Dear Arup,
This is what I thought of initially, but when the person took advantage of the situation - we cant afford to let another person also do teh same thing.
Attitude, Integrity to work matters.
What ever you may be in personal life does not matter, how true are you to your work matters.

From India, Madras

Regarding this issue, I believe one should first check reputation of employee’s previous organization. Many SMEs treat employees as their slaves and bind them to work forever.

I have been working with small Gujarat based IT firm. My notice period was for 2 months and I served for 1 month and paid 1 month’s salary. I was relieved and was not given Relieving letter. They told that they were busy and will post my work certificate, and relieving letter within a month. It has been 3 months and I have not received any of the letters (neither relieving nor work certificate). On enquiring, they said that they are making loss because they still dint find any replacement. So, they want to harass me and warned me not to take legal actions as they are politically connected. There are many employees in that company struggling for salary, certificates. Also, they give very bad reference to the new employer and one of my friend end-up losing a good offer.

So, in such situation, poor employee has to submit fake documents. I am stuck as I have applied for various jobs showing my actual details and during cross-check, I am sure it will be tough for my new employer to trust me.

From India, Vadodara
Dear Innocent Guy,
In such situations dont submit fake documents, but provide all facts (copies of your relieving letter, proof of paying one month salary, etc)
If you follow truth you will have to be bold. If you are weak, then please lie and fall once again!

From India, Madras
hi trinity,

i am sure you/your organisation would have taken a call by now. my final suggestion is this - inform the gal/guy that you are giving him one month's notice by which time he can search a new job and quit this one. all the problems for both the ends can be resolved.

the guy can get a new job and you can get a replacement.

we all say that when you quit, go out in good terms. but how many times have companies treated outgoing employees like that? the people involved - hr, the immediate bosses treat this people with disdain and contempt. all this for quitting - if a company can gone in for a good hand, why can't employees quit for better prospects. I don't condone the attitude of employees who fake their resumes to get into a job. what we need is honesty and transparency. we do a few skills test, aptitude test, personal interview and reference back check. the recruitment needs to be more comprehensive where the guy who comes in fits in smoothly into the operation process.

in my organisation where i worked for 10 years - i got the permission from top management and hr to undertake higher studies. but when it came to getting leave for appearing the exam they refused to permit me, not once but thrice. the exams were on sundays and i was deliberately asked to go on duty during these days. i spent from my own and was not sponsored by the company. how do you feel if the attitude is like this - would you expect my loyalty to this organisation?

we talk about human resources management but are looking only at management and not about human resources which is what is the strength of any organisation. that's why there's high employee turnover.

From India, Madras
Hello Trinity,
I agree to Tanu Chopra, if you are really doubting the employee better go for other reference check. Do a 3rd party reference check, this will help you get a clear picture about the employee. Also in mean while keep a close cheak on his work, responsibilities and his behaviour with his subordinates.... Do not take a heasty decission... give him as well as yourself time to come on the root couse of the matter.
(Akshay software technologies limited.)

From India, Mumbai
Hi Think as a humanbeing and act accordingly. Give him/her a chance and do the needful. Don’t take any wrong decision which affects a lot to that employee life.
From India, Hyderabad
Dear Trinity,
Now a days it is becoming quite common to submit bhogus certificates claiming the experience. .It is also the mistake done by your side also. If you have policy of background verification then you need to done background verification first and then you have to do the joining formalities. here you need to understand his importance in the project if he assigned any. If at all you feel there is no damage to the project in which he is working on ,then you can immediately terminate him showing the cause of the verification done from your comapany side and ask him to put his resignation letter.

From India, Hyderabad
Forgery is not to be forgiven. It can not be an excuse under any circumstances, it is an attitude/approach of the person. I am flabbergasted to see the responses of our some HR fellows who says that forgery should be given consideration.

If some one cheat on a small thing, can cheat any organization for big thing also. It shows the character / Integrity of a person and should be dealt seriously.

In IT organizations, we have customer from all around the world. The work is given to us simply on 1 basis of "Trust". We store/share many confidential informations, which can be leaked by such people. in that case, company will loose the credibility. My organization has one value as "ethics and integrity" out of 7 values.

The persone should be terminated w.e.f. whatsoever reason he has for fake documents, can not justify this.

Innocent Guy, every organization understand that such incidents may happen with any one and have mechanism to deal with it also. You need to disclose this information to the recruiter/concern HR well in advance and submit your supporting documents after getting the offer/before background verification starts. If you are truthful, exception approvals are taken in the organizations from the senior management by the HR/Recruiter.

As "fake/forging the documents" cases are rising, most of the organizations are opting for Third party verification and have robust system for the same. So thinking we will not be caught is a illusion. It will be for the time being only, till you are lucky.

From India
Check his other documents if he is lying only on his releiving letter than you can give him a chance as if he would have asked you for 2 months for joining time, you would have hired somebosy else.
Think from evry angle before taking the decision.
Sr. Exec.-HR

From India, Gurgaon
Dear Mathew,
They haven't provided me relieving letter. Also, there is no concrete proof for salary paid as according to company's policy my 2 months salary goes on hold as soon as i submit my resignation. So, I worked for 1 month & my that month's salary was not paid. I know taking relieving letter is very important but I trusted them as they said it will be done within few days. Now, I am jobless, with no concrete proof of my 1 year exp. I am scared of mentioning that company's name in my Cv as they give bad references to new employer. My total exp is only 2 yrs including this.Hence, i cannot even show other company's reference. & in interview, i am not sure how good it is to say that the company cheated me. There are around 4-5 of us struggling like this & we cannot even sue them.

From India, Vadodara

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