Infact we have to thank the British for leaving behind a language legacy. Being an erstwhile colony, we have effortlessly caught up this foreign langage. Wherever French, Danish or Portugese ruled us (Pondicherry, Goa etc), we have automatically learnt their lingua franca.
Generally speaking, there shouldn't be hatred towards any language. Afterall we are going to learn a new language, not going to consume poison. How many of us are well versed with regional languages? Not all. Besides mother tongue, in the current day globalisation, one has to be equipped with atleast two of foreign languages like English/French/German/ Mandrin.
The entire population that prefer to stay inland for a job can hold to their mother tongue. Others with overseas dreams shall take up a little effort to learn a videshi lanuage.
Even after 50 years from now, our people will continue to quarrel over English or Hindi. Let those have mouth shout, let those have ears hear them.

From India, Madras
Hi All, English is basic language for bussiness worl for that * Confidant about speaking *Use normal use words day today activities Regards, Sushil Talwelkar 9689927112
From India, Mumbai
Hai Sangeeta,
Once swami Vivekananda was traveling by train two foreigners in the same bay was speaking ill about swami and indians and at the end of their conversation Swami replied in English and those two foreigners were ashamed and apologetic. And Same in his speech delivered in USA which became the gateway to India. So you must convince them by telling all these stories that proficiency in English language is for employees betterment and it helps to overcome all obstacles and gain access to the vast and various knowledge. You may proceed in this direction and then your employees will realize your sincerity.
Thanking You and regards
Sreejith Menon
Personnel Manager

From India, Vadodara
Thank Sharad for beautifully rendering what i had in my mind. I am working in an Arab country where the sounds and pronounciations of most Indian Languages, especially those of south Indian languages are supposedly very pecular and annoying. But I never have had any problem when I speak with my colleagues of my languages infront of Arabs and Europeans. But I have experienced the intolorance of my Indian colleague of a different language. We are so narrow minded that do not appreciate other cultures and languages.
We are still slaves of English.

Dear Sikhaji;


I am not against 'English' or any other language. I am against compulsion of using a particular language, here it is English, in Maharashtra, Raj Tahkreji proposing only Marathi language and one MLA was beaten up because he took oath in Hindi in the assembly. This is ridiculous, and I am against such compulsion.

I do agree that English is an important and international language and connect people in most part of the world; it has great significance in higher study and business. I also endorse that one must learn English.

My finger is towards making it compulsory language for communication in corporate office. I am also pointing the finger towards the mind set of Indian, which is impressed by English language, without looking at the stuff. You will agree that many parents gets over whelmed, when their child speak "WATER" to "PANI". This shows our slave mind set, nothing else.

Dear Sikhaji, we are all here from different region and state of India and we all communicate in English, There may be some mistake here and there, but most of us are comfortable in communicating with other members. I also write here in English. How can I be against English? My concern is something else. I Hope you will understand my views.

Secondly you are saying that "Phobia" is not the proper word which is used in my earlier write-up. Thank you for drawing my attention; you may correct it if you have right word for it.

His Blessings;

Sharad Shah

From India, Ahmadabad
I agree with Mr.Sharad Shah`s comment. I think putting pressure on employees to speek English is of no use. In front of you they talk in english again in your absence they talk in their own language.
I am also working for software company. We dont have any restriction like this.
Even at the board meeting or management level meeting sometimes we talk in Hind or Local language.
N S Anand

From India, Bangalore
Let me clear your confusion and objection first.

I am 58 year old having a happy family, a loving wife, two sons and both are married recently. So do not think of “Love” which is thrown from a young boy to the young girl. When I use word “Love” means love to the entire humanity, irrespective of gender, caste, region, religion, age or nationality.

My master taught me to love every one, who so ever comes to my contact, in what so ever the form. So it is my way of saluting the other soul and expressing my love towards every soul. My master used to say, “How worst you are is not my concern, as God has accepted you and qualified you to take birth on this planate, and then who am I to reject you showering love on you?” Shikhaji; I wish you and all human, experience “Love”, which is not dependent on others, but it is simply a flowering within.

But I can understand your difficulty, as the word “Love” is thrown here and there and mainly it is used to hide “Lust” or to express “Likings” or to pretend or cheat others.

Anyway, if you have any reservation, you may instruct me not to use words like Dear or Love, and I shall stop using. Through you, I also convey here to the other members, to write me, if they have any objection. Please note I do not have any intention to hurt anybody here. I shall be happy if I can contribute little from the experience of my outer as well as inner journey of this life.

His Blessings;

Sharad Shah

From India, Ahmadabad
Dear Sharadji,
It has been customary for elders to begin a letter with words 'Love and blessings'. Of course, this is followed only in non-business letters.
There has always been a gap between two generations. LOVE has become a cheap word in the present day context. It is viewed as if one can love a person only if he/she is related emotionally or genetically.
Haha... GURU, the one whose duty is to clear darkness Gu-Ru is himself pushed to the dark through visual distortion of youngsters. It takes years for them to understand.
Sir, your valuable words are sure to have a strong positive impact on our members here. It's true all are longing for it to catch up to keep the journey going.
Your words remind me of the message often conveyed by Mother Teresa.

From India, Madras
Language , Communication, Mannerisms A Middle Path

After going thru the posts on this thread and understanding different views, I would like to share my views:
  • We have all accepted English as a language of Written Business Communication, though oral business communication does happens in different languages and it will continue to happen.
  • Our oral communication tends to be in a language we are most comfortable in. We need not insist that oral communication also has to be in English only.
  • Unlike other countries, locally we speak many languages and this diversity of languages does create communication problems.
  • Language is medium of communication and one tends to use the language in which one is most comfortable, often ignoring the fact that, whether other person is also as comfortable in that particular language or not.
  • But when we are communicating in any of vernacular language we need to make sure that, all the parties in communication are able to fully understand that particular language. Otherwise switch to a language known to all participants.
  • Seniors or Managers conducting meeting first need to understand the importance of using commonly understood language in communication and also need to discipline their juniors to follow the same principal.
  • Seniors also need to understand that speaking in a language not known to all in a group is bad manners. There are meetings within meeting happening in different linguistic groups often leading to miscommunication and atmosphere of mistrust.
  • To conclude: Make it known to all employees that communicating in a language not known to everybody in a group is Bad Mannerism and employer can always train and discipline itís employees to follow good manners and good business practices.
  • At the same time there need not be insistence on usage of English alone. Any commonly known language should be acceptable.

Thanks & Regards

From India, Pune
I do’not think anyone can enlighten spirit of a person like you. I hate this kind of atittude. God bless you.

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