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Hi All,
I bring to your attention my situation in the professional realm, seeking your valuable guidance.

With 18 years of experience in the Software Industry, I unfortunately faced a layoff from my job in July 2023. Subsequently, I joined AAA Technologies in August 2023 but found the work unsatisfactory, prompting me to leave within one month. Although I officially resigned, they were unwilling to release me, even though I had not been assigned any work. My departure from AAA Technologies was not on good terms as they insisted on a two-month notice period or payment for the same, terms with which I did not agree, anticipating that I would not showcase this experience.

Following this, I joined BBB Company on 11th September 2023. Although the position and package were less than my previous job, the positive company culture and other factors made it a good fit. In October 2023, I received an excellent offer from CCC (Big 4 auditing company), with an attractive position and package. Consequently, I left BBB as well. However, during the Background Verification process before joining CCC, it was discovered that negative comments from AAA Technologies led to the failure of the verification. Unfortunately, this resulted in the loss of the CCC opportunity, leaving me currently without a job.

In September 2023, AAA Technologies sent me a legal notice demanding payment for a two-month notice period, along with lawyer's charges. While my lawyer replied promptly within the stipulated time frame, there has been no further legal correspondence. On 10th November 2023, AAA Technologies credited the remaining 5 days' salary to my account.

I seek your opinion on how to navigate the situation with AAA Technologies, especially concerning potential negative feedback affecting my future job prospects. Financially, I am unable to settle the two-month salary demand. I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to approach the HR/BU head at AAA Technologies to ensure they refrain from providing negative comments for my future job offers.

Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

From India, Bengaluru

You can not prohibit others from making negative comments about you. At the same time, if you are employable, your current organisation will just throw all the reports and negative comments about you to the thrashes. That means whether to appoint a background verification agency and whether to accept the reports of that agency will depend on the employer who has given you employment. If your position is inelastic and your skill is required in a company, they will just ignore the feedbacks of your AAA company on the faith of the deposition that you give, that you left AAA because you did not like the work culture there. It may give an impression that you may leave the current company also if, IF the CULTURE here is also bad. It is known to all employers. Still they go for background verification for the reasons even not known to them. An employee who has cleared the background verification with a clean chit can be come a burden for you. In such a situation, you can be fired, That means, background verification is only a process and it is done to make sure that we have some inputs on the basic of which an employee can be fired in a period of say six months, the period within which a report from the background verification agency will be received. Other than that there is no use for such a report. It is a sword of Damocles for an employee. But nothing will happen if your skill is required in the current organisation but will fall on you if you are not contributing or even found to be redundant just after he have been employed.

I feel that you should have transparency with regard to your past employment. You should disclose everything about the AAA company and the reason why did you left BBB also in such a very small period. A good HR will certainly consider it as positive only and will ignore any reports from the background verification agency.

From India, Kannur

How about omitting that company from your resume?

You worked only for a month there... so how will it affect your resume?

Also, you may consider telling the future org. in advance about getting a negative review from this particular company as shared by Madhu.

From India, Delhi
Thanks Madhu T K & Learningnovo for your suggestions.

I am getting a sense that AAA company has updated red flag on my profile in NASSCOM DB. It will create problem for me getting job. I have written a mail to the company HR, but not getting any response from them. What options do I have to deal with this situation? Please suggest.


From India, Bengaluru

I don't know how can I help you with any further advice from my side. You have 18 years experience as a Technical expert in IT industry. You should be able to convince any of your future employers better than any junior person. I advise you to use that tool and defeat the negative remarks about you
From India, Kannur
All employers are aware of it. Even if they don't know why, they continue to seek <a href="">snake io</a> background checks. An employee who successfully completed the background check and received a clean sheet may end up becoming a liability. You might lose your job in such a circumstance. That will make it harder for me to seek employment.

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