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Dear All, Can anybody explain to me what is 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree and 360-degree performance appraisals with examples. I could able to get more information as for as 360 degree is concerned but I wanted to know in-depth about all types. We are in process of implementing the appraisal system. Kindly help me to get more information on this topic. Your inputs will be more valid. Thanks with Regards

From Germany, Herzogenaurach

Well according to me, the following can be the difference,
90 Degree - Only Superior is evaluator,
180 Degree - Superior, Peer Group participates,
270 degree - Superior, peer group, subordinate participates,
360 degree - Superior, peer group, subordinate, and self appraisal,
540 degree - Superior, peer group, subordinate, self and customer or client are included,
720 degree - all the person who are in contact with the appraisee like superior, peer group, subordinate, self, customer or client and family are included, its an all dimention appraisal..
Sumeet Jindal

From India

I am not sure how one can include family and friends in a performance appraisal i reference your work in an organization... can you justify..
also i would want to know how to apply performance appraisal in a small private firm..
waiting to hear from you all :)

From India, Bangalore

Hi, I have heared of this fact from someone and that is y i asked HR GURUS to help on this issue. According to me, the feedback is taken in the form of behavior of the employee. Sumeet
From India

Hi All,
I believe in 540 degree appraisal we include the customers also to rate the employees especially when the employees have a greater interaction with the clients.
Correct me if i am wrong.
I would also like to know what is 720 degree appraisal. never heard of it.

From India, Madras
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