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Dear All, 720 Degree Appraisal is a Biannual 360 Degree feedback process followed typically in the Retail sector pre-dominant in the Western world. best regards
From India, Bangalore
Hi sankalp
I have been reading on this subject for some days now[not from very reliable sources though]... but the point you have mentioned has not figured in the readings till now
could you please guide me as to where i can get more information on this subject, If you could post the article or link to it.. it would be really helpful to me..
with regards

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi Ajmal,
One of the few links available is <link updated to site home>
This however does say that typically re-assessment is after a year. but I am aware that in where there is a contingent workforce it happens in faster cycles. Especially when feedback is on contingent/temp workforce and typically in the retail sector.
The comments are based on what we read at B-School. I dont have the text, but will ask my prof who is still there for some material on 720 Deg.
In the retail sector - I had been to an retail software and technology exhibition in birmingham on 2003 June where there were 5 vendors who were also exhibiting HR Software for the retail sector. Couple of them were also offering 720 Degree Survey Feedback. I unfortunately dont have those brochures with me. If I do come across I will share it with you. Is this something you are trying to implement or is it just an area of academic interest?

From India, Bangalore
As promised - I checked with some sources and the following information is what I got. Hope it helps...

A. the understanding about 720 degree feedback is very very murky.

different people define it in different ways.

1. Dave Ulrich (who is a major HR guru in the US) says when you gather

feedback from people outside the company, it is 720 degree feedback. his

article in which he makes this point is attached.

2. Clark Wilson (who is a consultant and has copyrighted the term '720

degree feedback') uses it to mean repeating the 360 degree process more

than once so that you can measure progress.

3. TV Rao (Indian HR guru) says 360 degree is assessing a person as he/she

is, using multiple raters. 720 degree feedback is when you assess potential

as well, again using multiple raters.

B. as far as organisational use of it goes, i dont know the answer to that.

but i guess there will be organisations using it, since there are a lot of

consultants who offer this service. and the consultants are mostly offering

Wilson's process as that is copyrighted.

C. i dont think it will be very relevant for a contingent or a temp

workforce. if you look at it from Ulrich's viewpoint (pt. 1) then it is

relevant in an org that is affected to a large extent by people outside the

org, who could be customers, suppliers, etc. From Wilson's and Rao's

viewpoint, it is relevant when you are thinking in terms of developing

people. and these people have to be people who you will retain for some

time. because the activity would require a lot of time and effort.

From India, Bangalore
Thanks Sankalp...
That was really useful in getting better perspective...
I had gone through the material available on Clark Wilson Group website, and have just read PDF file of "Capitalizing on Capabilities By Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood" [after your mentioning Dave Ulrich] and material you wrote about T.V.Rao [I was not able to get that on net-may be i will look for his opinion in my library]
All this is cleared some of the doubts but I think to understand it better, if somebody could come up with a book/paper titled 720 Degrees Feedback that would be an excellent thing for us..

From India, Ahmadabad
This doesnt make sense.....every time we have a 360 feedback/appraisal its still a 360 feedback/appraisal rather than.....1st feedback=360, 2nd feedback=720, 3rd feedback=1080 and so on.
One could call it a 720 feedback if there was another dimension added to it i.e.
1st dimension = subordinate, peer, boss
2nd dimension = customer, impacted function (e.g Finance), vendor
Analysis Paralysis..........

What all i have been able to gauge about 720 degree appraisal is as under;
360 deg app is restricted only to the internal stakeholders like peers, superiors & subordinates.
In 720 degree appraisal, feedback is taken from external stakeholders also like immediate clients with whomsaid appraisee is working in direct contact, surveyors or company outbound partners. This can broaden spectrum of assessment.
This is one area what i have been able to trace through readings & own perception. I can't comment very surely.
Would request everyone to keep everyone posted on this with any latest updates coming to their knowledge.
Pls apprise with ur opinions.
Good Day!!

From India, Chandigarh
Hello Monica: A 360 can include internal and external raters. Calling a 360 a 720 is just changing its name.
From United States, Chelsea
Hello Everybody,

Before i comment on the topic, let me say somethings that are to be said to avoid any confusions:

1. I'm not the authority on the subject and so any thing you dont agree to, we can discuss.

2. I was just searching for some information on 720 and came across citehr in one of the search results. I read ALL the replies from the beginning and thought i should also contribute whatever little i know of the topic from academic point of view.

360 degree method:

In this method a person is rated by the following people:

- Topdown Boss

- Crossfunctional Colleagues and Internal Customers

- Peers - Immediate & Functional Colleagues

- Bottom up Direct reporters

Now, this is what is Traditional 360-degrees. What happenned overtime is that more and more people wrote articles (which we read on internet) and each of them has given/added what they felt would be a part of 360-degrees. and thats why the confusion. we now think customers / suppliers / Stake holders / family etc are a part of 360-degrees (which is not true)

Later people talked about

540-degree Appraisal

Now this, in addition to the ones mentioned above, takes into consideration, the feedback from External Customers and Suppliers

720-degree appraisal

this would also take the feedback from Stakeholders & Family.

Many and many more articles on the web say a 360-degree done twice is 720-degree. Well atleast to me it doesnt make so much sense. if we are talking of using same parameters time and again.

My organisation has a process of doing an appraisal once every quarter - and we follow 360-degree. now does that mean my organisation has discovered a new appraisal system? THE ALL-NEW 1440-DEGREE APPRAISAL METHOD????

Being a learner... i would still like comments from the group.


Manish Modani

Polaris Management Services Pvt. Ltd.



As an organisation directly involved in implementing Global 360 programme's, I'd be interested in finding out what a 720 exactly contains. We recommmend running a checkpoint survey after 6 months to see how the individual is progressing with his Personal Development Programme.......we normally only use the particular questions which identified his strengths and weaknesses (in other words a scaled down survey)
One of my colleagues said she'd also heard of a 900 degree survey.....
I wonder if HR create new systems just to make themselves look productive!!

From United Kingdom, London

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