Hi.. May I know how to shift my career from Recruitment to a better HR Field like HR Operations/ HR GENERALIST? My significant doubt is, which is the better HR field to choose?
From India, Bengaluru

Hi Harini,

Shifting from recruitment to a more comprehensive HR role like HR Operations or HR Generalist is a common career transition in the human resources field. Here are steps you can take to make a successful transition:

1. Self-Assessment:
Identify Strengths and Skills: Evaluate your current skills and strengths. Note areas where you excel, such as communication, problem-solving, employee relations, etc.

2. Educational and Skill Enhancement:
Acquire Relevant Knowledge: Gain knowledge in HR operations and generalist functions. Consider taking relevant courses or obtaining certifications in HR.
Stay Updated: Keep yourself informed about the latest trends and best practices in HR.

3. Networking:
Connect with HR Professionals: Attend HR events, seminars, and networking functions to meet professionals in HR operations and generalist roles. Connect with them on professional platforms like LinkedIn.

4. Seek Mentorship:
Find a Mentor: Identify a mentor in HR who can guide you through the transition and provide valuable insights.
5. Update Your Resume:

Highlight Transferable Skills: On your resume, emphasize skills that are transferable from recruitment to HR operations/generalist roles, such as communication, relationship-building, and problem-solving.

6. Gain Practical Experience:
Volunteer for Projects: If possible, volunteer for HR projects within your current organization to gain hands-on experience in HR operations or generalist functions.
Cross-Functional Collaboration: Collaborate with HR teams on various projects to broaden your exposure.

7. Apply for Relevant Positions:
Target Entry-Level HR Roles: Look for entry-level HR roles that provide exposure to HR operations or generalist responsibilities.

8. Interview Preparation:
Research and Prepare: Understand the key responsibilities of HR operations and generalist roles. Be prepared to discuss how your skills from recruitment can be applied to these areas.

9. Showcase Achievements:
Quantify Your Achievements: Highlight any achievements in your recruitment role that demonstrate your ability to contribute to broader HR functions.

10. Continuous Learning:
Stay Open to Learning: HR is a dynamic field. Stay open to learning and adapting to changes.

HR Operations vs. HR Generalist:
Both HR Operations and HR Generalist roles are valuable, and the choice depends on your interests and the organization's structure.

HR Operations:
Focuses on the logistical and strategic aspects of HR, such as process improvement, data management, and HR technology.

HR Generalist:
Involves a broader range of HR functions, including employee relations, performance management, talent development, and policy implementation.

Consider your preferences, strengths, and the aspects of HR that you find most fulfilling when making a choice.

Additional Tips:
Build a Strong HR Network: Connect with professionals in HR through online platforms, attend industry events, and participate in HR forums.
Stay Flexible: Be open to taking on different responsibilities within HR to broaden your skill set.
Professional Certification: Consider pursuing relevant HR certifications, such as PHR (Professional in Human Resources) or SHRM-CP (SHRM Certified Professional).
Hence, each career transition is unique, and the key is to be proactive, stay informed, and showcase your transferable skills.


From India, Bangalore

There are two distinctive roles available for any HR professional. One is Transactional and the other is Transformational. Transactional is routine job from Hiring to firing, doing comfort zone jobs. If you are passionate about your profession, you need to learn a lot of subskills available between Recruitment and Retirement, between Hiring and Firing. Some of these softskills are Performance Management System, Competency Mapping, Industrial Relations, Policy Making, Employee Engagement. Best wishes
From India
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