Hi All, In an Interview there is often ask question by the employer that Is that anything you want to ask ? What is the significance of that question and why it is often asked
From India, Bangalore
Warm Regards to all Members,
Well did i ask something wrong ,Because i didnt get any replies.Kindly reply specially seniors because this is most frequently asked question which i am very keen to know

From India, Bangalore

Dear Srishti,
This question is asked in every interview,and I always do.It is because the candidate may have some doubts in his mind regarding his job location,job profile,exact his responsibility etc...Normally in an interview candidate do not dare to ask a question to Interviewer.In this situation by asking this question we can give him a chance to clear the above matters,if e has in his mind.
I think so..There may be any other reason too.

From India, Thana
Dear Padmini Mam, So in such kind of situation shall candidate ask something if he/she has any ambiquity or shall keep quiet. regards Srishti
From India, Bangalore
A Good Question posted. Yes the candidate should be given a chance to ask Question to clarify his doubts if any.
Now looking @ the HR perspective....
The kind of Questions the candidate asks, u can get to know his level of thinking.
1. Is there any platform for innovations?
2. What is the percentage rise salary of a employee every year?
3. what is the ratio of male/female in company?
With the varyin questions one can judge as to what the candidate is upto.
1. Candidate's level of this is not just working but doing different things.
2. Candidate might b more intersted in monitary than work(Not true always)
3. I dont have to say much about the 3rd Q..he he
Vinod Vijapur

From India, Mumbai
Hi Srishti,

Well, why did you feel that you have asked some wrong question? It is a good question. What I have observed in the citeHR forum is that there will be 100's of members reading a posting but the responses will be nil! At this juncture, I would like to make an appeal to all the members of the forum to express their VIEWS, COMMENTS on the subject they read so that the person who has posted that will get the answer and also many who had that question/topic in their mind but not asked!

Coming back to your posting, this question is normally asked by an interviewer to the candidate as some friends have already told! Any candidate coming for an interview now-a-days will do some homework on the company he is going for the interview like visiting their sites, collecting information from different sources etc., and forms an opinion on the company which may be positive or negetive. When the interviewer asks "if you have anything to ask" opens up the door for the candidate to get clarifications regarding the doubts he has in his mind. By the candidate asking his doubts and expressing his views will definitely makes an impact on the interviewer that the candidate has not just walked in for the interview but has done his homework well. The interviewer also gets an opportunity to clear any mis-quotes regarding the company, goals, vision, working environment etc., This also helps the candidate to make up his/her mind to join the organisation with clear mind.

Hope I have cleared some doubts in your mind.


From India, Bangalore
Hi there well iTS IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT QUESTION as usually the 1st interview is taken by the HR person who might not know the technalities of the job , or exactly what is included in your jobprofile .
Infact most companies do not even have a proper job profile in place hence this is when you can clarify all your doubts with respect to your job responsibilities

From India,
Dear All
The idea is to know you better
Smile and be polite and you may ask the Recruiter any of the
following questions or else just smile and say you have covered
everything and nothing more to add
-1- Briefly tell me what is the Assessment procedure
-2- Does company help in finding suitable accommodation etc
-3- When I will be given feedback about this interview
-4- Any other suitable question which may come to your mind
This is the last question indicating candidate that interview is at the end.

This is an very formal question usually the HR managers do.
This is because usually the managers wont allow for the interactions or discussions with whom they are dealing with they only give the instructions or communicate the messages.
But Human Resource managers are something different handling only the feelings of the human kinds. So they are solely responsible for the opposite person's doubts, clarifications and inner feelings (personally and professionally).
That the reason for posting this question usually in an interview.

Hi Srinaren,
Your solution do solve my problem to certain extent but what exactly i want to ask is That what is the Interviewer main motive of asking that question,Is he doing it intentionally to check some parameters or he genuinely want to clarify the doubt of the candidate

From India, Bangalore

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