Hi the above mentioned really nice to hear but very hard to follow it but will start trying to do it...
and thnaks for your best mannerism...that will surelyu change my life...


Mr. Sardhar,
Good compilation!
However, I personally feel that it is more westernised! May be people need to know how to when they go abroad. Some simple manners need to be taught right at home to our own children. Learning process never ends, anyway.
Great work.

From India, Coimbatore
HR Deepak
Dear M. Peer Mohamed,
I am very happy after getting ur postings on etiquettes.
Please tell me Peer which thing motivates you for posting on the Cite HR. I am an HR student and doing a research on that.
With regards,
HR Management Trainee

From India, Bangalore
Dear Mr. Sardhar,
I want to know that if a company asks you to formulate and implement new HR policy and give a time frame to implement it, what should be done?
I would be grateful if you can help me on this.
Best regadrs,

From United Arab Emirates, Dubai
jude mayne

Dear Mr Sardhar, You are one great guy-the way you share you must be flooded with good tidings. I wish the world was full of "Good Samaritans" like you. Regards, Col Jude
From India, Bangalore
shweta bakhshi
Adding to it, Etiquettes when sharing public facilities:

Etiquette tips for those waiting to enter the elevator:

1. If u or someone has already pushed the button, do not press the button again. Re-pushing the button does not bring the lift to ur floor faster.
2. While most people know that you press the ‘UP’ button to go up, and the ‘DOWN’ button to go down, u’d b surprised to see how many people do the opposite! Do not press both the buttons.
3. Please take ur place if a queue is already formed. It is rude to push ahead.
4. Do not form a queue in front of the doors, and do not stand in front of the buttons.
5. Please allow those exiting the elevator to get out first. If u accidentally get in the way of an exiting user, step back and apologize at once.
6. Enter the elevator in an orderly manner, as per ur position in the queue.
7. If u have pushed the button to stop the elevator on ur floor, be ready to get inside as soon as it arrives. It is rude to make those inside wait till u conclude ur conversation with someone who is not going to board the lift.
8. Help and allow those who are disabled, or may be in a wheel chair, or carrying a large packet in their arms or someone with a stroller to board before you.

Etiquette tips for those inside the elevator:

1. In a crowded lift, if u r unable to reach the button panel, it is okay to ask (request) someone else to press a button for u. Don’t forget to thank them.
2. If u happen to be standing close to the panel, graciously take the responsibility of pressing the buttons for those who are unable to reach the panel.
3. When you enter, move to the back if ur floor is one of the last, and of course, if it is possible to do so.
4. If a crowded elevator stops at floor before ur’s, and u happen to be near the doors, shuffle to one side of the elevator for an easy exit of others who are getting off. If it becomes necessary to step out, stand near to the door, hand stretched out to ensure that the door doesn’t close before u can quickly step in.
5. Some elevator doors close quickly. If u r inside and see the door closing even as people are entering , hold the door so that it does not shut on their faces.
6. If the lift is not crowded do not stand close to others.
7. If u have children with u, ensure that they do not play with the floor buttons, or create a racket in the confined space of the lift.
8. It is discourteous to hold the ‘Door Close’ button at the same tine you press ur floor button. You will reach ur floor non-stop, but it is inconsiderate for those wishing to get-off or on at intermediate floors.
9. If u r inside and see someone running towards the lift, do best to hold the door for them.

Etiquette tips for those exiting the elevator:

1.Get off quickly when ur floor arrives.
2. If u r too far back and ur floor arrives, do not push your way out. Merely say, “Excuse me please”. People will shuffle towards the lift walls and give way.
3. Do not make others in the lift wait while u complete ur conversation with someone who is not getting off at the same floor as you.

As said, Good Manners in all situations are important as they help in improving inter-personal relationships and creating a pleasant env. Hope we all try to follow what all has been shared by our senior member.
Thanx & Regards

From India, Delhi
Dear Mr. Peer Mohammad, I have gone through your write-up on etiquette. Highly informative and useful. Thank you very much for posting the same. With best wishes, Aniyan T.R.
From India, Delhi
Thanks a lot for your effort Sir......
Its good and very very useful in today's world.....
People are taking everything for granted and I think this will prove very helpful...
Thanks again....

From India, Bangalore
Mohan Shenoy
Mr Peer Mohamed Sardhar,
Thank you for all the documents and references.
You seem to have good and deep research on the matter.
The best part of it is sharing all the hard work with others.
Thanks again.
Mohan Shenoy

From India, Bangalore

Dear Sardhar, You’re really a Sardhar... wah.. wah.. Valuable collection and we can call it as "Bible of Etiquettes" Hats-off to you.
From India, Madras
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