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hi to all,
can anybody help me out for job description process. I am working in middle size manufacturing company having staff strength of 250 employees.
We would like to start job description for all. I need all of your suggestions for how should i go about this.
If anyone is having some ppt or material on job description then plz post on cite.

From India, Mumbai
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hi, seema

recently i worked on job description of the staff members and has designed its format

first of all as i am new to my organization so i started with getting an understanding of the jobs/duties/ responsibilities of the respective department. i provided each department members a format of one page in which they had to fill up their:




-------Person reporting to

-------Officiating person

-------their duties and Responsibilities related to their job

-------Authorities and Power

after getting response from this format i in consulatation with the management and my seniors designed a job profile format and the content of it are as follows:




--Person reporting to

--Officiating person

--Essential functions related to the job

--Other functions(Non essential)

--KRA'S(Key Resultant Areas)

--Working Conditions

--Qualification required for the Post

--Experience Required for the Post etc

other things were the sign of the respective dept HOD, HR Head,

Director and in last i put a declaration which shows that the respective person has read his job profile and would put his best to perform all his duties and responsibilities

currently i am working on the performance appraisal procedure in my organization and these job profiles help in this system a lot

hope my experience would help you and for any other thing feel free to ask and your suggestions are most welcomed.


From India, Delhi
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Hello !
In our orgnanization this is how we go ahead
JOB ID: [ Name of the job ]
REPORTING TO: [Direct supervisor to whom the person doing this job will report]
FIRST LEVEL [The person to whom the Supervisor will report in the
SKIP: Organization]

SECOND LEVEL [The person whom the Supervisor will in the Client‘s
SKIP: Organization]

SCOPE: [What to do?]
DELIVERABLES: [How to do?]
MEASUREMENT MATRIX [How to measure the deliverables]
RANKINGS: As decided
CREDIT: As recorded on the location by the supervisor
DEBIT: As recorded on the location by the supervisor
REVISAL: As defined by the client / as per the business need.
Chao !
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From India, Mumbai

Job evaluation is basically used to evaluate the effectiveness of a particular job.
There are no difficulties I faced in this process, I'm attching a format of questionnaire I designed for conducting job evaluation successfully in our organisation.
I hope it will be of help.If you have any doubts or face difficulty in this feel free to contact.

From India, Delhi

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HI Seema,
we cannot help you in evaluation till you give a fair idea what kind of questions have you asked. here are some tips though:
1. rate every question on its importance and relevance, this should be based on the current need of the compay, and what the company feels most imp from employees
2. what is your aim behind doing this activity, whats the most relevant questions to your aim
3. identify if there is any common factor / issue that is mentioned by every employee, this will help you identify the burning issues with the employees
if you can give the nature of your questions, probably i could help further

From India, Pune

hi rakhi, i am attaching the questionnaire for your reference. Please go through it and give ur suggestion. regards seema
From India, Mumbai

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Hi there,
Reference to your question on how to develop job descriptions, my fellow consultants have provided valuable information on what a job description should contain but I would like to add one small information might be very essential.
Before you work on determining what are the job description you need to have an overall Organisation Objective, mission & vision.
Then you streamline these objectives to have small department objectives which are also streamlined to position objectives then you can outline the duties required for each position by creating job description based on the day to day duties using what has been provided above by my fellow consultants.

From Oman, Muscat
Ed Llarena, Jr.


Let me help out with this topic/ discussion;

1. Writing a good Job Description (JD) means doing Job Analysis (JA) first. The questionaires suggested here are quite okay, but the following are the mandatory scope of a credible JA: contents of the job, context of the job, requirements of the job.

The specific format of a good JD would depend on the preferences of organizations, but the ideal one is a one pager that shows all the three (3) aspects mentioned. The reason is: the JD is a reference material in the evaluation of a job and all three are essential compensable factors.

2. Evaluating a job is NOT necessarily the same as the term "Job Evaluation". The former refers to the procedure of determining the "actual sizes" of jobs compared with others within an organization; the latter refers to the full program from Job Analysis until Design of Salary Structure.

3. Compensation textbooks tell us about the various tools that you can use in evaluating a job. But the most credible and widely accepted methodology around the world is the "point factor method", esp the one popularized by HayGroup ---called the Profile Method of JE.

4. When deciding which tool to use, the evaluator must be familiar with the subsequent steps that must be done to finish his/ her task. You cannot use the 'paired comparison' or 'ranking' methods and then use HayGroup's market data for benchmarking. To be able to use Hay's market data, you must use their tool also.

5. The real reason behind the writing of JDs, comparing and rating jobs, and benchmarking them with market data is to be able to design a Salary Structure that complies with the basic compensation principles of: internal equity, external competitiveness, affordability, and sustainability. This is the real objective of all these activities. Without a good salary structure, organizations will have problems, e.g. salary distortions, demoralization, high employee turnover rate, etc.

My company, Emilla Consulting, helps companies around the world in this area. We specialize in this area and even have our own licensed point factor JE methodology. Contact us if you need professional help, and has budget.

Best regards.

Ed Llarena, Jr.

Managing Partner

Emilla Consulting

From Philippines, Parañaque
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