Hi ,
Yes, God's photo worked,6 inches above ground level...very embarrassing and depressing too to see to what extent God comes to help people in India.
An employee came to office drunk,immediately he was terminated with notice pay, a person came with pan and gutkha in mouth,asked to go home and marked as on leave.
This is strictly a company policy written in employee handbook, what all action can be taken against someone with these habits. The person dirtying the premises caught in the act is asked to clean it too.
Management support and continuous vigil and lots of awareness sessions required to stop this problem,also depends how deeply it is into the system. What kind of industry the company is into also should be considered.

From Korea, Seoul
Dear Friend,
1. To educate them, please arrange a slide show (on big screen) of awareness about the ill effects of tobacco. No need to spend money by calling commercial people. You will get material online, or from cancer institues like Tata. As Asha mentioned, gross pics will turn people away from this habit.
This is in the employee's interest.
2. To punish them, please impose a fine, issue a notice to all employees and start deducting the amount straight from the salary. This must work.
This is in the company's interest.
Hope this helps,

From India, Mumbai
Dear DSP, Reward the employees who identify someone spitting pan/ gutkha. And let the recipient of rewards be anonymous. Regards, Pournima
From United Kingdom, Brentford
Please place idols of gods/goddesses at those corners where spitting is rampant. This has worked in many offices in Hyderabad. It should be an Idol of Ganesha, Saibaba, Saraswati, or a big photograph of Jesus or a huge photograph of the crescent, etc.
From India, Warangal

You have two options. one is you just follow the Provisions of health under the factories act
Section 20:Spittoons
(1) In every factory there shall be provided a sufficient number of spittoons in convenient places and they shall be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition.
(2) The State Government may make rules prescribing the type and the number of spittoons to be provided and their location in any factory and provide for such further matters relating to their maintenance in a clean and hygienic condition.
(3) No person shall spit within the premises of a factory except in the spittoons provided for the purpose and a notice containing this provision and the penalty for its violation shall be prominently displayed at suitable places in the premises.
(4) Whoever spits in contravention of sub-section (3) shall be punishable with fine not exceeding five rupees

otherwise take strict action against the spitting person. posters, trainings, banners are not at all work out. Its my personal opinion

From India
Dear DSP
For resolve this problem and as per my opinion first you identified or fixed place for chuing gutkha. There is no ristriction for chuing gutkha provided at fixed place.
secondly you can pass on circular for those who are habituate they are visted this palce and come back.
hope you will under stand my point of view

From India, Gandhinagar
Dear DSP
For resolve this problem and as per my opinion first you identified or fixed place for chuing gutkha. There is no ristriction for chuing gutkha provided at fixed place.
secondly you can pass on circular for those who are habituate they are visted this palce and come back.
hope you will understand my point of view

From India, Gandhinagar
hey Thanks everybody for your suggestions.
I have done trainning classes,i have done the things like educational posters,wordings,notice,warnings.................. ........BUT it didnt help.:(
Also the security do the proper rounds and proper frisking but than these employees seems to be very smart.One day my security has told me that they found 20 gutkha packets in the inner clothes of a employee.Immediately that person was sacked.We have policy and I have told them very clear if they found chewing pan/gutkha in the premises they have to give 500 rs. as a penalty and that person's photo will be displayed on the notice board for a week with warning.but these people take this warning seriously for some time but than after few days they will do the same thing but in some other location.
but thanks each and every one for your support and advice.Will update everybody once i will found the best solution of this problem.

From India, Jodhpur
Dear DSP 1402-"Working towards success will make u master

But working towards satisfaction will make u a legend"

May I take the liberty of commenting on this problem both as an Oral Cancer Consultant & as a Faculty in Health Care Management !

As per ur quote above work towards the satisfaction of these PAN/GUTKA users.Having worked with Maharashtra govt in imposing Gutkha ban in Maharashtra in 2002 let me tell you all is NOT well. Banning something may give rise to Smuggling it and may start a chain of other offenses.An addict may go to any level to fulfill his addiction.I never feel Law is the answer to this question- if it was ,why would our Minister of Farming loose his jaw partially, to Oral Cancer ? So this habit/addiction is there in ALL 3 Classes of our society.Hence u find even mantralaya colored in red.

Showing pictures of ORAL Cancers is Negative Motivation and may curb the practice to only some extent.If they don't care about death why would they care about stopping their habit?Their typical argument is ek din sabko marna hai.

In my opinion we managers should Try and change their ATTITUDE. Their attitude towards themselves,their work and their LIfe.Most of thses peple develope this habit to fight emotional stress and once they start they get hooked. Positive counselling,Motivation,bringing happiness in their life and interest in their work could work miracles.

Satisfy their needs and they would not need pan-gutka.A man with full stomach will never steal.For a change- why not start rewarding the person who demonstrates regressal from his habit and lauding him publicly in office? or even putting up his foto if he gives up this habit.This may attract the likes and your organization may become a Legend.

Afterall what is an ultimate of any Orgn.?-isnt' it the GOAL!

P.N.Since this is a very sensitive issue to me and one close to my Heart I would appreciate if you could give me a feed back in case u practise my humble suggestion and get succes.

I hope u become The Master !(as per ur quote)


From India, Mumbai
By the way smoking tobacco is equally dangerous and disgraceful habit .Isn't it practised by many of our collegues in all the fields including medicine? what if a pan chewer asks you tomorrow saab how is that XYZ saab is smoking and polluting air when u r giving me lecture on my paan chewing.
Its heartening to note that countries all over are signing the Anti_Tobacco treaty for smokfree environment.
Lets get together and eradicate the menace of Tobacco related diseases all together. I would love to die for a Tobacco free world.
And lets not worry about the workers in Tobacco industry, they can be taught to roll agarbattis instead of Bidis and Cigars.

From India, Mumbai

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