dear Friends I am looking for the term HR Branding. I want to know it completely.Is it similar to employer branding? Regards, Ashish Juneja
From India, Delhi
Rajat Joshi

Hi Ashish,

HR Branding is a subset of the employer branding.

Am attaching the note on the same.


Rajat Joshi

The Concept of Employer Branding

A “good company tag” is critical to a company’s ability to attract, motivate and retain the best and the brightest, thus gaining competitive advantage in the marketplace. Internationally, those companies that are voted as Best Companies to Work For also yield higher returns for shareholders. In fact, employee attitudes are directly linked with company performance, according to Watson Wyatt’s Human Capital Index. Additionally companies that are considered good employers have a strong identity and image in the marketplace. . Employer branding is the process of creating an identity and managing the company’s image in its role as an employer. As organizations are complex, open systems, single interventions are not enough. The employer brand has to be aligned and congruent with what the company delivers to the employee, customer, public and shareholder. The factors that impact the employer brand are:

1. Reputation/ integrity

2. Culture

3. Recruitment / orientation

4. Pay and benefits

5. Work /Life balance

6. Leadership and management

7. Performance management, growth and development

Of these seven factors in the employer branding model, four have proven to be crucial for a large majority of high performing employees. These are:

• Culture

• Pay and benefits

• Leadership and management

• Performance management, growth and development.

Only two of these four factors form a crucial part of the employer brands of majority companies:

• A highly developed culture and outstanding leadership

• Management qualities.

Brand Misalignments

Most employer brands fail to recognize the importance of “performance management, growth and development” and “pay and benefits,” respectively. Delving more deeply into these factors shows where highest misalignments occur. High performers expect:

• Multiple career paths to be open to them

• Supervisors to ask them for feedback

• Regular feedback on their own performance

• A transparent system for determining variable pay.

Most of the employers do not regard these as crucial elements of their employer brand. However, high performers show considerable expectation for their compensation. High performers consider base pay to be the most important part of their compensation package. Interestingly, employees who have high expectations of growth and development opportunities consider variable components of compensation almost as important as base pay, whereas other employees have far greater interest in base pay. High performers believe that their efforts and contributions to the company should be remunerated far above average compensation levels.

Is There a Pattern in Employee Expectations?

As “quality of leadership and management,” “culture,” “pay and benefits” and “growth and development opportunities” are considered to be the most important factors within the employment deal for a vast majority of high-performing employees, is there any pattern in these? Research shows that “Culture” and “leadership and management” are factors that prove to be significantly correlated to each other. Employees who have great interest in culture tend to have high expectations in the quality of leadership and management. A culture that is neither well developed nor aligned with the company’s leadership and management practices is unlikely to appeal to a high performer.

Priorities of Employers of Choice

Employers of choice have built much of their standing on their reputation as “exciting places to work.” They regard their reputation as an essential part of their employer brand and tout this image among graduating classes and in the job market. But there is more to their success than mere smart publicity campaign. The brands of the employers of choice have much higher congruence with the employment deal expectations of their high performers. This holds especially true for the high quality of their “culture” and the good quality of their “leadership and management.” Most companies only partially meet the expectations of their most valuable employees. Answers to the following questions can avoid such a mismatch. They build a basis on which an employer brand can be built successfully:

• What types of employees are fundamental to the success of the business?

• What do the high-performing employees expect from the company?

Answering the above questions enables the employer to build a brand that reflects its business and culture and is attractive to targeted employees. Besides the company needs to share and live the brand. The employer brand may not remain a secret for HR professionals, but should be widely disseminated and shared within and outside the company. The employers of choice have proven that well-developed employer brands help attract and retain talent. A strong employer brand shows what a powerful means of differentiation an employer branding can be. It can be thus be concluded that a remarkable reputation, perception and image in the job market builds on both the attractiveness in factors that are of fundamental importance to high performers as well as elaborate efforts, which make this attractiveness visible in the job market.

From India, Pune

I guess the most recent 'BIG' thing in HR Branding is the annual "Best Company to Work" or the "Best Workplace Awards" or simlar Surveys.
A scan through these will throw several pointers about HR branding and its required inputs.
Employee Retention and more specifically talent Retention is fueling the advent of these surveys and their mass coverage. Respected firms want themselves to be rated adn featured in these listings.
... shoOOonya ...

From Switzerland, Geneva
Just a question regarding employer branding.
Lets assume a person is in recruitment and selection, and his job is to highlight the distinguishing factors of an organization (i.e. branding). What if the organization doesn't have any distinguishing factors and operates on an average level. What would you do then?
If you knew the feedback of people regarding your company, how should you approach initiating a change in the organization to address those issues?

From Pakistan,
Rajat Joshi

In case of absence of distinguishing factor of an organization...well i don't think so..don't you have some special uniqueness about similarly the organization would have some which perhaps you may missed...
Suggest that you talk to your employees as why are they working with the organization?...what is they like about or don't like working with your organization?...
Questions with existing employees or ask the Top Management to guide you in respect of future plans ...
Above may give some ideas about the same...

From India, Pune
Hello HR experts I 'll be doing my dissertation on "best places to work" ...can anyone guide me how should i go about it ... Thanx A.K
From India, Delhi
Greetings !!
I am working on a project which deals with "Enhancing External HR brand Value".
I am trying to frame a questionnaire seeking information on how the external HR Brand Value is perceived & how can it be enhanced. I am also targeting to get info on the "how", "why" & "what" aspects of the external HR Brand value through this questionnaire.
I need some guidance to develop this questionnaire & some sample questions would be of great help.

From India
Ms Sapna - I would suggest you to go through a research paper by corporate leadership council on employee value proposition. It will give you a good idea on what aspects you have to work on.
Update - Here is a list(attached) of aspects that u can work on. Hope it is of use to you.

From India, Bangalore
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Sujay Mukherjee
Dear Rajat Sir,
As per your suggestion
"why are they working with the organization?...what is they like about or don't like working with your organization?..."
EMPLOYEE work in such Organization because the are not having another option, as soon as they get the option they leave the organization.
Effective employee shift within month or six in such organization.
therefore the question is "HOW to attract employee in such Organization"?


Hey guys yesterday I answered of this question on Employer Branding and you can get it by this link.. hope this will help you ...please do share your views

From India, Gurgaon
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