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Dear Friends,
Your valuable inputs are welcomed on implementation of Six Sigma on Performance Management (The methodology of implementation, Formulas to be used (when and where applicable), Critical success factors).

From India, Madras
Executive Hr
Black Belt
Swathy Rao

Vinit Murli

hello friend the following attchment is regarding what you had requested for, i hope it is useful,for more information visit the wibsite that is in the attachment Regards
From India

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Dear Vinit,
Thanks for the attachments. I would like to know the process flow for any of the HR process where six Sigma was applicable and how it is done and what outcome it gave. But otherwise i'm aware of the concepts of Six Sigma. If you know anyone who could help me in the process, i would be thankful to you.

From India, Madras

Have you considered how many new hires you have that don’t stay? - An ideal SS project Attrition - Always a popular project Wrong communications being sent out Incorrect data held on file
From United Kingdom, Glasgow
We are a consultancy that helps you implement six sigma performance management. Basically, you need to measure what's happening first. This is usually the most difficult part as most organisations fail to use good processes in performance management and are often stuck on old ways of measuring performance or even still using paper forms. This won't work for six sigma. The first thing we do is institute some IT that will help you keep track of all the relevant measures. Then we look at what your strategic plan indicates you need to focus on. The six sigma teams set about improving these areas, again, always using proper and up to date measurement.
If you would like more information, don't hesitate to get in touch. We work internationally and have offices around the world. Contact: [IMG] V0aXZlLmNvbS5hdQ==[/IMG]

swathy Rao
Hi all,
Can someone in a very simple terms send me the process or tool that we follow for six sigma.please do not explain in detail , we are not looking for information , we are looking for some statistical tools.Most of the information u can get from google but not the technique used.Can someone provide the tools used instaed of elaborated theory.

Jacob Idiculla
Hi Swathy,
I have attached a word document which i prepared for sharing with my team while executing a Six Sigma project on attrition. :icon1:
Have removed the annexures as they are non disclosable.

From United States, Sunnyvale

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Apologies for taking so long to reply, I am new to this site and I had trouble finding this thread again! No doubt I am doing things the hard way, but I will work it out!
If you would like to learn more, please contact me directly on . You can also look at our website but it does not specifically refer to six sigma as it is an unknown to many companies. Instead we just talk about good principles on the website and help you implement six sigma performance management once we are working with you.
Don't hesitate to get in contact, I would love to help
Best wishes,

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