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My office working time is 9 to 6 hrs with a 1-hr lunch break, so there are 8 hours of work per day. If someone stays for 8 hours, works 7 hours, and leaves the office because of urgent work, can the company consider this a half-day leave? Yes or no, please let me know with the authentic government rules.


From India, Pune

Permission to leave one hour earlier of report one hour late is purely management prerogative. If not permitted, what the employer can do is to deduct wages for one hour. But no way you can deduct half day leave for one hour. This is as per Minimum Wages Act. Hence it applies only computation of wages as per minimum wages notified.

I know that you need answer YES or NO only, but the replies with just NO will not be acceptable to the CiteHR, and that is why the above explanation is given!!!

From India, Kannur
to leave early Oral permission was there, Anyway thanks for the response .
From India, Pune

Check your employment handbook, employment contract and standing orders.
Is there any provision for leaving early? If so, what is the terms stated there.
If there is no provision, the management is free to put in a clause, but it should (ideally) be fair. If it is to be inserted into the Standing Orders, it needs approval of Labour Commissioner. If it is a change in HR Handbook, remember it amounts to change in Condition of Employment, which can give rise to rights under Industrial Dispute Act.

Many companies have a rule of not allowing an employee to leave early. In such a case, the employee will need to take half day and leave. If it is an emergency, the manager may allow him to leave. The payroll system may not even have a provision of working for 7 days.

In the current employment environment, being so hard and strict on timing does not work. You will find good people walking off (or younger generation refusing to work for you). So you need to convince your managers not to go down the route they have chosen.

And as Madhu-ji says, ensure that deduction does not result in a person going below minimum wages for even that particular day.

From India, Mumbai
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