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Hi Friends, Hope you are fine Can anyone share the teacher monthly evaluation criteria or format? or something similar documents?
From Pakistan, Lahore

Hi Abdulrehman-Akhtar,

While specific evaluation criteria and formats can vary depending on the educational institution and its policies, I can provide you with a general outline of what a teacher monthly evaluation criteria might include:

Lesson Planning and Preparation:

Demonstrates thorough preparation for lessons.
Aligns lesson objectives with curriculum standards.
Incorporates a variety of instructional strategies and resources.
Instructional Delivery:

Engages students effectively during instruction.
Uses appropriate pacing and clarity in explanations.
Encourages active participation and student-centered learning.
Classroom Management:

Establishes and maintains a positive and inclusive classroom environment.
Implements consistent and fair behavior management strategies.
Manages transitions and instructional time effectively.
Assessment and Feedback:

Uses a variety of formative and summative assessment methods.
Provides timely and constructive feedback to students.
Uses assessment data to inform instruction and differentiate learning.

Demonstrates punctuality and reliability in attendance.
Collaborates effectively with colleagues and administrators.
Engages in professional development opportunities and reflects on practice.

Communicates clearly and effectively with students, parents, and colleagues.
Responds promptly to emails and other forms of communication.
Keeps stakeholders informed about student progress and classroom activities.
Continuous Improvement:

Sets goals for professional growth and development.
Actively seeks feedback from supervisors and peers.
Reflects on teaching practice and adjusts instructional strategies as needed.
This is a basic framework, and each criterion can be further detailed according to the specific needs and priorities of the institution. Additionally, some schools may use a rating scale (e.g., exemplary, proficient, developing, unsatisfactory) to assess each criterion.


From India, Bangalore
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