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maulik dave

Hello fellow members of Cite HR,

One of My friend is working in a Factory near Village in Gujarat (Factory in not in "GAM TAL"), but they are submitting PT in the Gram Panchayat.

Now, the outside road of the Factory till highway is not having street light, Its becoming total dark & hazardous to walk there in night. There is fear of Snack Bite or Accident. They have requested the 'Talati' to help us with the situation & allow us to get the street light installed. They said that this is not coming in their territory.

They have also tried to reach to Taluka (District) level. They said maintaining road is coming under their tasks but the street light is not coming under them & it has to be taken care by Gram Panchayat.

Please guide which govt. authority they need to contact to get the street light installed.

From India, Ahmedabad
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Maulik Dave
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Dear Maulik Dave,

In India, the responsibility for street lighting and road maintenance may vary based on the local administrative structure. Here are the steps your friend can take to address the issue:

Contact Gram Panchayat:
Since your friend has already approached the Gram Panchayat, they should continue to engage with them. They can request a meeting or submit a written complaint highlighting the safety concerns and the need for street lights. The Gram Panchayat may coordinate with relevant authorities or allocate funds for the installation of street lights.

Taluka (Taluka Development Officer - TDO):
If the Gram Panchayat claims that street lights are not under their jurisdiction, your friend can approach the Taluka level. They can contact the Taluka Development Officer (TDO) or the relevant officer responsible for infrastructure development in the Taluka. Submitting a formal written request and having a meeting to discuss the safety concerns can be helpful.

District Collector's Office:
If the Taluka level authorities are unable to address the issue, your friend may escalate the matter to the District Collector's office. The District Collector is a senior administrative officer responsible for the overall administration of the district. They may be able to guide your friend to the appropriate department or take necessary action.

Local MLA or MP:
Your friend can also reach out to the local Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) or Member of Parliament (MP) representing their constituency. These elected representatives can advocate for local issues and facilitate communication with the relevant authorities.

Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council:
If the village is part of a larger municipal area, your friend may need to contact the Municipal Corporation or Municipal Council responsible for that area. They can inquire about the process for installing street lights on the road leading to the highway.

Public Works Department (PWD):
The Public Works Department at the Taluka or District level might have jurisdiction over road infrastructure. Your friend can check with them regarding the installation of street lights, especially if the road is a public thoroughfare.

It's important for your friend to document their efforts, maintain records of communications, and follow up consistently to ensure the issue is addressed. If none of the local authorities take appropriate action, they may consider seeking legal advice or involving local NGOs working on civic issues.


From India, Bangalore
maulik dave

@Raghunath_bv Thanks for the insights & suggestions. I will forward the same to him So he can take necessary actions.
From India, Ahmedabad

The question of which authoritiy you fall under will be evident from the property tax document. Who is charging you property tax? That authority has the obligation to provide you with street lighting.

Lighting is not provided on all roads in India. It comes in inhabited areas and on main arterial roads. So while you can request, it is not necessary they will put the same.

You should consider if you and other factory owners in the area can jointly fund the lighting till the main road

From India, Mumbai
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