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Hello Gentleman, If an employee’s leave request is not approved by the HOD, will the leave be considered LOP? Even though leave legibility is there
From India, Coimbatore

Under normal circumstances an employee should not be refused leave if he has sufficient leave to his credit. If leave is refused, the same should be recorded so that the same would be added to the maximum leave which could be accumulated by an employee at any point of time. However, if there exists any abnormal situation, and if that scenario is made known to the employee(s), and still if the employee takes leave, that can be refused and marked as leave without pay. In that case also the number of leaves so refused would be added to the leave that can be accumulated or carried forward to the next year.
From India, Kannur
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Rajesh,

When the employee leave policy is designed, it starts with the tenet: employee leave is a privilege and not an entitlement. What does your policy say? Has the approving authority for each designation been defined in the leave policy?

The HOD should be the approving authority for the leave. As the HODs are responsible for maintaining operational continuity, they deserve to be bestowed with matching authority.

If the leave is not approved, the leave application gets turned down. Therefore, the days for which the employee had applied for leave become unauthorised absences, and the pay is automatically forfeited.

However, discretion lies in avoiding such situations. Turning down leave applications leaves a bad taste in the minds of the subordinates. To avoid bitterness, HODs should be advised to prepare a leave plan for the year. Any overlap has to be avoided. While planning manpower, some leeway has to be left for the emergent situations. If this leeway does not exist, then such situations could crop up again and again.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

Normally 'leave is not a right' but to be availed with mutual consent. It's said & done so. On the other side, post 'covid' saga employer will have no difficulties in approving the leave at a time, in hybrid WFH is the order of the day, rather encouraging employees to avail leave during which remote access is made possible, sometimes compulsorily too. This is common now a days in IT/ITES. If the rapport is good between them difficulties seldom arises. In the present case of the query depending on the exigencies a decision will have to be taken. And if it were to be LOP for a longer period it'll hurt the sentiments of the employees concerned.
From India, Bangalore
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