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Santa Monica
I work for a US based company that has operations in India. We have sourced and interviewed a young woman who would be a great fit for the position we are recruiting for. The position is management level. The position will not be located in our India corporate office location, but will be remote and will have to manage mostly male workers at one of our vendors. We want to be sensitive to Indian business and cultural norms and therfore, my question to this group would be is this situation workable? Would we be putting this young woman into a situation where she would have trouble being successful given remote location and gender. I want to make sure we do the right thing for all involved - this is my first exposure to recruitment in India.
Any guidance / input would be welcome.

From United States, Santa Ana
shweta ninawe
Dear Santa Monica
If the female fits your criteria, then ther eis no harm in recruiting her, but at the same time do check that she is confident enough to deal with male employees and should be able to deal with stick situations in a tactful manner.

From India, Vadodara

Dear Santa Monica,
It is very hard for me to put a comment because it purely depends on to the person (female) whom you are gona recruit. It is not with the age or anything else. It is purely based on to the Proficient level, Level of attitude, Managerial skills, etc, etc and you can't frame up with the age of a person for this fact.... Hope I would have made little contribution... ;)

From India, Bangalore
I guess it is not a problem provided the lady is confident enough and does have some experience earlier.The experience can defenitely give an edge to the right kind of personlity.You may also want to check the College from which she has graduated because many a times that has an impact on the persons capabilities.these apply for male candidates also.If you are convinced about her abilities , the fact taht she is a lady should not worry you.
From India, Mumbai
Chander Shekhar

Dears Monica
We would suggest you, female and remote location does not make much different, gender even though. Experience and sense of management to handle the remote area exigencies, in the different demographic environments,her office staff (Subordinates & Superiors) etc.If these factors are favorable let be any remote location will not make much difference. However in India many governmental positions are handled by the young female candidates.

From India, Faridabad
It's a good idea to understand how your Male employees react to a female boss. If it doesnt matter, thatz when you probably should ask this prospective female boss , some questions which will help you understand her understanding of the Male psyche.
I suggest you to read a quick book Alpha Female- Leader of a pack of Bitches :).
All the best!

From India, Mumbai
Why not? When in India prior to MBA in the US, I was managing 20+ staff in multiple offices where in half of them were male. Gender is not so much of a botheration these days. As long work is tracked properly and enough motivation is given to the team members, things can be managed well and even from a remote location.

From United States, Nederland
India is a vast country. The attitude towards women differs in different places. Also, in some extremely conservative remote places, the attitude towards the woman depends on the clothes she wears vulgar comments are passed if the woman wears sleeveless tops or frocks / skirts. Whereas in towns and cities, people are accustomed to western outfits. So, if you want proper information, you will have to specify in which part of India the prospective candidate would have to work.
From India, Mumbai

Dear Santa, Female in India are much smarter than you think. Please go ahead with your plan. Sarfaraz
From India, Bangalore

Dear Santa,
We are in 21 century and the success is basing on their knowledge, people orientation and leadership qualities but not the gender. For instance you deployed a male and unfortunately he failed what we will do hece my suggestion is to deploy, extend support and evaluate.
Regards - kameswarao

From India, Hyderabad
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