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Hi All, Seeking for guidance on a few basic interview questions for the HR profile. I recently got shifted to Pune from Delhi and looking for a job for the last few months; however not able to crack any interview; I have an experience of 7 years in Hr. I will really appreciate mentorship & guidance on the same.
Thanks in advance.

From India, Calcutta
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Sneha,

Seven years in HR profession are sufficient to know how the crack the interview. Therefore, your query is incompatible to your stature. Nevertheless, please confirm how many interviews did you attend and within that for how many posts your profile had matched? Was there mismatch and still you had gone to attend the interview?

Secondly, after each interview attempt did you recall how the interview went and have you written notes on what questions were asked and what replies did you give? If you want actual guidance then you need to show your notes. A senior person will be able to guide you thereafter.

HR is a vast profession and requirements vary from one industry to another and one company to another. Therefore, there cannot be a standard format for the interview for your level. Standard formats can work only for the feshly passed MBAs.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Hi Sneha,

Wish you all the best on the job search.

Few tips for you - 

Choose the industry as per your experience.With seven years’experience you can contribute to any industry but past experience will alwaysimpact your answers to the interview questions. So, think, and be prepared.

Employee strength handled in the past too will beconsidered while hiring. What are you best at Managing or Handling operational work? This will help you decide where you will be a fit in the job.

Be prepared with the list of your questions to ask the interviewer as well, coz an interview is basically a meeting session where both the parties intend to know and understand each other.

Please know that while discussingyou will be judged on your confidence and communication skills.    

You need to update yourself on statutory compliance, what are the mandatory deductions in accordance with Government laws, contributions,eligibility, what documents to be maintained, TDS, etc. you need to know what are the recent changes especially in this pandemic, be prepared with all this information?

Brush up on employee engagements/employee welfare, as a department personnel what was your contribution to organizational developments.

Supposedly you get an interview call in the IT industry then you need to know a lot about technical hiring as well. 

Keep reading, absorb as much as you can.

More power to you and you will crack it soon.



From India, Mumbai
Shailesh Parikh_HR Pro

Dear Sneha
Some tips-hope it will help you.
1. First have your own assessment about your suitability and competitiveness for the job. Hence better to apply for role/position where your profile/competence matches with the role profile/competence.
2. As it is important for a cricketer to have knowledge about the pitch and whether of the ground and accordingly modify strategy and tactics. Know the organization- its business, its vision/mission, performance,values statements and overall image. You shall customize your responses accordingly. For e.g. cost sensitive/frugal company (Marwari) company -you should take care of cost factors while answering the question- How you could be useful to the company. Tell me your achievement to the past companies etc.
3. There are two aspects iof an Interview. a) Knowledge Test b) Personality and Soft skill Test
4. In knowledge Test the interviewer is trying to assess your subject knowledge. Here the important aspects is though you narrate the Theory- you should also relate the theory with practice with real life example. This will give you edge. In Personality Test- They assess your confidence level, communication skills and ability to tackle challenge etc.- You need to sharpen your communication. KISS- Keep it Simple and straight. Answers should be short and to the point.
5. The Universal question of HR "Tell me about yourself"- Here you don't need to reproduce information you have already submitted in your Resume- Here alongwith "what" part you shall emphasis on "how" part - leverage the opportunity to showcase your strength and achievement- which would be of interest for interviewer.
6. Do not miss to ask questions- Do not be only passive candidate- answering to questions. Can ask some questions about company,role etc.
7. At the time of conclusion -may also ask feedback about your self. Also ask when you would be informed.
8. Extend thanks and leave greeting/shaking the hand.
Shailesh Parikh
99 98 97 10 65

From India, Mumbai
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear HR buddy,

It is difficult to cover all the nitty gritties and nuances involved in the HR interview questions.

Before the interview, you google all relevant data about the company or from any other reliable sources and convey to them about it or use it when your turn comes to ask questions.

But basic point is if job profile of the company largely matches with yours, the chances are very bright.

Honest Analysis/introspection of failed interviews would greatly help you to face future interviews.

Try to think and right down as to what have been your contribution/achievemens in your earlier jobs. Because, the interviewer will try to assess what value you will bring to the job .

As a person , you must come across as genuine and honest and do not suppress/hide anything relevant. While you must show your competencies as an HR, avoid sales pitch.

You maintain calm and collected posture and display self confidence in your talk.

All the best and hope you land rewarding job soon.

Vinayak Nagarkar

HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai

The role of Human resource in any organization is lifelike. Here are some tips for Cracking Interview For HR Profile:
you must have Knowledge of Human Resources Field
Maintain soft focus eye contact with Interviewer
listen carefully
leave a positive impression with Future of Human resource.

From India, Pune
The first and foremost thing you must know is the job description /specification and the role that is needed for the job.Earlier tips given are true no doubt. But at the heart of all is--- what is expected of you with what you already havee.g., experience, skill sets, and knowledge.

So before applying for the job or responding to a call analyse, what I have just stated. Once the job and you fit well there is no reason why you cant ace an interview with ease.

Make a dispassionate assessment of the needs.In case there is a mismatch , then highlight what is closest, in your CV/profile. Dont miss to read the nnual report of that comany available on the public domain. That will give a clue how to navigate your interview to your playing field where you are more comfortable and secure and know your beans.

You are welcome to seek further clarifications anytime at your convenience.

From India, Chennai

I have conducted training on recruitment skills, resume preparation, cracking interviews etc for engineering and MBA students. I have interviewed lateral candidates in engineering, HR domains as well. I recall an interview I conducted last year, for one of my clients for HR Executive role. Both the candidates had MBA qualifications with 5 years experience. I asked a couple of questions to both of them. I just spent 10 minutes on my questioning and sent them off. I asked my first question, after your MBA, what additional knowledge you acquired in HR sub-skills ? competency mapping, performance systems, training and development ? Zero. I asked another question... did you read any kind of book during spare time, on any topic ? response was nil. Interview over. Even recently, one lady with 7 years experience in HR wanted a job and approached me, after a break in service. I asked her meaning of HR BP, HR Data analytics.... She could not answer me. Why I am narrating all these things here is, the moment people get a job, they stop learning. Am learning, at 67, ten years after my retirement. Recently, I had conducted classes for a class of MBA students.. I asked the students after training, what you would like to pursue your career, after exiting from this institution. 32 out of 35 students mentioned Recruitment. In Bangalore, you will find IT recruitment firms mushrooming, like mobile accessories shops. Recruitment, onboarding, attendance, and payroll are comfort zones. You do not require an MBA from a prestigious institution... any graduate or even a 10+2 guy can manage..l it is like horoscope matching.. JD versus resume. If matches, pass on to senior for arranging the interview. Where is knowledge development, learning new skills, augmenting new knowledge ?
From India
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