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Hi everyone,
i just wanted to point out to two things that I have noticed on this site.
Firstly, I have observed that there are people fresh in this field and very often they ask for 'urgent help' on real basic things, BUT NOONE BOTHERS TO REPLY. Its sad to know that there is so much of talent hooked on to this site but not many people try and help those who really need help.
Secondly, this site is for sharing and learning together, so why should people want or give their personal email addresses for sharing particular information. To my understanding the essential purpose of this site to be able to share with EVERYONE.
Any thots on this are welcome.

From India, Delhi
A lot has been said about this in the past and none seem to have heeded to the words posted here. The site has become a fast food/junk food delivery site. The questions have the key words 'urgent', 'need before tomorrow', 'send me a copy to my ID', 'leave letter please', 'resignation letter', 'what is this', 'what is that', 'should I eat today', 'should I vomit', 'guide me', 'spoon feed me', etc.
Really boring to talk about this. Welcome to the new HR era where all are MBAs (Master of Business Avidhya) who are unwilling to learn themselves inspite of the rich resources avilable here. Just what they need is patience to research and download. Who will do it?
Sure you can expect harsh comments for our replies from our seniors. Hahaha!!

From India, Madras
hi ....
i m agree with malini...very True.. Cite HR proves to be best Teacher for Freshers in HR Field..every 1 is learning new things new things....
So lets Share our knowledge together in cite hr only...

From India, Bhogpur

Hi Malini,
At the risk of sounding rude, what you have said is UNFAIR. CHR has a wealth of information. You only need to search for it or ask for it. True, at times, genuine posts get missed out. But everything has a positive and negative side!!! The positives are higher here!!
I completely agree with Chandru!!! A number of times posts look like they are in need of ‘spoon feeding’!!! They think, the need gets posted and PRESTO the answer will be there in few minutes!!!!!!!!!
I think most of us here are working HR professionals who need time to respond!!!!!
Given below are some sample posts that I have copied from CHR and pasted here with my response!!!! These posts are bound to receive limited response only!!!!!

Hi everybody ..

I would like to know the difference between PM and HRM – CHR and internet are oceans from where this info can be easily picked out

Hi everyone,
i urgent need the HR full material one of the institution XLRI/SYMBIOSIS/TISS/MDI. My examination is going to start from 4TH december. Plz help me. – In which institution is the person enrolled in? Don’t they give study material?


Can any one brief me on the correspondense courses in various management institutes for MBA. I also wish to know the duration, fees, start date, etc.
Pls help - CHR and internet are oceans from where this info can be easily picked out



I have made a vision & mission statement for service quality :

"To be recognized and respected as one of the premier associations of service quality - BAL."
"In order to realize our Vision, our Mission must be to exceed the expectations of our customers, partners, and fellow employees.
We will accomplish this by committing to our shared values and by achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with extraordinary emphasis on the creation of value. In this way we will ensure that our profit, quality and growth goals are met."

Now i am facing challenge in terms of making the strategy for achieving the same.I would require some pointers. This is to be presented by me to the COO & snr.V.P. –
Is this the forum for this posting? These kind of inputs are given by Management Consultants!!! And even if a strategy is presented here for the vision statement given (for a not specified vertical!!!!!!) !!! – how can one give ideas for strategy based just on a vision and mission statement???!!! Are’nt there other factors at all??


From India, Coimbatore
With regard to your second point, sometimes attachments are posted on the site and cannot be opened from that source. This has happened to me on occasion and when I have received it in my personal email I was able to open the attachment.
I don't believe that individuals are attempting to take away from the purpose of the site, but in order for us to be able to share confidently, we need to review information that is being posted. This, for me, is simply one way of getting around what may more than likely be a technology issue with regard to accessing information being posted.
Just my two cents....

From Trinidad and Tobago, Chaguanas
Well i truly go with Geetha.... as we all of us know that many quaries which have been asked by our HR professionals are not accurate & necessary to their level if so I would really appreciate them to come up with new ideas & share with us to know for the better confirmation which leads to learn on the topic & sharing the learings & not by completely depended on somebody's response.
Ofcourse everyone counts their time to help another person.... ha ha

From India, Kochi
Firstly my comment on your first observation, already the data on the real basic things as specified by you is already available on the cite, and the new member is so careless and immature that they dont even care to read the instructions before posting any new post, they just need spoon feeding, and are incapable or lazy to surf through this cite and search for their required information. So when even god who only helps people who help themselves, how can you expect us to help them. My advice to the newbies is stop being a child and follow the instructions carefully and search the information. And only in case you dont find the required answer then post, and administration doesnt want you to use words such as URGENT, PLZ PLZ and so no, its childish grow up. :icon7:
Regarding your second point even I agree with that and since long I am trying to prevent this, and whereever possible, I rep the members regarding this. :-P:)

From India, Pune
A very interesting thread and I agree that people must learn to search the rich resources that exist on this site. There is a wealth of information here and I would venture to say that nearly all questions that are asked now have been asked and responded to by members in the past.

If, in the unlikely event, there is nothing on CITE HR, then a simple Google search will bring up all the information you require.

As one poster pointed out, DO NOT expect other people to spoon feed you. You are adults and quite capable of working things out for yourself. If you are not, then your employer has made a very serious mistake in hiring you for a job you cannot do.

As a Trainer, I wonder about the requests for training materials and powerpoints etc. If you are a trainer, you should be developing your own training materials specific to the group and your company. How do you train people using someone else's powerpoint? You can't. I suspect you just run the ppt and let the trainees read it. How is that training? If you come to one of my training courses, you do not get a powerpoint presentation. I do not use them, I prefer my trainees to learn the material I am teaching, not sitting in a classroom reading powerpoint slides.

Lastly, for the endless stream of people who keep requesting posters to send attachments to their personal emails. Most posters do not have time to do this and in some cases the attachments are too big. Most of the time I suspect the reason you cannot open the attachment is that you do not have the right program installed on your computer, eg Adobe Reader for PDF's etc. The other reason is probably due to the fact that your employer restricts downloading attachments because of viruses etc. And that is a legitimate business decision. If you cannot download the attachments at work, go to an internet cafe and download the attachments on to a USB drive, virus check them, then load them on to your computer. Use some common sense. Also, if you are NOT a member of CITE, you cannot download attachments.

Some people will be upset by my comments. So be it. There is a lot of selfishness in this world and as an online community of professionals, we can go a long way to start to eliminate some of it.

From Australia, Melbourne
I appreciate the views expressed by all. And I too feel that the forum is more being used as a short cut by many people pursuing various courses.....there are many messages posted by people asking for ready made projects on different areas for the purpose of submission for MBA course. I feel the forum should be more discussion oriented.Wishes,Anupriya
From India, Gurgaon
dear all,
i am an mba student and i wish to thank malini for her views, regarding the comments on mba's being required to spoon fed...i wish to differ, mba's like me post our queries so that we would be able to get a view from people who are practising the HR strategies in the industry... internet is an ocean and we get tonnes of information regarding any thing we need.. but real time practices can be shared only by hr's implementing them..
seniors and experts please help the budding HR like me with ur valuable suggestions and replies..

From India, Chandigarh

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