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Can you suggest me in terminating for few employees as their behaviour is against the company.
If employee consume alchohol in Accommodation does we have rights to terminate. ?
Share your views taking considertion on Dubai and Free Zone Visa.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai


Relevant question during the summer time. As per UAE rules, any type of storage, transportation, transaction or consumption of alcohol is regulated. A person has to have liquor permit obtained from the authorities to buy alcohol from the regulated stores selling the same. Muslims are not allowed to apply for such permits. Even consumption of alcohol from pubs and hotels which serves them have to be carried out in a cautious manner and one has to avoid any circumstances which may lead to interaction with police. If involved in a traffic or other related offence under the influence of alcohol, one will be punished and may even be deported according to the nature of the offence.

Camps and general accommodation will have different nationalities with different belief staying together and it will be always good to do a surprise check if you suspect any sort of alcohol deals happening out there. As they say, prevention is better than cure, it may save you from any post-conflict fire-fighting exercise after an incident happen. Many companies follow these types of surprise checks and reprimand staff and prohibit them from drinking even at their accommodation in order to avoid such scenario. Most of them will not fall under the legal limit where alcohol permit can be obtained, and if ever it is happening it might be brought inside from external sources, which is all the more dangerous.

A word of caution in the beginning followed by strong disciplinary action will definitely save you from lots of difficulties later.


Ramesh Menon

From United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi
Dear All,
I'm a supervisor of ABC company. I have a problem to write termination notice letter to HR so that they can terminate my employee. The reason is frequent absence of my employee.

From United States

Dear srikanth,
No one is perfect in the world, all are haveing thier own habit, for your posting my suggestions:
So what you can do, call personally and discuss with them and verbal warring you can give, mention if your doing same, we will not give company accommodation to you any more.
Try it!

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai

You have just unearthed a commonly occuring problem.
Like Ramesh has rightly mentioned, one has to act with a high level of caution while dealing with alcohol since the laws here are stringent. In a staff accomodation, it becomes even more necessary for several reasons. One, as a visa sponsor, the organization risks goodwill if anything unwanted is discovered in a Labour check. Second, an employer's image as "preferred" is at stake.
Please note here that termination should be the last possible solution sought, when all possible options have been exhausted. Try to discipline the employees. Take the matter to the BU managers who can also help in disciplining the individuals.
If nothing else works, then the only option left would be to terminate the employee.

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
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