Dear Folks,

I am raising a new hot topic for debate and discussion. Over the years being in the HR profession, I was closely watching,experienci ng and hearing the unethical practices which exists in many businesses.

I have also noticed that couple of companies are very good at ethical practices and known for their people friendly practices. Now-a-days in many organisations lot of unethical practices exists like people forced to do personal work of their bosses, you need to give in unwanted favours for getting career moves, better increment ,Getting short-listed for a plum posting etc.

I don't want to elaborate much on personal favours and is a weed in IT as well as ITES business but is less in other sectors. The practice of getting financial and non-financial gratification from vendors and suppliers is also widely prevalent and recently a major MNC was in news for that. This is very high in the manufacturing organisations. Other practices like victimisation of the whistle blower, bullying, unwanted scolding in public etc. are also noticed. In most of the cases the senior guys will get away with this and the junior guys will be the sufferer.

I request the learned professionals across the globe to suggest the ways and means to cope up with this menace and how to eliminate these practices from the business. Your contributions will be much valuable for the young professionals, who are facing these kind of situations by themselves or can help the affected employees. You may critically evaluate the topic and give your inputs.

I personally hope and trust that this would be really interesting topic for this month and with your contributions we all could make a New Resolution of making our organisations ethical in their practices.



28th February 2007 From India, Chandigarh

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Ann M
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Branch Manager - Staffing
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Hi Dipali
Indeed a very relevant topic to discuss in today's times. Infact, I had also expressed something similar from the perspective of a recruitment dept in a company and how rampant the unethical practises are.
Reference: #51366
28th February 2007 From India, Bangalore
Hi Ragahavendra, I was really not aware of that it came today in times of India as i wasn’t having time this morning to go through news paper. Thanks for the information. Deepali
28th February 2007 From India, Chandigarh
do u think we can stop this.. can we refuse their orders/work... either it is personal or official..
28th February 2007 From India, Delhi
Hi Manish,
You should be very balanced in each and every situation.
Some people take samll things personally and they feel that i was done to hurt them emotionally.
Like wise we can see two recent examples on CiteHR itself.
One was the posting done by Mr. Sanjeev "Who is HR porfessional nad who is not"
Another one down by me "Is this Legal or illegal"
These postings were done for general discussion and awareness but some people took it personally ans pass on insulting and sarcasting comments.
These postings were not done actually by the same reason.
The same is here, You are in office to do office work, some or the other time we share personal things also but that doesn't mean to tkae everthing for grated.
A person who knows your peronal matter has a hand on as his priporirty is always his career in his life.
U should take it officially only. There is nothing persoanl in it.
getting personal on the basis of official matters in not ethical.
I hope you got the answer.
28th February 2007 From India, Chandigarh
Hi Everyone, No fare, we are here to solve the existing problems. Seeing 18 views and 2 comments what else i can say. Not happening. I was not expecting this?? Deepali
28th February 2007 From India, Chandigarh
Hi everyone,

This is indeed a very debating topic. But I wish we could have stopped this. But again is it possible. Unethical behaviour is prevalent in every kind of service sector, wether private or public.

You have to put a stop to it somewhere or sometime. We cannot fight for all. But if every individual knows to deal in regard to their issue, it would become easier. I have also noticed many such unethical behaviour in my organisation. Misbehaviour by bosses, getting their personal jobs done etc. But then all bosses are not the same. So such people shud be handled or dealt with accordingly. I have no sympathy with this. We are all working as collegeaus under the same roof. Being paid by our employer. The boss is a boss by his position, but all r first human beings. I do revolt in certain cases. I do intervene as an HR person in many cases. I do advise my junior colleageaus in certain cases. I am happy about that. But I have not always been successful, because I need the person to deal directly and not always through HR.

So please friends, learn to say'NO' at times when you feel it is really not ethical. Thanks

1st March 2007 From India, Mumbai
I have been seeing similar things happening in my org for a long time now. The boss asking us to do his sons and wives homework (She being a teacher) is one of them.... Initially I thought it was just a one time thing like collecting info on TAJ for his kid....but there was no stopping after that...
Also if he want to score in someone elses good books you have to hire his ref at a hire salary. even if he is not deserving enough.....
All this needs to stop...
Mixing around, helping each other is good.... but one has to draw a line somewhere.... I hope we all will keep this in mind and remember this discussion when we reach that level.
1st March 2007 From India, New Delhi
Hi Ann,
You are taking a step forward, that really nice. i wanna know is it really working in your organisation.
You can be an inspiration for others.
We may be having lot of people over here who wants to take this step but can't because they hesitate and they get panic also.
Do reply.
1st March 2007 From India, Chandigarh
This is a really difficult one as it often happens that some practices can be unethnical to some and ethnical to others.
Of cause when we talk about making another employee do your wife's teaching work etc there can not be a discussion and these things should not happen at all - this I believe we can all agree upon.
Anyway I have just read this article and I believe it hits a soft spot in us all - read it and see if you agree.
Kind regards,
1st March 2007 From India, Delhi

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