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We would be running an internal job posting in our company and i would have to draft a mail for the same.
Can anyone advice me as to how i can draft an interesting mail annoucing the same .
Thank you

From India, Bangalore
Unnecessary comments and quotes like the one below are a waste of time and uncalled for.
Infact the response seems inappropriate and rather immature .
This is a professional site where in one requires to be polite & professional.

From India, Bangalore

Hey Members! Don't loose your temper. Both of your views are correct.
But Nisha, don't you really think it is childish to ask CiteHR members to draft a letter for you???
First, try for yourself buddy and then post your thread for any corrections & modifications.
Try to understand the importance of CiteHR and post your threads accordingly.
BTW Mr. Ravi! Please don't be that much harsh yaar..............(Just kidding).
Hope you both are convinced.
Thanks & Regards,
S. Narendra Nath
Asst. Manager - QA

From India, Hyderabad
To correct you,
1) It is not the question of temper rising, however had to stress on professionalism in responses.
2) I did not request for a drafted mail. That can be done by anyone. I requested for an "Interesting mail" instead and i understand that cannot be termed as childish.
Any request is a request. No where on site HR is it mentioned that such and such questions cannot be asked.
If that is the case , then maybe it needs to be explicitly mentioned as to what kind of questions can be asked etc.
The first response itself recieved was so unprofessional and disappointing.
If this is the way it proceeds, promoting the site to interested personnel would not be feasible.
Good Day.

From India, Bangalore
You could have interesting captions like,
1. Refer you Buddy
2. Buddy Referral
You could make it a competition as well where you post the max amount of referrals done by a single employee. Have some kind of rewards in mind. Pref cash / Annual Gym Membership, the list can be endless. All the best

From India, Madras
1) Being a new member and first time user, i wasnt aware of this and thus if informed professionally, would have taken it well rather than use term's as "Childish" and "grow up". It offended feelings.
2)Cooperation is a mutual thing. Regulators of citeHR need to ensure that they deal professionally with members and not reply without any prior thought.
I do not intend to use this site again.
Have a nice day Sir.

From India, Bangalore
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