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I am in the process of drawing up a communication cum employee engagement program for my company, a mid sized IT company based in Pune. Employees in a recent survey in our company had bemoaned the lack of a forum for communication and fun in the organization. My task is to set up one. Objectives are:
1. To hear out employees and their suggestions / grievance
2. To disseminate corporate happenings to all employees
3. To create an atmosphere of openness in the organization so employees are well informed at all times.
4. To also create a fun environment to work in
Please let me know what it should include. There are many things which companies do to keep the communication flowing vertically and horizontally. I would like to hear out ideas from senior members in this forum about such initiatives!

From India, Pune

I think this is one good area wherein a lot of your creativity can be made use of.
To start with, rather than taking this as an assignment singlehandedly, I would suggest that you make a team of people from across the cross section to form a core team and make it a joint responsibility.
The team can then do some brain storming a come up with various ideas on how to proceed. You could take more of a role of a facilitator and co-ordinator. This would have more participation and less complaining.
What do you think

From India, Bangalore
I think Sherine is absolutly right & practical in this regard, make a team among the employees ( take creative, active & enthusiatic members), Try to have a member from each department, but the team size should not exceed more than 7-9 members.
Your role should be more of a facilitator and coordinator. You can have themes and situations created for opening candidates.
Kusumadhar Pandey

From India, Delhi

Dear John:
I think you can opt for the below mentioned practices apart from what Sherine and Kusumadhar has suggested.
1. You may want to initiate some Monthly Lunches/ or even a simple coffee meeting of Sr. Mgt with junior folks. You may want to take self nominations for the same or even you can randomly choose people based on their roles.
2. You may want to start with the philosophy of Employee Champions so as to ensure the proper dissemination of all the information
3. Monthly fun activity (either online or physical)
4. Birthday celebrations (Monthly)
5. Go for a dipstick to know more about employees expectation out of the same, then plan accordingly.
6. Sometimes, small adventure/fun clubs also helps in Employee Engagement
Others, pls share your ideas so as to we all can gain the maximum.

From India, Bangalore
I also need information about Employee Engagement, I am specifically looking to kind of practices / Strategies adopted by IT organizations across to implement Employee Engagement....
I have a proposal of starting a FUN CLUB for associates of this Business Unit...
I am convinced with this idea of Fun Club... But I am now suppose to design a set of activities which can be carried out at regular intervals of time....
Any suggestions here... I already have inputs like.... Movie Screening... Outing... Trekking... etc...
Any more ideas that can be implemented for Engaging the Employees leading to higher Employee Satisfaction... Please suggest...


I just registered in this community and I saw your post /querry related to employee engagement programs for corporates. I do not know this would be the right platform to announce or share buisness needs.
Yes am part of an organisation who manages employee engagement programs for various corporates in all major cities in India. We are based out of Bangalore. Pls let me know if you need this requirement and we would be pleased to help you out.
If this forum does not allow this form of material pls sound me out and my apologies

I am handling Employee Engagement and working for retail industry. I would also like to know some of the Employee Engagement activities that can be executed within a limited budget.
You can mail me at

From India, Mumbai
Gaurav Bhargava Vashi Mum
Hi All, What should be done, if you donot have a budget at all and still you want the team to perform. Bugs
From India, Mumbai
Sharma R
i would suggest you to go for an employee engagement survey to feel the pulse of your employees..ull be able to know the engagement and commitment levels of your employees and then can accordingly do action planning..
for more assistance feel free to contact me at
Best Regards
+91 9971025813

From India, New Delhi
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From India, Bangalore
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