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:lol:Please Help Me for MBA 3rd semester assignment of following Questions, :beatup: if someone want 1st semester assignment i can provide.

1)Management Research :
You are incharge of prmoting a new flavour of tooth paste yet to be produced in a tooth paste manufacturing unit which sampling techniques will you use to get the required data from a population?
2)Quality Systems Management :
What are the points you will keep in mind about the concept of quality control & inspection if you are the quality system manager of a rubber products manufacturing units?
3)Business Environment :
Imagine yourself as a new businessman what are the objectives of business that you will keep in mind if you have to launch a new business?
4)Quantitative technique for business analysis :
Suppose you are heading a business unit in india which are the points about statistics you will keep mind for doing business profitably. In other words what is the relevance of business statistics in you venture.
5)Managerial Economics:
Suppose you are the marketing manager of buyer & company ahmedabad , which are technique you will apply in forcasting demand of a products yet to be manufactured .
6)Service marketing :
Selective food marketing has answered the call and was created to represent the way a foodservice broker should. As our industry rapidly evolves, yet condenses, the demand for qualified & experienced represention is great. Selective food service marketing's philosophy is to execute our principals' agenda with thorough opearator penetration & effective service to our distributors. a consrvative prospectus of manufactures, but go to market aggressively to succed. what is the your vision to represent a food manufacturing company in a way that they are proud to say that they have selective food marketing services?

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:icon7:omkar :huh:

From India, Chicalim
Omkar, The best way to learn is prepare a draft of your response and then ask for feedback on the draft. Have a nice day Simhan A retired academic in UK
From United Kingdom

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