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Dear Seniors, We have planned to celebrate the Women’s day in our org this year. Please give me some ideas to celebrate it.
From India, Madras
Dear Gsubarathina


I am glad you thought about it.

That itself means starting of the celebration.

I would say gather all your Colleagues,both male and female and tell everyone the importance of the day!!

Women are now as important as any other efficient men.

And you could emphasise on "No gender bias" and "no Glass ceiling syndrome" coming up for women ....

And i believe we all should strive hard to cooperate with women,whether spouses,mothers,sisters or colleagues....

but then women should also make an effort to understand the men and also try to get along with their needs.

As far as the celebration is concerned,you could always choose"Woman of the month or year" telling others about her strengths and they should learn from her.

You could mention her strengths loudly in front of all....and gift her some flowers or any present....along with some eatables for others gathered :)

You could include a small cake for all your employees with "Happy Women's Day" written over it....

All these things would motivate your female employees.

And later on ,you could tell the weaknesses of the particular chosen"Miss Woman" to her only on one to one basis some other day and let her know that she should improve upon those areas.

Hope you find it worthwhile.

Take care

Best wishes

From India, Delhi

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