How to distribute my Salary if my basic Pay is 11,735 per month and my total pay per month is 19558 which includes a deduction of 1408 as a PF
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HI Anchal-Gupta,

Distributing your salary involves considering various components, such as basic pay, allowances, and deductions. In your case, it seems like you have a basic pay of 11,735 per month, a total pay of 19,558, and a deduction of 1,408 for Provident Fund (PF).

Let's break down the components and calculate the distribution:

Basic Pay: This is typically a fixed portion of your salary and is used as the basis for calculating various allowances and deductions. In your case, it's 11,735 per month.

Allowances: If there are other allowances in your salary, you can allocate them accordingly. For the sake of simplicity, let's assume there are no other specific allowances mentioned.

Provident Fund (PF): This is a deduction, and in your case, it's 1,408 per month.

Now, let's calculate the remaining amount after deducting PF from the total pay:
Total Pay−PF Deduction
=19,558-1,408 =18,150
Total Pay−PF Deduction=19,558−1,408=18,150

Now, you can distribute this remaining amount among various components like House Rent Allowance (HRA), Special Allowance, and other applicable allowances. If your company has a standard structure or percentage allocation, you may want to follow that. Otherwise, you can allocate based on your specific needs and considerations.

And that tax implications might also play a role in your salary structure. It's advisable to consult with your company's HR department or a financial advisor to ensure that your salary distribution aligns with legal and financial guidelines.


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