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Looking for an Attendance Policy for D-1 day?
From India, Mumbai

Hi Dilip,

It seems like you're looking for an attendance policy for a specific day labeled "D-1 day." However, the term "D-1 day" is not universally recognized, and its meaning can vary depending on the context or organization. If "D-1 day" refers to a specific event or situation in your workplace or organization, I recommend checking with your HR department or consulting your company's policies and guidelines for information on attendance expectations and policies for that particular day.

Attendance policies typically cover aspects such as punctuality, absenteeism, leave procedures, and any specific rules or expectations for certain days or events. If you can provide more context or specify the industry or organization you're referring to, I may be able to offer more targeted guidance. Alternatively, you may want to reach out to your HR department or supervisor for clarification on the attendance policy for "D-1 day" in your specific context.


From India, Bangalore
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