Dear all,
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Officially we work from Monday to Friday but in the last couple of months some departments worked also on Saturday. For these cases we plan the Compensatory Off.
I already compiled a Policy but I am still working on a good form. Can someone help me with that? What kind of forms are you using for C-Off? How do you handle the application for a C-Off?
Thank you a lot!
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From India, Mumbai
Hi Ramona,
My company uses a compensatory off card which the employee has to fill up as soon as he does the extra work & get sanction from the dept. head. After that he can avail c-off after getting due sanction from the dept. head. Now, we have c-off have facility for junior level only. Senior level even if they work for more hours or on holiday for a few hours they are not eligible for c-off.
Hope the above should satisfy you.
Santosh Iyer

From India, Pune
Hi Santosh,
thank you a lot. Now I am more clear about the handling but I am still not sure how to create the form for it.
Maybe someone can send me their form just to get an idea of it? That would be really helpful.
Have a nice day

From India, Mumbai
The c-off form will have the following colomns. You will have to put it horizontally in a tabular format.
Date of extra work :
Reason for extra work :
No. of hours worked extra :
Sign of dept. head : (to certify that the employee has worked for extra hours as per his instructions)
Date of application for c-off:
date of c-off taken:
Balance hours :
Sign of Recommending / sanctioning authority / dept. head
Sign of HR Dept
Hope the above will be sufficient for you. If still not clear, can me mail me.
Santosh Iyer

From India, Pune
Also one thing that we follow in our organization is that every comp-off should have a cut-off date for availing the same. As employees have the tendency to collect these comp-offs and then use it after some time when they need long holidays.............the aim of comp-off is that one should avail it at the erliest after working that extra period and to avoid such usage we as a policy give a cut off date for the usage. If that is not used then it stands lapsed.
In our orgnaization we have 9-days period to utilize the comp-off else its lapsed.

From India, Bangalore
Hi All,
That was a real good info abt comp-Off. iam working 4 an reputed MNC in the telecom industry.
Of late i am facing a problm. as per the company policy there is no arrangement/policy guiding anybody to take a comp-off. but the employees are availing comp-off on a regular basis as they work on sat/sun.
would like to know whether it is regulated by law, is it possible for any company to function without a policy on Comp-Off's.
Looking forward for your kind advice... :!:

From India, Mumbai
Hi all,
first of all: Santosh, plenty of thanks. Now I have an :idea:
We also had no policy about it but the changes (working on Saturdays) in our company made the Compensatory Off required. We revised our Company Manual and let the new vision signed by the management and our board of directors.
But we are a small company and I am not sure if it is always that easy.
Have a great day

From India, Mumbai
I am attching herewith a format, which i hope, will be useful to you for designing a format for Compensatory Off.
First part is certification and the last part is the application for availing such off. You can add or delete portions according to your institutions nature.

From Brazil, Maceió

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I think you can formulate policy on this compensatory off. First of all you can categorise staff according to their status. These types of offs are meant for middle and lower level staff. Only those who have not availed any other benefits, like free transportation, addiitional allowances etc. should not be granted compensatory off. You can also laid down a policy of availing such compensatory offs with in a specified period, say with in one/two months.

From Brazil, Maceió
Hi Ajay,
thank you a lot. I already start creating a form but mine was much more simple. I will add some more points and will change the style a little.
I hope I can finish this work tomorrow so that I can inform the employees on Friday. Thanks to everyone for your help!
Have a nice day

From India, Mumbai

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