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I worked for the Synch*** company and served the notice period - After many days, I found the wrong reliving date in the letter, for exp: 10th Oct, last working date mentioned, but left on 7th Oct. 9th Oct. I joined a new company and working,
I sent too many emails to the previous organization with proper mail proof for the date change. After many emails, they responded, saying 9th Oct is the last date and would not listen. How did it change from 10th to 9th? Can you suggest what I should do?

From India, Hyderabad

It looks like your erstwhile company is playing games with you. Did they actually pay upto 10th or 9th, without that, their claim of having relieved you on any date other than 7th has no force? You should protest that the revised decision is a mischief and malafide. Though the legal position is in your favour, yet to invest your time, money and effort in pursuing a legal remedy may be considered and a conscious decision taken.
From India, Mumbai

Always indicate the date of exit fully DD/MM/YYYY format, for the purpose of clarity.

What is the date of exit mentioned in your last month payslip?

Is it 07th October or 10th October?

I would recommend that you write a letter to the HR department of your previous organisation and send it by registered post with acknowledgement due(RPAD), so that you have evidence.

Request for a change in the erroneous date of exit.

It is obviously an error but fighting it out may not work. In my opinion, you need to gently approach your previous organisation HR first.

If you do not receive a proper response, then you can send one more letter by RPAD to the CEO/ CFO requesting change in the date of exit.

I trust if the first letter does not yield the desired response, the second letter will yield result.



From India, Madras
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