Dear Friends,

I have recently joined a new company which did not have a HR manager

Joined as Manager, Human Resources & Training.

This new company has managed to work with out a proper HR dept since it started 4 months back.

Now I need to handle Recruitment, training, talent management, performance management, training as well as ER. (general HR all areas)

Since the day I joined I had to formulate the appointment and offer letter with terms and conditions which was easy.

I have provided enough input regarding employee benefits including retirement benefits in just 3 days and other regulatory details.

Since my 2nd day of employment I have a huge target of filling more than 300 positions and also do backgrounds check and make sure the new hires will remain in the company for atleast 2 years.

Surely you can understand the complex situations I have to deal with while conducting interviews to ensure I am getting the best talent for my company.

But the Director of the company does not understand why I need to spend so much time with the right candidate to ensure that candidates are reliable before extending an offer.

In the process since I am the only HR Manager with one assistant I have no time to look into other HR areas. I need to formulate policies and procedures as I am Hiring which at the moment I am able to manage.

But I am finding it hard to organise the rest of the HR functions, even if I am willing to delegate responsibility no one has the competancy to accept it.

I am not used to working under a unorganized environment and especially when the employer has not formulated policies and procedures.

Can some one please provide me advise if they have handled every thing from scratch to implementation. Any practical advise will be highly apprecited.

Warm Regards

Rahul Rao

From India
This is an utterly useless HR website. This website boasts about being the largest HR website........ Dont depend on these Pseudo people
From India
Deepali Gulati

Hi Rahul,
No need to worry about the same.
Can you please answer my few questions so that i can help you in a better way?
What does your company do?
What was you earlier experince?
Are you handling it alone or with a team? (if yes what is the team size)
Look, the basic HR functions incluse, selction, recruitments, apprials, greivence handling, emplyee satisfaction, retaining employees etc.
I can help you out. I an an HR professional.

From India, Chandigarh

I just read ur email
My Advise to u, dont be so short tempered, u are an HR Personnel. Need to handle situation with care n due respect.
If ur reaction is this, them i am sorry to say u will lose ur self respect & confidence.

From Kuwait
Deepali Gulati

Hi Fray, U r very right. One needs to be very patient if someone is an HR/ Marketing professional. Rahul, there is an advice for you to be pateint. Deepali
From India, Chandigarh
Dear Deepali and Fray,

I apologize for my hasty conclusion and rude comments.

Deepali you asked me a few questions regarding the company I work for and answers to your questions are mentioned below:

The company I am currently working for is a Local call centre handling outsourced process like telemarketing of products/services like telecom, personal loans, credit card, insurance and mortgage.

I have 5 years experience in customer service related to credit cards, Loans processing and car Insurance.

I have 2 years experience in Human Resources across verticals like talent resourcing (hiring process), Training and development (talent management), performance management, payroll and compensation as well as Employee relations. The most recent HR experience was managing all verticals as mentioned above for Client Cisco Systems as a Vendor HR manager, with cisco all HR policies and procedures were well defined.

With my new employer I am the only HR manager with one assistant who has no HR experience.

I hope I have answered your questions to your satisfaction.

Now I am working in an environment where the new company has NO HR policies or procedures defined or organised as it was with Cisco.

My detailed queries are mentioned in my initial request I made through this portal.

I am eagerly looking forward for constructive and practical solutions from HR professionals like you.

Warm Regards

Rahul Rao

From India
Deepali Gulati

Hi Rahul,

Nice to hear from you

Don't lose heart. I am mentioning some of the basic role of an HR Manager in an international Call Centre.

Conduct Performance Appraisals and confirmation as per schedule.

Calculation and disbursement of quarterly incentives

Offer suggestions and support in creating retention strategies.

Plan and organize rewards and recognition events.

Organize different research projects related to personnel function.

Provide support in doing manpower, compensation surveys, and so on.

Give presentations, trainings or facilitate meetings related to the above-mentioned tasks.

To continuously analyze development areas based on attrition rates, productivity, CSMM scores

Apart from it. You can do the following things to make the work more better.

Ask your junior to conduct the interviews of the fresher (upto 1 yr) of experience and check for thier communication skills and you yourself can take the interviews for the experienced candidates. (Atleast he can check the communication skills of candidates)

Ask some in technical support to take the technical interview.

Prepare a format of offer letter and interview letter (in which you need to change the name only) and give it to your assistant and evertime just ask him to give a print out and get it signed also.

Rest the best is to keep a proper time for interview. It can be say wise 12-3 p.m. No entry after 3 p.m. will be allowed. This can give you space to interview all the walkins by the day end and offer them also.

These are some of the tips for you.

Hope it can help you out.

All the Best.


From India, Chandigarh
Dear Deepali,

Thank you for the advise.

I am not working in a international call centre, it is a domestic call centre.

I have done most of the things you suggested. But the problem is, the individual unit managers have a lot of objection to the procedures formulated by me. The only reason is they are lazy to conduct appraisals and submit the appraisal results.

Regarding letting my assistant handle freshers??????? or Process managers handle some interviews ?????? I dont know what to say.

They dont want to do it. If I enforce it through the director the result is so bad...... GOD I hate sharing the result. The director informed me that they have selected candidates with dummy resumes (l,e) false experience declarations and i had to terminate those candidates as the backgrounds check contradicted the information provided by candidates.

That is the only reason why the director wants only me to conduct all interviews as i do proper probing and also ask for experience proof and make sure that candidates with false declarations are not entertained.

Besides my assistant is the company directors relative and my request to transfer her was not entertained. my assistant does not have good communication skills and her spoken english is so bad that some times good candidates refuse the offer extended because they find the interviewer stupid hence they presume that the company is third class too.

I still have 300 positions to be filled which I will manage by engaging a good external consultant but i dont find time to work on other areas.

I dont even know how to explain how difficult these process managers are.......All these days they got away with doing any thing they felt like.

Now that I am handling Employee complaints, thorough research regarding individual employees performance show that their performance results were manipulated by their managers and bad performers have been projected as the best*** cause these bad performers happen to be related to the individual process managers.

This resulted in strict action from the management and the employees are happy that I am there to take care of their problems.

But the internal politics and gossiping by other managers is making me sick. I am compelled to be very strict with them as advised by the business partners.

Now I am just stuck with Hiring and resolving conflicts. I am unable to find time to design policies and procedures in many of the HR areas which I feel is absolutely essential.

I need time for my family too and my 2 month old daughter too. I guess the only solution is to give my best efforts with very limited resources. I cannot explain the compexities of this company.

Thanks for the reply. I feel a lot better


Rahul Rao

From India
Deepali Gulati

Hi Rahul,

I can understand your problem as I have also gone through that stage.

In that case, you can do

1. Take an approval from director for HR Execuitve(Operations), do select the candidate who is proactive and have very gud communication skills. U can even recurit a person from any consultancy(with HR exp) or you can hire one who is pursuing MBA.

2. If you are planning to hire an external consultant for recuritments. Do give him the task for first shortlisting. Tell him that you will be going to interview only those candidated with whose profile your comments are added and whose resume have your comapny's stamp. This will make your half work done.

3. As far as internal poitics is concerned, this is a part and parcle of pvt. companies, specially call centres. You will hardly find any with who says we are having 0% politics.

4. Another thing wherein you have mentioned that there are family members of superiors working. Being an HR Manager you can formulate a policy that now two members of a same family can work together. this will reduce the politics, will give chance to the right candiadtes to grow. and will also improve the company's name in the market.

5. Don't hesitate to formulate this policy as it is very common now a days.

All the best.


From India, Chandigarh
Dear Deepali, Thank you for your support and ideas. I will implement your suggestions with the consent of the director. Thanks a lot once again. Warm Regards Rahul Rao
From India
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