I am planning to organize a Team Game of fashion show contest in the monthly fun friday activities.
I have the idea but wants to know how can it be implemented. For eg. this activity can be played in a group wherein the various teams can get newspapers to drape themselves and then they can decorate their attire using markers, paints etc.
I would like to know what other props or raw materials can be used to play this activity and make it more exciting for employees.
Looking forward to your valuable suggestions.

From India, Panipat
Hi Akshita,

there a 2 cases:
  1. On the job-floor across all teams/dpmnts:
  • send out attractive email announcing the show n plan 4-5 days proir
  • u can select or opt for co-ordinator per team
  • thn ask each team to select an raw material for their team(any available flowers,or junk indicating recycle,cans,paper,stationary,vegetables,sacks,gla sses,vessels,fibre,cotton,grass,etc evn they can use their own cheap raw material)
  • c which team uses the material to the fullest(dress+accessories+floor+theme+carried out well)
  • give away points or prizes to encourage
  • snacks can also be arranged
  • or all the above can also be on the spot event where limited time is given out to d team to come out with d design or concept n thn exhibit
2.if its held inside the campus as a big event:

the above applies also except it shud be given priorly..bulid a ramp.with lights..stalls..music..

From India, Mumbai

Do you seriously meam draping a newspaper, vegetables, flowers. Such type of fashion shows are organised abroad. What if the newspaper, vegetables, fall or tear. It will b like wardrobe malfunction.
From India, Pune

And what you think can be achieved by this team worked fashion show? Can you give an example how such team events helped your organisation or were it a mere misuse of money
From India, Pune
Ash Mathew
Recruitments, Training`

It works Ravi.

It helps in team building.

We did this news paper fashion contest (IT company - KGiSL, in 2007), during a quarterly JLT" Just Like That" event at Residency.

We also had activities like:

Ten people were formed as a group: we had four teams.
Each of us were given a straw. We had to stand in a line, hold the straw in our mouth and pass rubber bands from one start point A -viz the first person in the team of ten ( from a bowl full of rubber bands) to end point - the last person at the end of the line and he has to drop it in the plate. The team that passed max number of rubber bands wins.

We had to pick the rubber bands only using the straw in our mouth and pass it only using the straw - to the other person's straw :)

Apart from the fun - it helped in improving team relationship and understand that each team has a motive at work - achieving that does not matter who complained or fought... but how effectively we concentrate only on the task and keep moving.

The fashion show with Newspaper was a great show!! We had difficult ppl working together (once in a blue moon sight!!). This jus says - if teh task is fun, and u know there is a solution - there is nothing stopping u. Its the attitude.

I think u r yet to enter the industry and start working. U may/might/probably/or never / know the importance of "Team building" activities!
Misuse of money: Everyone - Look at Ravi who is concerned abt the cost of using old newspaper and a few other stuffs...I appreciate him! At the time of cost cutting u need such ppl who think of such silly costs rather than looking at the big picture.

From India, Madras
Ash Mathew
Recruitments, Training`

Excellent term "wardrobe Malfunction".
At work u r not asked to do the usual thing - u have to come up with something unusual - and no matter how many ppl are against u, u got to prove that it was simply the best thing to opt for.

If u r thinking how to relate the task - the vegetable,...and fruits added to that is just an example of how u deal with unusual circumstances. End of the day - u need to get ur work done, and also prove and make others believe its DONE!

And for your kind information: No one is going to drape themselves with ONLY newspaper. Its going to
be on top of what ever they have worn...

Gosh how culd u jus think like this Ravi???

Maybe u just did nt have the option to atleast involve in any team activities or do anything like this.
There is a different saying - People start commenting on u and ur work, if they are not able to do something like wat u r doing. If its a great thing - u have critics. If its a silly one - u have wise people just keep silent and not comment or question, and mind their work.

So Akshita - Great initiative; Go ahead.

From India, Madras
Thank you Asha for your suggestion and encouragement for organizing this activity. And i totally agree to all your points in response to Ravi's Question.
Thank You to Kavitha as well for letting me know what all raw materials can be used to play this activity.:icon1:

From India, Panipat
Hi Ravi,

Adding to Ash's I would like to point another factor here i.e. apart from team work
the team also gets to know
  • how to use the available resources effectively
  • adapt to changes and situations
  • to know what his/her fellow colleagues excel at and cope with each other
  • again leadership comes here too
Well these 2 r vey impotant factors for any candidate to survive in a competitive environment.

And Ravi, actually all these games/events are held/conducted not only to ease the employees stress but also in way to make them know/realize the above said qualities in a fun way..u knw only then it gets into our mind ..if its said in this way:icon10:

so, fun for fun with learning experience...there u go:-D

From India, Mumbai
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