Dear Friends,

You all are aware that these days lot of companies are cutting the manpower in order to do some Cost cutting....

I would like to raise the question that "IS this the good HR practice to hire first and then fire"....Companies are asking for the resignation even if the employee is meeting the expectations or making the working unfavorable so that employee themselves leaves......

My own company is doing the same....Recently our HR head said that we are not going to retain anybody and after every resignation we will celebrate -jokingly but still I was wondering if this is a final call then why we work hard on the recruitments...selecting the right person.....Our management goes for excess manpower.....We were having the manpower of more then 1500 employs but in last six months only 600 employees are left and also in most of the exit forms they have mentioned that they are forced to leave........

I would like you all to put some light on it as aren't we playing with employees future??????????

Expecting to see few vies on it........

Shweta Jaitly

24th September 2008 From India, Coimbatore

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Hi frnds!!!!! 16 view but no replies..... Don’t you think this issue is also make sense????? Neither Agreement not Dis agreement .....no comments at all.....
25th September 2008 From India, Coimbatore
Dear Shew,
I am also one of the victim, I ahve been working in a big limited company for last two years, but suddency the company has finished the post of C.O. and 18 peoples are asked to step down, I know the worst situation ever I have faced, and this makes me such a selfish and professional person, previously I was used to work for company with full dedication and loyalty and honesty, now I am totally changed,
and the most surprising part is that now again the company has started appointing new comm. off.
company ki maa ki aank
25th September 2008 From India, Bhopal
This is just a situation which is prevailing these days in Comapnies......
Every Second company are cutting on jobs...Why So?????
We are in a HR forum I am just trying to fetch different thoughts on it that what makes the managment to hire first and then simply Fire people.....
It is simply to share views......might be you are not a victim(Which is good) of this but there a many employees which are victimized.....
25th September 2008 From India, Coimbatore
Hi Shweta,
Really, it's horrible the way these corporate giants are behaving. They by now have made an impact on a layman that now each and every person who gets employed would not worship on getting his work done in an effective manner, but getting saved from being asked to leave from the company.
This issue is really going to create a havoc within the professional arena all around the world.
It now becomes our responsibility to make sure that these giants should ensure us not only our job security but also a healthy future..the HR professional keep asking questions on our stability factor...but what if we as an employee we question them on the job security factor...
Shweta it's really one of the nice initiatives you have taken. I really support the cause.
25th September 2008 From India
Hi shweta,
Giving sense to Mangment and HR
One question to ask- for reducing cost through manpower why we incur recruitment cost
Manage with the talent which we already have.
Should not play witht the future of employees
afterall they are the assets
25th September 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi Shweta

Good topic, I must say. I too approve of the idea that we should not blindfoldedly hire people and then lay them off! It's like playing with their career, not to mention the mental trauma that they might go thru.

I too keep on trying to convince my higher ups that we should first do a thorough internal study if we actually require someone new or the work can be managed by some existing employee.

Believe me, most of the employees are more than happy if we offer them job enrichment. So, instead of giving much more to a new recruit, we can give a little more to the existing employee to share the extra work. Motivation levels of the employees would also soar!

It is the duty of HR to convince the various deptt. heads to take decision prudently on hiring and firing.

Much more to pen down on this but am hard pressed today.

So I sign off here.

25th September 2008 From India, Gurgaon
Hi ,
This is very very serious issue now....:?:
Companies are playing with employees future. This is not good for both employee and employer. Because of this situation current working employee mindset will change and not intersted to work on dedicated manner. Even new joinee also will not work properly and always try to jump new company.
:idea: So employer should provide healthy and positive environment, if not it spoils both empolyee and employer future.
Raman :icon1:
25th September 2008 From India
Hi Shweta...
This is indeed one of the major issues in today's corporate world....n especially in the IT and IT enabled companies. I, being from the same industry, have come across so many people who are victims of this problem.
I completely agree with Tania. Proper manpower planning and proper analysis of the requirement for additional resources are the most effective ways to control this...
25th September 2008 From India, New Delhi
We are discussing only about firing, and what about the persons who had broke the bond without any intimation. Then what to do the organization that time. any one seniors tell me on this.
Thanks & Regards
25th September 2008 From India, Hyderabad

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