Rajat Joshi

Hi folks,

I had answered Amit's query on this and am putting this under Training ^ Development section.

In my adventures across the corporate world and currently as a Trainer – Creativity & Innovation was a result of my cross chequered career which I consciously chose– started off as a Senior Sales Officer with a FMCG selling food to retailers & institution, then as Executive Assistant to MD & Finally as HR –Head in a span of 10 years – thus have come to this way into Training…

I came across many wide eyed youngsters who would watch my 'performance' in awe and later come and ask me how they could be trainers too. As any trainer would tell you, its very difficult to explain to your participants how you reached the spot where you are - not the least so if you have to do that in the 10 minute break between two sessions. Still, I always tried my best to give them a whirlwind tour of my career path. Since am not sure that I did a very good job of that, I thought it would be pertinent in this post to answer some frequently asked questions I have come across- like you have asked as fresher and others who are reading this article.

So whether you are a fresh professional who suddenly discovered that the mission of your life is to transform and motivate people, or a you are a much experienced manager who felt that it’s high that time they passed on the wisdom of your life to others, I hope some of these tips will help you in your journey. Since I am based in India, some of the points are India specific, but I hope it'll help anybody. So here goes:

I want to be a trainer - where do I start?

Good question. The first thing you need to identify is - how much do you like people? if you hate people – my friend - this field is not for you. This does not mean that in order to be a great trainer, one needs to be in love with people - but if you are the sort - in whom people elicit the deepest disgust - then I think you should choose some other profession. Honestly speaking, I have come across some trainers who don’t really like people - and many of them are good trainers - but they could never be inspiring, motivating coaches because their dislike of people would get through to their participants. So, the long and short of it is - if you like people - then you have the very first qualification need to be a trainer.

Have you seen the Movie of Tom Cruise – Jerry Maguire …if not see the movie to understand yourself well about yourself & life!!

What about stage fright?

The next question is do you like them when they are sitting around in a group and watching you stand in the spot light trying your best not to make a fool of yourself? if the answer is a no - then read no further. Being a trainer requires a lot of courage.

Did you know that studies have proven that fear of public speaking is the number one fear that people have in the world? And if you want to tackle that fear everyday of your life - what you need in the handful of courage. In order to find out whether your knees don’t knock together when you are on stage - take the opportunity to give a presentation to your senior management - if you are a working person.

In your case – I suggest take some topic of your interests and give a training session to your batchmates – its an excellent way to start off..

Remember everyone has some amount of fear of public speaking. The point is can you bear the anxiety that it generates or does it debilitate you so much that you are unable to perform on stage. If its the latter, then perhaps you need to work on that first before you take the plunge.

Do I need some specific qualifications?

Frankly, there is no particular academic qualification needed to be a good trainer. I have personally come across trainers who used to be engineers in their past life, and also former doctors, army personnel, software nerds, house managers, creative and advertising professionals, actors, teachers and people from all kinds of professional and academic backgrounds. What you do need is the following key competencies of Trainer and assess yourself honestly-

Good communication skills (A Must)

A great personal presence,

An attractive voice (but this is not essential),

Good language and grammar and

Extremely knowledgeable over the subject you want to implement training programs for.

Can I be a freelancer right away or should I look for a job?

Wanting to start freelance? Not a good idea. Being a free lance trainer is very tough if you are a fresher. One - no good company will touch a fresh training professional with a barge pole even if you give them free training. The reason - most training programs are arranged by the HR professionals of the client organization. Arranging great training programs is part of their KPAs (Key Performance Areas) Why would they ruin their appraisals by giving you a chance to hone your skills on their staff?

So, your best bet is to start applying to a training organization for a job as trainee professional. As a fresher be focused and accordingly structure your CV well to highlight your key competencies & areas of expertise and more importantly the areas you would like to work on. Am sure the organizations are looking for a bright, young enthusiastic people who are willing to learn for their organizations.

The benefit you get is that you can practice your skills by tagging along with a senior trainer who will coach and guide you. Later you start getting a chance to conduct some simple modules on your own. These modules would probably have been tested again and again by various trainers in the organization and all you would be doing is replicating them. So the chances of you making a mistake would be very low. The confidence you get out of your early successes will go a long way in helping you when you are standing there as a single trainer doing a completely new module for the first time.

The other thing you could do is to find a free lance trainer and get an apprentice job with them. Of course you mustn’t expect to get as many chances to be doing modules on your own when you work for a free lancer because free lancers are far more cautious about their clients then larger training organizations. One slip up and the freelancer loses her/his client, but the larger training organizations have much more space to experiment simply because they can soothen the ruffled feathers of a client who had to bear the brunt of your learning by promising to send a better trainer next time. The freelancer doesn’t have the luxury of doing this. However the benefit of working as an apprentice with a freelancer is that you get to work on a larger range of training areas than if you work as a trainee in a large training organization. As a trainee you would probably be put on the drill of doing the same module again and again for different clients - thats how large training organizations work. But freelancers usually have a range of areas where they implement training programmes.

Let me share my experience as how I became the Trainer of Creativity & Innovation-

Last year I had attended the one week workshop on Creativity in HR at IIM- Ahmedabad which gave me a deep insight on creativity. Did a lot of research and developed a module which was tested & checked as I conducted a couple of sessions in the company where I worked. I felt really great and took a sabbatical to pursue this dream passion of mine….first I sent the proposals & met the Directors of B-Schools of Pune & Mumbai about this workshop. Since nobody does the same so they have been skeptical of the same but I held on to my passion and was persistent in my efforts. Also kept on updating myself on this issue by meeting creative people – analyzing their style and researching as well to make the content/module more relevant and crisper than before. I wouldn’t say that am successful yet but have set myself on the journey…

Lastly I would say its all about passion you have for life..do you love life?...when do you feel alive and believe me even while sleeping I keep thinking and dreaming about my sessions as well..

I hope I have answered some of the key questions in your mind, but if you have any more questions which I have not been able to touch, do write to me on and I'll address them in my next post.

So best of luck to all you would be trainers, I hope these tips helped out a bit in the first step of your journey. Remember me when you get there!


Rajat Joshi

From India, Pune
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Hi Mr.rajat,
i read through your posting and it was of great help because i always though to be trainer u have to be specialised in that field.i am very happy that ou have come forward to share in this forum,which would definitely help freshers and emerging professionals like me to take up training as a part of their career.
you are really doing wonders.
have a great day

From India, Hyderabad
anupama ahuja
dear rajat,
hi i am new forum member and read sum of your valuable contributions.
whatever i read i will surly keep in mind as i am a buddind trainer.
i am holding background of clinical psychology & for last 4 yrs i was working as freelance trainer mostly doing outbound training programes.
now i need to design a classroom program for a company on motivational leadership & communication.
i am planning do a small activity which i ve already designed but i dont have sufficient material for the presentation or slides .
pls help me
i shall be thankful to you

From India, New Delhi
My name is monisha.I've done my project on Training.
i JUST want to know wat type of communication module bec I've done it on verbal and non-verbal Skills.
Please mention wat type of Industry it and take athorough analysis of the problems

From India, Mumbai
Rajat Joshi

Hi Nalini,
Thanks for your encouraging comments..frankly one doesn’t need a specialised training..i didn’t…but its just how you treat the subject & think about the same…
Great …make attempts..initial steps may discourage you..but don’t give up…I remember my first workshop wasn’t exactly a success..but I learned a lot from the feedback and worked on it….even though I am working ..i make a point to conduct the workshops on weekends..
Have a great journey…

From India, Pune
Rajat Joshi

Hi Anupama,
Welcome to Citehr!!
I apologize for late reply as am visiting this site after a long time as I was travelling..
Your background is excellent esp being a Clinical psychologist and to top that you have been conducting outbound training programs!!..keep it up..
Regarding motivational leadership & communication training prog….am not very clear about your requirement…even I don’t have info on motivation leadership ..but you can get a lot information from Google and of course you should read up the material/books..if possible meeting leaders who use this style.This style is one of many roles leaders take like fear, knowledge,etc…see if you can explore something on inspirational style of leadership..there was an article on leadership styles in Harvard Businees Review some time..if you can chk it out.
Hope this helps..

From India, Pune
Rajat Joshi

Hi Monisha,
The communication skills generally cover both areas but more emphasis is given on the process esp the barriers, one good way is to have a game of chinese whispers..
Its common to all industries as you are handling or dealing with PEOPLE.

From India, Pune
Hello Rajat,
The information you have shared with the forum members has indeed been very very helpful.as a matter of fact this has been one of my areas of interests. I want to be a trainer, and the guidelines u provided have been a great insight.
personally i needed some guidelines,
currently i am working as a recruitment executive in a consultancy in Mumbai. I would like to go into training as i love to be around people and i like when people listen to wat i speak with interest.
Kindly let me know what areas can i develop my skills, as i am into IT recruitment and i am unable to move ahead, also i want to pursue a degree into psychology.
plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help
have a lovely weekend

From China, Beijing
anupama ahuja
Dear Rajat,
Thanx for the reply.
I value your suggestion but looking for material from google is very painful as somtimes it gives sites which r not related or of any use. i end up wasting my time.also most of these sites are paid sites. :(
can u please suggest me some sites which are especialy for trainers or psychologists.
Thanx and regards

From India, New Delhi
anupama ahuja
Dear Deepti,
I guess you want to do something in psychology.
i suggest you visit site -- a2zpsychology.com
in this site visit courses and career in psychology where you can find some options and the names of institute which conduct courses in pschology. there are some correspondance corses also.
if required i can help you further in this.

From India, New Delhi

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