Dear Seniors,
I would request you all to help me out by sending in a simple HRIS format where I can mark the attendance of all the employees and keep a track of their leaves taken and the balance left.
Please reply ASAP as i have to show this complete format to my company's director by Monday.
Thanks and Regards
Divya Puri

From India, Delhi
The human resources (HR) department in an organization manages a variety of activities associated with employees like recruiting, training, promoting, terminating, record keeping, and meeting various legal requirements (Anthony, 1999). In addition, it supports a company's effort to develop and utilize the work force, and maintain an environment conducive to full participation, continuous improvement, and personal and organizational growth. It is an open secret that in the past, the past, the human resource function within an organization did not have the same priorities as other functions. But in the last couple of years, management of human resources has been acknowledged as an important factor in developing sustainable competitive advantage (Gratton, Hope-Hailey, Stiles, & Truss, 1999; Losey, 1999, Pfeffer, 1994). A study conducted by the Gartner Group suggests that companies that use technology effectively to manage the human resource function will have a tremendous advantage over those that do not (Greengard, 1999). In spite of this, less than 20% of the human resource managers in a survey conducted by Deloitte & Touche and Lawson Software indicated that their organization has the technology to provide expeditious human resource information for business planning (Greengard, 1999).


An important offshoot of such findings coupled with developments in database management systems has resulted in the increased sophistication of human resource information systems (HRIS). Automated solutions are no longer limited to large employers with big budgets. There are numerous options that fall within the budget of small and medium-sized companies (Martinez, 1999). Benefits of HRIS include:

* Incremental leaps in efficiency and response time of various traditionally labor-intensive human resource activities. Not only is work duplication eliminated, but also various processes are streamlined and become more efficient. HR staff can spend less time on day-to-day administrative issues, and more time on strategic decision making and planning. This has a direct impact on productivity and profitability of an organization.

* Better knowledge management which leads to a firm's better competitive advantage in the marketplace and better stakeholders' satisfaction.

* Using the HRIS to calculate various business performance calculations like return on training, turnover costs, and human-value added. These calculations can be used to impress the top management that the human resource function is an equal strategic partner and is critical to meeting various organizational objectives (Fitz-Enz, 1998).

Product Description HumaNET 3.1
Employee Info
HR Policies
Home Page, Homepage Updates Articles, Helpdesk and FAQs
MIS Reports, HR Reports, General Reports
MDs Desk
Issues Module (Library/Stationary, Asset Tracking)
ˇCore Modules
Management Dashboard
ˇAdd On Modules
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HumaNET 3.1
Streamlining of HR processes
Improve employee efficiency and productivity
Improved access to information and its communication
Reduced Transaction processing time and therefore cost
Workflow through mailing, approvals, escalations and
Reduce workforce reliance on HR and manual processes
Lesser paperwork
Controlled access to information
Knowledge sharing
Personalized home page
Exception Reporting
Interface to Swipe cards (Employee Movement systems)
SMS Compatibility

From India, Bangalore
It helps a business develop and use its workforce and create an atmosphere that fosters full involvement, continuous improvement, and organizational and personal development. The human resource function inside an organization used to not receive the same priorities as other functions penalty kick online. This is an open secret.
From Vietnam, Hanoi
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