects for the facilitator to consider when organizing Footza.
Cover the safety pointers before they begin. Highlight to them the proper technique of lifting a person if there is clear intention to do so.
Cover the dos and don’ts of the activity. Elevate their environmental awareness by pointing to them certain areas or fixtures in the room that have potential hazards.
Round 1
Get them into pairs and deliver the instructions and necessary demonstration prior to its commencement.
Process Debrief
It is predictable of the results that can be produced by just two persons. The height they can achieve is conceivable and they should not feel surprise about the outcome. The “Ah-ha” feeling is not expected to be aroused from the first round. As a guide, facilitators could use some of the debriefing questions listed below;
1. What are the main considerations for your team (pair)?
2. What are the roles created during the process?
3. Are you surprised at the outcome? What make it surprising?
Round 2
With the experiences from round one, challenge the group by asking them if they could break the current highest point. Predictably, the response is asking for more manpower resources like combining pairs. For this round, two pairs will combined to form a small team. Adhering to the same safety instructions and time format, start them off. As the group size increases, emphasizing on safety awareness is paramount.
The facilitator should pre-plan the activity and decide the number of rounds to be conducted. The underlying reason for structuring the Footza into stages is creating multiple levels of challenges for participants to handle thus generating numerous possible learning from the activity. Multiple rounds also mean progression.
Debriefing Questions Used

1. How would you describe the activity in short?
2. Recall the “Ah-ha” moments. Share with the rest what and why makes it your “Ah-ha” moments.
3. What are the insights you have gained from the “Ah-ha” moments?
4. What are some helpful behaviors you have observed?
5. Can we identify the areas for improvement?
6. Identify one insight that might be useful to you.
7. To make the insight more relevant, can you point out some application areas to will augment your work performance?
8. What would you change to make it better?
9. As a team, what is possible to be done to improve the current situation?
Possible Presentations, Storyline and Metaphors

It is common for teams to choose the tallest person to be at the highest point. Tall person should be reasonably heavy than shorter persons. However, our thinking almost did not register the weight factor; we simply choose to focus on the height due to the requirement of the activity.
Some teams will select the shortest person to be at the highest point. The unobvious advantage of a shorter person is easier in handling, balancing when elevated is easier however this is not obvious to most teams. Selecting the shortest person can create paradigm shifts for those who harbor no such thoughts at all. Considering a short person as the highest point is simply not conceivable at all. Let’s not wait, get the paradigm shifting.

Hope you like it. You can pick up a few more ideas from our website.


Arun Rao

From India, New Delhi
Hi Jyoti,
we went for Outdoor training , there they did like having different small sheets having names of peoples into different industries like cinema actor&actress, politicians, cricketians, swamiji's and whoever is famous you can write.
Each one have to take one sheet(containing the name of the individual).You have to group them. Mixing of all departments and atleast 3`4 person a group is OK.
After that they have to combine the character in the sheet with each and every one withni the group. they have to do some thing based on the character and within group. It was fun and creative. we did so much and enjoyed so much that day.
Try one in your office!!!!!

From Oman, Muscat
Hi I am working on a HR generalist profile in ayurvedic manufacturing co. , we have around 40 doctors working in our co. kindly assist what activities we can conduct to motivate them they all are young age between 20-30
From India, Delhi
Hi All,
One more game that you may try. It's called "Tapping the nos."
Spread the nos. from 1-50 [you may increase or decrease] on the floor in a random manner. Divide the group in team size of 3-5. In agiven time they have to tap on all the nos. with their foot in a ascending no. order. The rules are:
1- They cannot speak. Sign lang. also not allowed.
2- After tapping, should remove their foot immediately from the no.
3- In case the sequence goes wrong say after 5 they tap on 7 instead of 6, the team is disqualified.
Per team may be given 1-2 min to complete the exercise.
Thanks All.

Hi All,
I have started another discussion and want u to be a part of it. Below is the link for the same...
Look forward to lots of wonderful suggestions :)
Take Care !

From India, Delhi
Hi Prajakta,
I am a new joiner to this site & its really good.We have been organizing various fun activities at our work place & now i am totally blank as what should be done next , so i just went through your attachment & thats a real nice stuff you have.Thanks..

From India, Madras

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