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Hi Team,

Could you please help me with the HR Safety and Security policy for my company.
I have a old HR safety and security policy and need to update the same.
Please help me with an recent HR safety and security policy for my reference.

Thanks in advance.

Bipin Sharma

From India, Mumbai
General Manager-hr & Admin


Hi Bipin,
A general template for an HR Safety and Security Policy. Keep in mind that policies should be tailored to the specific needs and nature of your company. It's also important to ensure compliance with labour laws and regulations. Here's a template to get you started:
[Company Name] HR Safety and Security Policy

Policy Statement:
[Company Name] is committed to providing a safe and secure work environment for all employees, visitors, and contractors. This policy outlines our commitment to maintaining high standards of safety and security throughout the organization.

1. Health and Safety Responsibilities:

1.1. Management Commitment:

Top management is committed to providing a safe workplace and will allocate resources to implement and maintain effective safety programs.
1.2. Employee Responsibilities:

All employees are responsible for their safety and the safety of their colleagues. This includes following safety procedures, reporting hazards, and participating in safety training programs.
2. Workplace Security:

2.1. Access Control:
Access to [Company Name] premises will be controlled and monitored. Only authorized personnel and visitors will be granted access.
2.2. Visitor Management:

All visitors must sign in at the reception, provide identification, and be escorted while on the premises.
2.3. Information Security:

Employees are required to follow information security protocols to safeguard confidential information. Unauthorized access, use, or disclosure of company information is strictly prohibited.
3. Emergency Procedures:

3.1. Emergency Evacuation:
Regular evacuation drills will be conducted to ensure all employees are familiar with emergency evacuation procedures.
3.2. First Aid:

First aid kits will be available at strategic locations. Trained first aiders will be identified, and employees will be informed of their location.
4. Reporting Incidents:

4.1. Injury and Illness:
Employees must report any workplace injuries, illnesses, or near misses to their supervisor immediately.
4.2. Security Incidents:

Any suspicious activity, security breaches, or concerns should be reported to the security team or management.
5. Compliance:

5.1. Legal Requirements:

[Company Name] will comply with all applicable health, safety, and security laws and regulations.
5.2. Policy Review:

This policy will be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure its effectiveness and compliance with legal requirements.
6. Training and Awareness:

6.1. Training Programs:

Employees will receive regular training on safety and security procedures.
6.2. Communication:

Information regarding safety and security will be communicated through various channels to ensure all employees are aware of the policies and procedures.
7. Responsibilities of HR:

7.1. HR's Role:

HR will play a crucial role in implementing, communicating, and enforcing safety and security policies.
8. Disciplinary Action:

8.1. Non-Compliance:

Failure to comply with safety and security policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination.
9. Contact Information:

Contact details for reporting safety, security, or health concerns.


From India, Bangalore
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