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What is the difference between Company Act Compliance and Factory Act Compliance by point of view of Human Resource.
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Company Act is followed by Company Secretary under ROC, Other compliances like Labour Compliance, Social Security benefits, Factory Act, S&E Act etc are part of the labour legislations under various state & central acts
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Hi Jeevarathnam,

The distinction between Company Act Compliance and Factory Act Compliance from the Human Resource (HR) perspective is an important consideration for organizations. The Company Act encompasses broader corporate governance requirements, while the Factory Act focuses on the specific regulations and standards applicable to manufacturing facilities and their workforce.

From an HR standpoint, the Company Act Compliance involves ensuring that the organization adheres to regulations regarding employee contracts, payroll, benefits, and overall labor practices. This includes maintaining proper documentation, adhering to minimum wage and overtime requirements, and upholding policies around employee safety, non-discrimination, and equal opportunity.

In contrast, the Factory Act Compliance delves deeper into the unique challenges and risks associated with industrial settings. HR professionals in this context must ensure compliance with regulations governing working hours, rest periods, child labour, and the provision of appropriate protective equipment and sanitary facilities for factory workers. Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment is a critical priority.

Both sets of compliance requirements are essential for organizations to operate ethically and legally. HR departments play a pivotal role in implementing and monitoring these practices, ensuring that the organization fulfills its obligations while also fostering a positive and supportive work culture for its employees


From India, Bangalore
Company Act Compliance and Factory Act Compliance address different aspects of business operations. The Company Act focuses on the legalities of company formation, governance, and financial reporting, ensuring transparency, accountability, and proper conduct of corporate affairs. It covers aspects like shareholder rights, board responsibilities, and statutory audits. In contrast, the Factory Act is centered on the welfare, safety, and health of workers within industrial settings. It mandates working hours, safety measures, hygiene, and welfare facilities to ensure a safe working environment. While the Company Act applies broadly to all types of companies, the Factory Act specifically targets manufacturing units, reflecting their unique operational risks and labor requirements. Both compliances are essential but cater to different regulatory needs and stakeholder interests.
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