Hi all, i am working on HR policies these days...can any one give idea of good comprehensive policy on company hierarchy is this:
Executive----Sr.Executive-------AM/DM-------Manager---------AGM & above...
Please help me on this...m in little hurry....
i would also appreciate if all of you can share your company policy on mobile...

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I do not know much of which level you are at, but in any case my input is that you take answers of these Questions from the decision makers in teh organisation & only then can u formalize a policy. U can walk in with some answers but pls note that these will be changed, so largely this is an information gathering execise.

Q - Will you reimburse on actuals or upto a certain amount & at what levels?

Q - Will you provide handsets (Company asset) or cash amounts to buy handsets at different levels or not have any provisions from providing handsets?

Q - Will company pay directly to a network provider (company agreement with HUtch,) etc or is it reimbursement based?

Q - Is the purpose of the policy to make people accesible within the organisation or to provide a benefit to the employee or something else?

Q - Will u reimburse all calls upto a limit or only official calls or only official calls upto a limit?

Q - If u can find out the policy of other companies in in your industry?

I can help with the structure of some policies that I know of: -

A - A Mfg orgn provides handsets as well as number (recovers both when employees leave orgn) through a Closed User group scheme with 'Idea' which charges them a lower rate per call within the group. Bills for VP level & above are paid on actuals (directly by the company), But for other levels only official calls upto certain limits are paid & the rest is recoveed from the employee. Sales & customer service ppl are allowed highre limits fro official calls. Only employees at certain levels & holding certain portfolios (largely sales, customer service guys, VP & above as well as all the direct reports to our MD / Dept heads) are provide with this scheme. Other employees intersted in availing teh benefit of lower call rates are helped with alloting numbers within the scheme, but all expenses related tro procurement of sim, number etc are borne by requesting employee.

B - A financial organisation pays 3000 in the 2nd month of joining to all employees to buy a handset which belongs to them & reimbursed all cals upto a limit of 750 to actuals across the levels in the organisation. Though not mentioned in the CTC, this is generally informed by the recruiter when discussing salary. The company also reimburses fixed rentals & has a tie up with certain all India network provider for lower call charges within that network & employees are free to choose either thsi network or others.

Generally u should put a clause that the mobile should not be misused when the employee is on leave or on holidays. If it can wait, one should wait till the person returns.

For some time I was in recruitment & we were provided a reimbursement scheme, but after some time I noticed that candidates, consultants & all others tended to call on all days of the week. After soem time I got off the scheme & much to the ire of the internal customers (read boss) I refused to give my numbersa to anyone. ofcourse my boss had my number but since she knew that this was not being paid for by the company she had to think twice about giving it to the ppl who called heron sunday mornings for it. Nonethless this is an extreme case & the organisation just had major culture issues. But you should consider the nuisance value & show a healthy respect fro employees' work life balance.

Sorry for being so long & hope this was helpful



Mobile Phone

A selected category of managers is entitled for Mobile phone.

Hence further Land Line phones allocation /reimbursement of bills

will be discontinued.


· Managers in the category Deputy General Managers and above, the company considers that their job will require the use of Mobile phone.

· If the Manager is in a grade below Deputy General Manager and the company feels that a mobile phone is required, then the respective Business head will recommend his case to HR

Department. HR will obtain Managing Director’s approval for the


· If a manager is promoted to higher category and his job requires the mobile phone, in that case the respective Business head will recommend his case to HR department. HR will obtain Managing Director’s approval for the same

· If a new manger joins the company, before joining the company, The HR department will discuss with his business head the requirement of mobile phone and on his recommendation, HR will obtain Managing Director’s approval for the same.

The mobile phone will be used mainly for the business of the company.

Though the company will pay the bills directly to the Telephone Company, the manager will be responsible for keeping the expenses within a reasonable limit.

The manager must justify the bills as and when required by the company.



All Telephone bills will be approved by the HR Department.

The company at its sole discretion will issue an instrument initially to the Manager, and it will be the responsibility of the manager to maintain it in good order and will carry repairs at his/her own cost.

In case Loss or damage of instrument, replacement will not be made by the company.

If manager resigns or is terminated or dismissed from company’s services, the manager will return the mobile instrument back to the company on the same day otherwise company will deduct the purchase price from his full and final settlement.

The company reserves the sole right to modify or cancel the scheme at any time without giving any notice totally or individually

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