SheetalV Started The Discussion:
Hi..............Could you please suggest me how could i go ahead with a welcome mail when a new joinee joins an organisation
Posted 11th January 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hi Sheetal, Hope this format might be helpful for you, customised as per your need. Regards Sanjay
Posted 11th January 2008 From India, Madras
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File Type: doc welcome_email_294.doc (23.0 KB, 13206 views)
Dear X,

I take this opportunity to join you all in extending a warm welcome to Mr. Name .First name has joined Company name , Location as Designation.

First name holds an ______ Degree from University of ______ and has an experience of around ____ year with name of previous organisation

We look forward to your support and cooperation to Mr. sur name in his current assignment and wish him a happy association with the organisation name Family .

Dear _____________,

Its great to have u connected to the COMPANY on email! Your Company colleagues are just a click away on Global address book!

Just waned to inform u that your Employee Code is _______
We have also attached the communication deck on the PDR Process and attached the Form. You are requested to discuss your KPIs with the Immediate Supervisor and submit the agreed KPIs to HR within 45 days of your joining. You may also mail the same at _____________________.

We have C&B Manual on a common server and all other Policies and Procedures for easy reference. You shall soon receive intimation of the same by the HR Administrator.
Admn Manual shall also be available at _________________

You shall also receive the user id and password by the second month for HTTP LINK where in u may access for PF/ Superannuation balance.

You may browse through the COMPANY at LINK and at LINK . You need to register yourself at the site and the user id and password shall be mailed to u.

In our jest to continuously improve, we would request you to share your feedback with us on your Induction so far.

We would also request u to complete all the pending Joining Formalities.


John N


To be sent to the Staff:

I am pleased to inform that the following new professional has joined us.
Brief about the Joinee, his / her exp and back ground.
He / she can be reached at E-mail Id and Extn No.
I am sure we will all have a good and enriching experience working together.
Please join me in welcoming and in wishing him/her luck for a long and rewarding career at XYZ Co..

To be sent to the New Joinee:

Dear ABC,

Welcome to the XYZ Co. Family!

At the outset, I would like to congratulate you for having fared so well in the interview process and for having made a definite impression in the minds of those who have interacted with you during the interviews. I am sure that going forward, this impression will only grow stronger.

As a "Designation", your role is critical in fulfilling the mission of the _________ Department and XYZ Co.
We expect you to set an example of diligence, dedication and commitment and contribute your best efforts in making Vinove a leading organization.

I hope the induction session you went through was informative, and has helped you understand and identify with Vinove better. Please feel free to get in touch with me for any further information / clarifications you may need.

The following details will be of help to you:

Employee Id:
E-mail Id:

Wishing you luck for all your assignments and a long and rewarding career at Vinove.

Note: Policy Manual and Extn list can be attached along with.

Hope they will be useful to you.

Ambika Kamath
Posted 11th January 2008 From India, Mumbai
you can write like that:------

Dear All

We are pleased to introduce Name of the new joinee (X) , who has joined us today , i.e. on Date as Post, based at our Corporate office, New Delhi. He would be reporting to Name of the immediate head

X has completed B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from Punjab Technical University- Jalandhar. He is also a Diploma holder in Chemical Engineering from Govt Polytechnic Gorakhpur. He was associated with M/s ELOF HANSSON (INDIA) Ltd., New Delhi, before joining us.

Please join us in welcoming him to our family. All are requested to extend their full co-operation to him.

You may reach him at extension no. 218 ( )

Your own name
Posted 11th January 2008 From India, New Delhi
Hi Sheetal, Please find attachment of 'Welcome Note' for new joinee. Hope it would be useful for you. Regards Dhanashree
Posted 11th January 2008 From India, Mumbai
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File Type: doc induction_circular_136.doc (33.0 KB, 3311 views)
Hi Sheetal It would also help if you can attach his scanned photograph along with his introductory mail. Regards Vandana
Posted 14th January 2008 From India, Mumbai
hi Sheetal,
i know every one has given u good tips but u can also try goes like this....

Dear All,

Help me welcome a new member to our - xyz.

xyz is a Post Graduate in Electronics and Computers from UP. Technical University, Meerut and is joining as an IT – Specialist in ......... team.

xyz brings with him over 4 and a half years of rich experience in the IT domain having worked in companies like ........... Limited.

xyz is married to abc and is blessed with a 3 and a half year old son Archit. His interests vary from browsing on the net to watching cartoon channel with his son.

Please help me welcome xyz and wishing him a long and a successful career with's name.

i also like to add the employee's photograph.

Thanks & Regards;

Posted 14th January 2008 From Malaysia
I think a welcome mail should just that.. "a welcome mail"

so here is my crisp and sweet version

to the new joinee

Dear _________

We welcome you to the (company name) family.

We value your association with us and ensure that you have an enriching and enduring tenure with us.

An employee relations executive (or HR executive) may meet with you soon to help you get started.

Wish you great luck and success.

HR team.
For the rest of the staff

Dear Friends,

Please join in welcoming (name) to the (company name) family.

He/She will work in the capacity of (designation) in (department).

he/She is a (educational qualification) and brings along over (no. of years) of experience.

He/She has served in companies like, (previous company name 1, previous company name 2 etc.) before joining us.

An employee relations officer / HR executive (state the name if possible) would soon intorduce him/her to you.

In the meanwhile he/she can be reached at (email) and/or (extn)

Thank you
HR team
Posted 15th January 2008 From China
Dear All,

This is to inform you that ___________has joined us w.e.f _____2008 as "_____________"in ___________ Department .

The brief profile of newcomer is given below:

Professional Qualification:

Work Experience:
Total experience of around ________ years with
Let us welcome him!!!

Human Resources Team
Posted 16th January 2008 From India, Mumbai
We are pleased to inform you that, Mr. XYZ, joined our team as Manager for West Zone - HR Administration from 8th January, 2008. To brief about Mr. XYZ that, he has completed Masters in HR ADMN) & LLB.

Prior to joining us, he was working with Group Company of J.M. Baxi in capacity of Asst. Manager – HR & Admin. His past experience from reputed business houses like Pantaloons, HLL in Human Relations, Employee Relations, Legal & administration certainly add on value to our company.

He will be handling contract administration port folio with a focus on Compliances in legal, EHS & issues related with the assets Management at the locations. Also will take care of liasoning with the govt. officials in West Zone.

We welcome Mr. XYZ to our family & vouch that all of us will extend our support & cooperation in attainment of company vision.

You can reach to him through his extension no. 572 & .

We wish him all the success.


Posted 16th January 2008 From India, Pune
Greetings to all,

Welcoming a new joinee should be in a such a way that he/she should feel happy for joining the organisation.

Previously, staff are introduced personally but as changes are unevitable now introduction is done through email.

Our friends posted nice welcome letter which can be followed by others too.

Posted 16th January 2008 From India, Hyderabad
Dear Sheetal

the reply to a welcome mail received would be (from an employees point of view) :

Dear Sir / Madam

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for such a wonderful welcome mail received from your end. My perception about this company and the people working here seems to be correct, and am very glad to be part of such a healthy, growing and virtuous organisation.

I would need your assistance and co-operation in the initial stages now and also in future.

Thanks once again.

Best regards


(hope you like it) :-)
Posted 17th January 2008 From India, Mumbai
Hi, Here are the formats , Check out and customize as per your requirement.I hope this will be usefull for you. Regards, Jyothi
Posted 17th January 2008 From India, Bangalore
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File Type: doc e-mail_formats_131.doc (21.0 KB, 2221 views)
Dear Team,

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming XXX into the YYY India Team.

XXX has joined us as designation - department. In his role as designation, he will report to ZZZ, Designation - department and will be based out of location.

XXX holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from N.L. Dalmia Institute of Management, Mumbai and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Applications from Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamilnadu. XXX started his career with GTC Industries Ltd. where he worked as a Branch Head. In his last assignment with, ZSRV and was involved in profile etc. Some of the clients that handled by him in the past have been..... to name a few.

XXX can be contacted at +91675873659843. Alternatively you can write to him at -

On behalf of all of us, I take this opportunity of welcoming Saravanan into the DTZ family and wish him a long and mutually rewarding association with us.


Posted 18th January 2008 From India, Delhi
You can try this...............

Dear Team,

Please join me in giving a warm welcome to a new member into our family – New joinee name!

New joinee name was most recently with Wipro Technologies. She is joining the -------------- team and will be reporting to -----------. She can be reached at email address.

Here's wishing her all the very best in all her assignments.

Welcome to Progress, New joinee name!
Posted 16th June 2008 From India, Bangalore
Hey the formats are really awesome!!!Its nice to c members posting useful information!!!Keep it up!!! Ccharmi Shah
Posted 8th July 2008 From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have received a welcome mailer from my HR department. If i want to give the reply for that mail, do we have any corporate mail format for the welcome mail.

If Yes, give me the suggestions for that

Thanking you

With regards
M. Siva Subrahmanyam
Posted 20th April 2010 From India, Mumbai
I just joined a new company. I got the below welcome note from my manager's manager. I need help to reply to the joke he said about my manager without hurting anyone :)

Hi Sarah - welcome to the team...Wishing you all the luck .. Sorry you have to work for George :-)

Any advises.. ??
Posted 14th November 2010 From United States, Roseville
Dear afouz1

Welcome to !

I presume that George would be your boss. Your manager's manager (i.e. George's boss) can joke about him, but you, as George's subordinate, need to be always respectful about him.

So your reply should reflect all these elements including your gratitude and trust on the sender. How about the following reply ?

Dear (first name of your manager's manager)....
Thank you so much for your welcome note. It made me feel very welcome and 'at home'. I am sure George and I will have a great time, knowing that I can always turn to you in case I need any help.

Warm regards.

Posted 15th November 2010 From India, Delhi
Dear All,

You can make it more attractive by using animated pictures as per the attached format. You can see this effect by sending it through Microsoft Outlook. I got many appreciations for this mail when i started using this.

Hope you like it.


Posted 15th November 2010 From India, Mumbai
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File Type: doc New Microsoft Word Document.doc (121.0 KB, 564 views)
Dear …..,

Welcome Aboard!!!

I take this opportunity to join you all in extending a warm welcome to Ms/Mr.

It gives me great pleasure in welcoming (employee name) into the (company name) Family on (date) as (Designation) based at New Delhi office.

She would be reporting to Name (Head HR).

(Employee namer) holds a Post Graduation degree in MBA- HR and Marketing from (University Name) and brings along over 3 years of rich experience in the HR domain and has previously been employed by (company name) as (Designation).

His/Her interests vary from browsing on the net to listening Music.

He/She can be reached at E-mail Id… and can be contacted at

We value your association with us and ensure that you have an enriching and enduring tenure with us.

Here's wishing her/him all the very best in all her/his assignments.

HR Team
Posted 27th December 2012 From India, New Delhi
We are sending mail to all staff as per below

Dear All,

With immense pleasure we introduce Mr./ Ms. (Name), who has joined us dated on _______as (Designation) in (Department). Mr. / Ms. (name) is direct reporting will be to Mr. / Ms. (HOD Name)

Mr. / Ms. (Name) has 4+yrs. experience in the area of (i.e. Import/Export (Logistics).

We welcome him to our organisation & wish him / her all the best for a Prosperous Journey with us.
Posted 15th January 2013 From India, Bharuch
Hi I want to write a letter to a exchange company for my salary withdrawal - my problem is that the exchange company is asking me to provide a company letter stating that my ID is under process

To Whom It May Concern
Subject : Requesting to release the salary for Mr. xyz

This it to bring to your notice that Mr. xyz is working in our company as job title with a monthly salary of xyz. Since his ID is under process, requesting you to please release the salary of xyz/- to him.

Thank you for your support and cooperation

Yours sincerely
Nova One General Trading

Authorized Signatory

Help me Is this ok
Posted 15th March 2016 From United%20Arab%20Emirates, Dubai
Welcome Mail

Dear All,

I have great pleasure in welcoming Mr.XYZ to the ____ Family.

Mr.XYZ has joined us on ____(Date) as Sr. Testing & QC Engineer.

His contact # ______ & Official Email ID is ______.

Please extend all the required support and join me in wishing him the very best in his current assignment.

Finally add the Employee Photograph.

Thanks & Regards,
Posted 20th June 2016 From India, Chennai


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