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Thread Started by #jyoti_jain004

Dear All,
I have recently joined this organization, which didnt have any leave policy. I implemented one in accordance to the Mum Shops Estb Act. Now there is a trend of employees going on sick leave every week. Every other day I am getting sick leave requests. We are allowing a total of 8 CL/SL every year, the rest is unpaid. But the emp just dont seem to care that their sal will be deducted while the mngmnt is gttng upset. What cud be the reason for this sudden wave of sick leaves.. ?? Kindly assist....
27th March 2010 From India, Mumbai
Dear jyoti, Pls find attached file which u help u to solve ur problem
27th March 2010 From India, Vadodara

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Hello Jyoti
It would help if firstly, you have a system whereby you make producing a medical certificate mandatory. The doctor must mention that the employee was sick. Also, you must have a performance management system in place and during the performance appraisal be able to discuss any issues you have with reference to the leaves availed. Also, imperative is to ensure that your leave policy is balanced. Study the trends of why, when and how many leaves your employees avail. Then revisit your leave policy to make appropriate revisions that would take care of the employee's requirements, the employers interest, as well being legally sound.
Best Regards
27th March 2010 From India, Bangalore
Dear Jyoti,
It is very clear that workers are looking for every other opportunity to get lost.This is indication of precarious work condition. You make take up a small survey to know the reasons.You may give out the work to some out side agency- may be some students and you would know.
Jagdish Patel
Peopels Trg & Research Centre
28th March 2010 From India, Coimbatore
May be u shld organize a workshop or some activity based trip in which they should be motivated nd encouraged to work nd make them realize the deduction of their salary will harm their life only......
Deepika Manchanda
Growth Orbit
29th March 2010 From India, Pune
Hey Jyoti
Here are a few things you must do:
1. Call an all-hands meet to be presided by a senior manager. Help the senior manager with data to be able to expalin to the employees the impact of this behavior
2. When employees sick, do not treat them with suspicion or else you could have a "cry wolf" situation which can spiral out of control very quickly
3. Sudden unexplained sickness absenteeism is a clear sign of dissatisfaction with whatever is going on in the office. It is rather difficult to speculate
4. If things are not moving forward, get an outside agency to help assess and improve employee engagement. I know one company Acengage (don't know their details) that does work on employee engagement issues but you can try any other you know.
Hope this helps...all the best
29th March 2010 From India, Bangalore
Hi Jyothi

I have a few suggestions. You can implement one or more of them depending on the suitability to your organisation.

1. You need to first find out the actual reason for employees taking Sick Leave so often and try to takle that. For eg: If the reason is that people are getting stressed out due to management overloading them with work, then you may need to have more staff.

2. If the reason for SL is genuine, try to find out if there is a pattern or common reason for If Flu is a common cause then you need to educate your employees or bring about more awareness as to how flu can be avoided by following hygienic practices, etc or if the reason is neckpain/backpain you need to train them on sitting postures, desk exercises, etc.

3. Announce a reward for those who give 100% or best attendance i.e for those who don't take any Sick Leave

4. Announce encashment of unused Sick Leave if feasible.

5. Formulate a strict Sick Leave Policy wherein you can question the capability of an employee who takes Sick Leave quite often which in extreme cases can result in termination of employment. This should stop people from misusing the Sick Leave.

6. Consider attendance for Performance Appraisals (should not include Earned Leave) which should ultimately affect increments, bonus, etc and let the employees be aware of this well in advance.

7. Put up a list of SL taken with employee names and no. of days of SL in the order of maximum leave taken to least leave taken on a monthly basis on your notice board. This will work wonders sometime as people don't like their names to appear on the top of the list.

Hope this helps. Do let me know your thoughts.

29th March 2010 From India, Bangalore
Hi Jyoti,
Not clear - after implementing the leave policy, you noticed the trend? It means that the sick leave was not properly monitored earlier or you implemented a very flexible policy. Please re-look the policy before committing any other analysis / actions.
29th March 2010 From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Hi Jyoti,

It appears that prior to your joining the leave policy was not adhered even as per existing law goverened by Mum. shops & ..... Act.

Employees were used to take leave at will. But after you joined, you started regulating as per Law. People normally do not like to be regulated that too after having used to certain way of life.

It appears futher that they must have felt, you are abstructing their freedom, hence they are trying to frustrate your regulations.

Normally you should have taken them into confidence before implementing and prior intimation

to them through their superiors would have paved for smooth change over from anarchy to orderlyness.

What you can do now ?

As a employer you have every right to reject the un paid leave ( any leave for that matter barring a genine one )on urgency of work.

You may seek Medical certificate from a govt. Doctor or from your company approved doctor for their utilising entitled SL or unpaid leave.

Advice them that remaining absent on frequent ill heath, they will be subjected to testify before a medical board ( to be constituted by the management) and may render them medically unfit to continue with their job.

Ensure you get the support of Management before move further.

Good luck !

HC. Subbaramu

HR & Labour Law Consultant

29th March 2010 From India, Kochi
Dear Jyoti, Padma has given you a complete solution. Follow her suggestions and you will have the answer to you problem. Best Wishes, Vasant Nair
29th March 2010 From India, Mumbai
Hi Jyoti,,,
I am also HR and same problem i have faced and i have implemented following solutions : -
To avoid abuse of sick leave privileges, a statement from a medical doctor or other acceptable proof may be required. Evidence to support leave for adoption-related purposes may be required. Or You can also make cross checking with doctors + medical bills + medications prescriptions
On Otherhand you can discontinue SICK LEAVE policy in company..... so your management won't get upset with you...
Any help you need feel free to ask me...
29th March 2010 From India, Vadodara
Dear Jyothi,

In one of my managemenrt books I read recently, The author, by the way who is a renowned pschyologist, goes on to say that if an incentive is given to people, by way of our human nature, people will indulge in it.

Now if you implemented a sick leave program, then expect people to take sick leave. You have offered an incentive to get sick. Its as simple as that.

However with that said, I have to agree with some of the other dicussers on this forum, that the trends and patterns associated with these leave types will vary. Kancheri, said that perhaps the leave was not monitored previously, hence only now you are noticing a trend could be very pertinent here. I suggest you follow alot of the advice here so that you can have a good arsenal so that if a case has to be referred to arbitration, grievance or even dismissal you have all the facts in front of you.

Here in is South Afrcia our labour laws are quite different and in most cases the employees come out tops, as the case would be that alot of the HR personnel are not equiped with the right tools if not, they just don't know the HR labour law sufficiently.

M. R. S Sastry gives you various comments on why people will take this sick leave. Well I think Sastry is absolutely correct it is dialogue. You can very well draw up a graphical representation of an employee when you start to bring into account all the reasons why a person is taking so much sick leave....

Simply put, if a person is disgruntled or just hates what he or she is doing, then expect sick leave...

Sorry but it is very difficult to control and it is as blatant as that.


Ravi Naidoo
29th March 2010 From South Africa, Pretoria
Dear All,
Thanks for your response but the facts are as below:
1. Emp took a lot of leave previously also but not to this extent of course
2. Previously since the employees didn't need to take approval for leave the management didn't know about emp going on leave but now since the requests go to them on a regular basis, they feel its has started with the implementation of leave policy
3. Emp feel that since CL/SL are not encashed its better if they exhaust them all
4. The leave policy was implemented by me after consulting with the emp only as to what was more convenient to them
5. Emp are smart enough to take one sick leave every now and then in order to avoid giving medical certificate since it can be asked for, only if they take 3 SL in a row
How to deal with that..???
29th March 2010 From India, Mumbai
I find discussion and opinions on this query both interesting and funny.
  • Good that Ms. Jyoti has offered Leaves to employees which is any ways their legal right and nobody can deny it.
  • There has to be some checks and balances to ensure that Sick leaves are used as Sick Leaves only and hence there needs to be conditions like employee will have to submit Doctor’s certificate in case leave is for say two or more days etc.
  • Eight days Paid Sick Leave in a year is I would say reasonably low and no one should have complaint about it, if in case eight Paid Sick Leaves are availed in a year
  • HR Dept.’s responsibility is to design Policies, Rules, Processes and implementing them.
  • Sanctioning of Leaves is the responsibility of concerned immediate boss or Head of the Dept. and it is not the responsibility of HR Dept. HR Dept. will only maintain the account of Leaves.
  • A person sanctioning the leaves should always follow the set rules and processes and should use his discretion to sanction or deny any leave.
  • If somebody is really sick and is really not in a position to attend the duty, no matter if he is not having leave Balance to his credit, he will not come for duty anyways.
  • In case Leave Sanctioning Person is not satisfied with the reason given for leave, he can using his discretion deny the leave. In case employee enjoys leave in spite of denial, then employee should be marked as absent. As all are aware, frequent absence from duty can attract disciplinary action.
  • In this case employees are taking lot of ‘Leaves Without Pay’. Please try and differentiate between Leave without pay and absence. ‘Leave Without Pay’ is a leave approved by the superior for genuine purpose. It is without pay either because of non availability of leave balance or because of discretion used by superior to approve the leave as without pay in spite of having leave balance. Point is sanctioning authority must be made to use his authority and discretion judiciously. If he is not satisfied with the reason for leave he should be bold enough to deny the leave. Such culture will resist employees from taking leaves without proper reasons.
  • In case employee remains absent in spite of denial of leave, it will amount to ‘Unauthorized Absence’ and same can attract suitable disciplinary action.
  • Very important point here is that sanctioning authorities can not go on sanctioning leaves left-right-centre and then complain that, employees are taking lot of leaves. They have authority to deny leaves.
  • Any unauthorized absence needs to be dealt strictly by HR Dept.
  • Attendance Bonus, Attendance Incentives can encourage employees to avoid unnecessary leaves and absence.

Thanks & Regards

29th March 2010 From India, Pune
Ms. Jyoti,

Please go thru my earlier post carefully.
  • You will have to prove to the management the real difference brought by introduction of Leave Policy. Check the Attendance and Leave Data of employees. Do comparison between Post Policy and Pre Policy Data and present it to Management.
  • Tell Management that, anyways employees were remaining absent before also now only difference is because of Leave Applications, it is coming to your notice.
  • Eight Leaves in a year is not much and should not worry you and your management.
  • Educate your Management and all those sanctioning leaves to use there discretion and authority. Tell them to learn how to say ‘NO’. Be assertive. If management wants employees to take less leaves, then sanctioning authorities should curb the leaves.
  • Be strict and particular about those remaining absent. Take timely disciplinary actions against them to cultivate culture of discipline and order.
  • Incentives and Bonus will also encourage and reward those who are disciplined.
Thanks & Regards

29th March 2010 From India, Pune
I addition to what she says you can also add in your leave policy that the leaves taken access to those that the employees are eligible to will effect their appraisal..
And remeber onething that new policies take some time to be implemented properly and also takes time for employees to adjust to it. So be precise and patient.. things will be as per the norms after a specific duration
QUOTE=ireach;1088523]Hello Jyoti
It would help if firstly, you have a system whereby you make producing a medical certificate mandatory. The doctor must mention that the employee was sick. Also, you must have a performance management system in place and during the performance appraisal be able to discuss any issues you have with reference to the leaves availed. Also, imperative is to ensure that your leave policy is balanced. Study the trends of why, when and how many leaves your employees avail. Then revisit your leave policy to make appropriate revisions that would take care of the employee's requirements, the employers interest, as well being legally sound.
Best Regards[/QUOTE]
30th March 2010 From India, Ahmadabad
Interview with unconditional positive regard, empathy and congruence. After you get the facts then plan for a Annual Feedback Report. Here you ask thenm what they would like to achieve that year and you meet them quarterly to see if they are on track. If there is training required to achieve those then provide it. If the person is stil not performing, start new recruitment. When you find the replacement, then fire the irresponsible worker who has no ownership whatsover.
If he is positive and is achieving what was discussed in the AFR then keep him.
Start a suggestion scheme and Work Improvement Teams (WIT). They may give you a great idea to resolve issues on hand. Reward those good suggestions and Work Improvement projects and highlight their achievement to all in the company. Recognition is a powerful tool.
23rd April 2011 From Macao, Macau
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