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Are there any rules that govern the minimum contract period for pilots taken on a Fixed term contract. In general I have seen 3 years contracts for captive aviation units but not sure why the contract duration is 6 years

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as per my limited knowledge,

its for minimum one year as .. anything less than 240 days come under contact labour... and its consider as non perennial activity.. sec 10 of contact act

FTC replace regular employment and get all benefit of regular employment.

safest way... make it one year and renew based on performance

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There can be FTC for any term. It can be for three years initially extendable thereafter. It is upto the employee to reject the offer of FTC if found not okay. It happens only when the employee is employable. If the employee is employable and the supply of labour is less elastic, then the employer will not offer fixed term employment but will offer permanent employment. But FTC is not an arrangement to deny any rights under the Labour Acts but all benefits as are available to the regular employees of the similar salary including gratuity are available to FTC employees also.
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Hi Leon,

The duration of fixed-term contracts for pilots can vary based on various factors, including company policies, industry standards, and local regulations. There isn't a universal rule governing the minimum contract period for pilots, and different airlines or aviation companies may have different terms.

In some cases, airlines may offer fixed-term contracts with duration of 3 years or more, depending on their specific needs, training investments, and the nature of the job. Longer contracts, such as 6 years, could be influenced by factors like the cost of pilot training, the stability of the airline, and the desire to retain trained pilots for an extended period.

It's important to note that the aviation industry is subject to various regulations and standards that may vary from one country to another. In some regions, labor laws or aviation authorities may have specific requirements regarding pilot contracts, including the minimum duration of fixed-term contracts.

If you're interested in a specific airline or company, it's advisable to review their employment contracts, terms, and conditions, or contact their human resources department for precise information about the contract duration and the reasons behind them. Additionally, legal and labor regulations in the specific country where the airline operates will also play a role in determining the contractual terms.


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