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Stress Interview - Is it actually required?

Stress Interview is the latest Human Resources trend in the industry and it deliberately used as source of entertainment by the many of the most successful great HR Guru's rather than an effective tool for candidate's interview evaluation and assessment. This type of interview is been misused by most of the HR professionals and they actually do not do any need analysis before conducting such type of interview. The candidate literally gets unnecessarily pressurized, insulted, humiliated, frustrated, DE-motivated because of the bad undignified etiquette less treatment given by interviewer irrespective of the fact whether the vacant position actually requires this type of interview technique and as if the candidate will be posted on border to achieve the companies vision. The most of questions that the HR professionals ask in this type of interview can be considered as illegal question and not required to be asked and if the relevant questions are at all asked then this questions are asked with lots of arrogance.

Now a day Talent Acquisition is a business transaction where both the parties (recruiter & candidate) are each other customers, hence now it is no more a master and servant relationships like old days. The candidate too has a right to reject the recruiter on the cultural mismatch issues. Such types of misuse of the best innovative HR practices are not only spoiling the image of the HR Professionals but destroy the goodwill of the company. The genuine and good candidate with really good integrity, manners, discipline, ethics, principles, values & culture will not consider the organization as the most preferred employer of a choice to work for, hence the recruiter should keep one thing in mind that candidate is also doing the evaluation and assessment of the recruiter and the culture of the organization as presented by the recruiter as a representation of cultural brand ambassador of the company.

The recruiter should at least have an understanding that they are dealing with human being and not a terrorist. The candidate deserve an dignified treatment as a human being, it is the moral responsibility of the HR Professionals show a very good first impression as it is the duty casted upon the candidate.

Key Learning Points:-

Your Words, Etiquette, Discipline, Manners, Ethics, Principles, Values & Culture are your best supports because with this and without this you can build or destroy Trust, Goodwill, Image, Relationship & Business.

From India, Mumbai
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Hi Dilip,
As per my opinion you are 100% right.I am working in Talent Acquisition.
As per my knowledge 80% of the candiates will join because of the best HR round .
while attending the technical interview every candidate will think like once they clear the technical then they will see weather they want to join or not.In HR discussion I think 80% people will go as per the HR round & impression about the company.So obviouly HR sholud talk what exactly we are ,if we will give false information candidate will get to know from outside,then he will never come back to us.
Here I would like add one more point that HR rounds should happen in on time .
I abserved so many candiates they feel HR rounds will not happen on time.Personally I feel if HR will not maintain right time to take the interview ,candidate impression will go away.
Dilip....Can you please give me some inputs how to make the HR round more effective.
Thank you..
Talent Acquisition Group

From India
Raj Kumar Hansdah

The problem lies not with Stress Interviews per se; but with its misuse by Interviewers who are not competent.
Asking illegal, abusive, private and hypothetical questions does not constitute Stress Interview.
It is best administered in conjunction with other tools and exercises. The idea is to judge how a candidate will perform under stress; which is justified as in the present context, whether a candidate is being considered for production, sales or HR role; they have to perform under situation of continuous stress.

From India, Delhi
MY HR Community
Dear All,
I really admire the contents and the message IT IS VERY TRUE it's not happening on time because of that candidate impression will go away
I hope every HR person will think ones....

From India, Mumbai

These interviews are meant to assess your thought process 'How' you arrive at a solution in stress is more important than the solution itself The way you arrive at the solution needs to be conveyed no matter what Be prepared to illustrate your ideas on paper or use the white board if necessary Response v/s Answer
From India, Bangalore
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